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Be sure to use the correct box for shipping your items

by:Top-In     2020-06-09
The plain brown box isn't what it used to be! Today, corrugated boxes are used to sell the products they protect. In some instances, the box costs more than the product. The complex natures of the printing and laminating operations necessary to produce these 'pretty boxes' have added significantly to the cost of production. Slitter dust, chaff from sheeting, and other environmental contaminants on the surface of the material make it impossible to achieve production goals, and difficult to maintain quality print standards set by the customer. The difference between profit and loss, on critical jobs especially, rests with how clean the material is during the production process. Surface dust is the enemy of any printing operation. The resulting hickeys, line voids, and other imperfections can render even a single color job unacceptable, not to mention the problems in multi-color print jobs. How often have you run a highcoverage job on a high-holdout material and had to stop every few hundred sheets to clean the plate? This is because the production process that produces the corrugate generates the surface contam-ination. This production may occur in another part of your facility or it may come from an outside vendor. In either case, the producers are less sensitive to cleanliness since they don't have to do the printing. Stacking test, three equipment provides the kind of box weight simulants by constant temperature and humidity treatment, carried out at constant temperature and humidity conditions, stacking test, stacking time of 24h, the weight stack with the following formula: M = (XH-1)? M1? type of M stacking weight, the unit that kg; X? minimum stack height, whichever is 3m; H? single package height, the carton height of the take m; M1? single gross weight of packages that carton gross weight, the unit that kg. Criteria are: three sample containers are not broken, do not fall in compliance. The 'SN/T0262 corrugated transport packaging exporter export inspection procedures' (referred to as SN/T0262 standard), the drop test requirements need three loaded weight of the sample containers after analog treatment for constant temperature and humidity drop, like me GW in the range of 15 ~ 30kg, drop height of 0.8m, 1 like me fall seven times, in general, start with a certain angle and composition of the angle of the three side edges began to drop three, determine criteria for the three samples The drop box after not break down the contents without Salou qualified. Distributor of packaging & wrapping materials. Products include corrugated boxes, mailers, bin & storage containers, chipboard cartons & pads, mailing bags & envelopes, mailing tubes, poly bags, labels, tags, shrink film, stretch film, strapping, edge protectors, bubble & foam, loose fill, newsprint, kraft paper, wraps & tissue, tapes, ties, fasteners & adhesives, staples & staplers, packing list envelopes, shipping room supplies, janitorial supplies & safety & industrial supplies. JIT delivery, warehousing, custom packaging, design & fulfillment services are available. Giving the modern boxmaker ever more opportunities to explore the changing demands of its customers is the Wellpack Taper. Historically, applying any type of tape to corrugated board has been viewed as a necessary evil and one to avoid if at all possible.
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