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Blown Film Plant

by:Top-In     2020-06-23
These days, a lot of research and development activity, related to different products and processes is undertaken by several business segments around the globe. This has resulted in delivering better equipments and systems through new and advanced technology; which is used in various types of industries for a wide range of applications. The latest plastic extrusion machinery now available in the market includes diverse models of the blown film plant. It has many key features that include higher efficiency, reduced power consumption, compact dimensions, hassle free operations, special design and longer working life. They are highly suitable for producing completely biodegradable films; which is used for carry bag, shopping bag, d cut bag, grocery bag, trash bag etc. Other applications include film for liners, stretch film, shrink film lamination film, oil/ghee/milk/water pouch film as well as special purpose film. Cast Film Line Another modern product that has been recently introduced in the market is the cast film line. It is a perfect solution for producing stretch films, masking films and cling films. This equipment includes various features such as consistent performance, unique design, higher durability, trouble free operations etc. They assure to deliver better products in terms of high elongation, high elasticity, good resistance to tear and high tensile strength. Box Strapping Plant Nowadays, a broad and recent variety of box strapping plant is also available that includes models for manual, semi automatic heat sealable and fully automatic heat sealable straps. These machines are made from high grade material and have main features like better productivity, consume less power, long life and easy to operate. They are used for paper packing, export packing, textile cloth packing and wooden/corrugated box packing in many industries like cotton, jute, textile, steel, wooden, aluminum, paper, ceramic etc. The plastic processing industry is one of the rapidly developing sectors throughout the world. There are several manufacturers that have the most modern facilities and the latest systems and machinery like monofilament plant, pet recycling line, pet recycling plant etc.; which are capable of providing quality products as per customer requirements at reasonable rates.
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