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Ban bags and straws? N.J. proposal would be the strictest in the nation

by:Top-In     2020-07-31
The governor wants more, which is exactly what lawmakers are trying to achieve. After Gov.
Phil Murphy vetoed a bill.
Members of Congress supported a proposal aimed at cutting plastic waste in Garden State, that is, a cent sales tax on plastic and disposable paper bags, and called for stricter measures.
The proposal will ban shops from distributing singles
Food containers using plastic shopping bags, plastic straws and polystyrene (
Like foam takeaway flip cover)
Use from New Jersey.
The bill will also create a 10-
Single cents
Using paper bags, this will fund the new \"Plastic Pollution Prevention Fund \".
\"The bill went to the Senate environment committee on Thursday to 4-to-one vote.
The proposed regulation will be the strictest rule for singles
According to the Sierra Club in New Jersey, plastic is used nationwide and the club supports the measure.
\"This bill is critical to reducing the use of plastics in our environment, especially plastic bags and plastic straws,\" said Jeff tittle, director of Sierra Club, New Jersey . \".
\"This is a vital piece of legislation that we need the governor to sign before the end of the year.
\"According to the data collected by the clean ocean operation, most of the garbage on the beaches of New Jersey is plastic.
The organization organized half a year of clean-up activities along the coast and found more than three
Several of the garbage it picked up in 2017 are plastic.
After being washed away by rivers and streams, plastic waste is concentrated on the beach and in the ocean.
Plastic waste may be more dispersed further inland.
On July, a New Jersey Clean Community Committee released a study on the litteralong 94 Garden State Road found that the main source of roadside waste in New Jersey was car and construction waste, accounting for about 18% of the garbage found.
Straws, cups and lids account for about 10% of the garbage, while bags and bags account for the garbage.
Each food package is about 5%.
Opponents of the bill also see this as unprecedented, but more pessimistic.
Matt haholm, executive director of the United States progressive bags Alliance, described the proposal as \"probably the deepest and most onerous legislation in the country to handle plastics \".
Haholm believes the bill will put an economic burden on consumers and small business owners.
\"You will see incredible pain,\" said Halom.
Under the new act, any food service business or store with more than 1,000 square feet of retail space will be banned from issuing single
Use plastic bags.
No exception
Bags made of plastic film, as found on the production aisle.
All food service enterprises are prohibited from distributing or selling plastic straws.
The only exception to the straw ban is if the customer needs straw because of a disability or physical condition.
The polystyrene container ban will apply to every business in the state.
Under a one-year exemption, polymer containers for raw meat and seafood, such as meat plates, are still allowed to be used.
The bill allows this exemption to be extended as New Jersey\'s Department of Environmental Protection sees fit.
Without a \"reasonably affordable\" alternative, small businesses will be exempt from the polystyrene ban. Proposed 10-
The paper bag will send back 5 cents to the store operator.
The rest of the money will go to the new fund.
The New Jersey union for the protection of voters in support of the bill praised paper bags.
\"Paper bags are very resource --
Intensive, in the United StatesS.
We use more than 10 billion a year.
This has resulted in thousands of acres of trees being cut down, reducing more than 1,300 acres from paper bag consumption in New Jersey alone, \"said Ed potossack, executive director of NJLCV.
\"This cost is critical to driving the behavioral changes we need --
That is to use reusable bags.
\"Businesses that violate the proposed regulation will face up to $500 in the first crime, $1,000 for the second crime, and $5,000 for each crime after that.
If the bill is passed, it will replace the existing plastic bags, straw and polystyrene regulations in the local and county districts.
The statewide ban will take effect a year after it is signed into law.
Murphy joked during the campaign that he wanted to make New Jersey more California-like.
Golden State bans singles across the state
Use plastic bags and charge in single roomuse paper bags.
Earlier this month, California became the first state to ban automatic plastic straws from restaurants;
The customer needs to ask.
California lawmakers have repeatedly failed to ban polystyrene containers in the state.
Some towns in New Jersey already have regulations like those proposed in the bill.
Earlier this month, Lambert passed a decree banning plastic bags, straws and polystyrene.
The Sierra Club in New Jersey called the decree one of the state\'s most stringent.
\"Before we get a statewide plastic ban, Lambert\'s regulations should be a model for other towns to reduce plastic waste in New Jersey,\" Tittel said . \".
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