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beware! your kitchen sink isn’t as clean as you think ...

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
We often thought our kitchen sink was clean and didn\'t notice the dirty facts lurking in the kitchen.
Your kitchen sink may be one of the most polluted places in your house.
A recent study shows that there are more than 500,000 bacteria per square inch per kitchen sink drain only.
It\'s so dirty that a microbiology and professor at the University of Arizona in Tucson
Charles Geba said, \"you \'d better make a salad on the toilet instead of the kitchen sink.
People have been sanitizing their toilet seats, but they don\'t realize that they really need attention in the kitchen as well.
From your kitchen sponges, towels to brushes, they all contain contaminants.
However, the kitchen sink is the easiest place to breed bacteria;
This is the perfect place for dangerous bacteria to grow.
This is because the sink is wet and is an ideal environment for e-commercecoli to grow.
Blame the rest of the food on the plate you put in the sewer. The E.
E. Coli is one of the main causes of urinary system infection and intestinal stomach diseases.
Many people do not follow the cleaning instructions of the sink manufacturer, and such negligence may cost them more than they thought. The use of sub-
The standard chrome-plated sinks only add health vows during the monsoon as these sinks and taps go through a steady corrosion process inside and outside.
These can effectively lead to the mixing of harmful and healthy heavy metals such as copper and lead.
Put it directly into our water.
Even cleaning our fruits and vegetables near the sink can easily pollute our edible food.
The blockage of kitchen sink and shower drain is also a problem, providing a place for the growth and spread of bacteria.
Therefore, it is an important decision to choose the most hygienic kitchen sink.
According to Rajendra Garg, director of the leading sink manufacturer ANUPAM sink, \"those who can afford it should go and buy high
The final product, the other usually goes to look for the look and forget how much damage these things can cause to our health.
The American Institute of Steel cited the AISI-
Grade 304, Chrome 18% and nickel 8% are ideal for sanitary and highly corrosion-resistant kitchen sinks.
\"The company has introduced high quality steel sinks in the market.
Some experts recommend washing sink basins with disinfectant, especially made for the kitchen.
You can also consider cleaning the sink with home ingredients such as vinegar and lemon juice.
However, they do not completely eliminate the bad pathogens.
Therefore, they cannot be considered as a substitute for disinfectant.
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