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bringing artisanal baking down south

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As a connoisseur of any barbecue, special sopper-
Hot, hot
Chicken lovers or stalkers of creamy pies can tell you that a culinary revival is underway in the South.
Over the past decade, the region, made up of this corner of the country, has been filing and building on the basis of its agricultural heritage and culinary contributions.
In the middle of the mine keeper
The flame of the Masters is some of the pioneers, such as Ben and Jennifer Johnson of Atlanta, who see the revitalization wave as an opportunity to incorporate new dining trends and foreign flavors into their cities.
At 2013, chef Todd Ginsberg and the front-of-
Husband ace Shelley sweetand-
The owner of the wife restaurant opened the restaurant general Nguyen.
This is a contemporary interpretation of their love for the endangered New York City institutional Jewish deli, where the Georgians immediately came to schmear\'s matzo ball soup
Spread bagels with smoked beef and smoked beef.
Three years later, they launched two more TGM Bread restaurants.
\"Atlanta is very rooted in tradition, and as a member of Tennessee, I respect tradition very much,\" said Robert Alexander, Chief Baker at TGM Bread . \".
Chattanooga locals also noticed that even the traditionalists \"travel more\" and try products that are less familiar elsewhere, including handmade bread.
\"They want to be able to visit them locally --
Or its local version.
There is enough demand to support local community bakeries like this.
Alexander began to say: \"What made me eat bread, was my long trek on the Appalachian Trail, where I made a lot of souls --
Search at the age of 20
\"The former missing college student came out of the sidewalk and made a decision: he will be a chef.
A month later, in the fall of 1996, he stumbled across Dan Leader\'s recipe, eat bread alone, at a local bookstore in his hometown.
\"I saw these pictures and I don\'t know how to say it better, but I know that\'s what I want to do.
Alexander just needs to figure out how to do this as well as his fast-
The food restaurant can\'t help.
The guide is from another book, Andrew dolenburg and Karen Page, becoming a chef. ” The “number-
\"One takeaway\" is to go to France and knock as much as possible.
\"I sent out 45 letters, snail mail, and I think I received three responses,\" he recalled . \".
One is from jaco \'pain, a small village bakery with wood
In the southeast of Ronne-
The country of the Alps is known as radrom.
There, he was introduced to flour made from traditional grains --
Or those \"made for taste --
They are different in the product.
\"You will walk into the bakery and there is a very sweet grain fragrance right away, very pure and very powerful, which is something I still remember so far,\" he described . \".
\"This is a huge formation.
But I don\'t want to be French.
I want to live in America.
\"When he got home, he found French chefs who used the same principle of manual baking in the United States.
He studied with Didier rosaada in Minni apores.
And Lionel Watt in Cary, New York. C.
\"The two are largely responsible for teaching a whole generation of bakers in the United States.
They showed him how to make something like Pullman bread using a natural starter base and revealed the importance of dough temperature and the danger of overmixing.
As a member of the noble guild of France, vatiane provided Alexander with a career model.
He explained: \"The premise is that in the early days of your career, you worked in six places in six years.
So he was walking around Chicago, younville and Atlanta. In 2008, he was hired to reopen the H & F bakery at Linton Hopkins.
Alexander met Ginsburg there.
They kept in touch, and in 2014, the second year of general Moore\'s opening, Ginsberg called Alexander and asked a question about the use of rye flour.
It wasn\'t long before Alexander made rye bread in the restaurant.
He camped out in the small pastry kitchen and eventually started toasting toast for the rest of the team\'s grounds.
The demand exceeded their expectations and they joked that they would take over the space when the frozen yogurt shop next door left.
They just didn\'t expect it to happen so soon.
At TGM bread, Alexander wants to educate customers about bread.
Show them how good a well is
Bread can be made to let them know about alternative grains.
Locals can walk in and buy \"softer --
The Baker claims the most popular bread in the South
You can also find the taste made from freshly ground chuanheir flour, including Carolina land in North Carolina and Anson mill in South Carolina.
Or they can try a less common bread like Alexander\'s painful Levin, a sour dough that is less acidic than the standard version.
\"This should be a slight acid,\" he insisted.
You should try some more grains and it should be more complicated.
To do this, he combines the screened wheat, whole wheat and rye flour.
\"I would get a complex flavor if my proportions were just right, and the texture wouldn\'t be too heavy.
It should be ventilated and open.
Alexander hopes to work with chefs from all over the South to develop products that match their culinary innovations.
He said: \"The purpose of the bakery is not just to produce delicious bread.
I also need to make great bakeries.
Because of my rich experience, my responsibility is to train talents for the next generation.
Young bread lovers
Manufacturer, here he shares the recipe for his \"perfect southern sandwich bread\" Lila.
Pay tribute to his grandmother, Robert Alexander, for the Lila bread, which has relatively less butter than brioche, and about half of the eggs and milk.
Ideal for BLT or grilled cheese to bake in a sandwich or Pullman pan.
It can also be used for cinnamon bread, donuts or Parker family rolls. 150 grams (⅔ cup)
Whole milk, cold in the refrigerator, 14 grams (
1 tablespoon)
It is best to have instant yeast or active dry yeast (see note)150 grams (3 medium)
Eggs, 500g or (3¼ cups)bread flour (
Not bleached, not broken-
Use of bread flour10 grams (2 teaspoons)
75 grams of fine sea salt (¼ cup)
130 grams of sugar (
1 tbsp 1 stick)
Best quality salt-free butter, cut into 4 pieces of butter roughly equal in size, remove about an hour of pan spray or light oil 1 egg from the refrigerator, stir with a little salt for cleaning the egg, used to clean up the extra bread flour on the sheet.
Hot cup of milk to 100-105 degrees.
Add active dry yeast (see note)
Milk, let it blossom (become frothy)
About 10 minutes.
Add the remaining milk and eggs along with all the flour, salt and sugar. 2.
In a vertical mixer with hook attachment, mix the dough in slow speed (
2 on kitchen utensils)for 5 minutes.
The dough will be strong.
Adjust the mixer to medium speed (5)
Mix for 3 minutes.
Care should be taken to prevent the Vertical mixer from \"moving\" from the counter \". 3.
Add the butter for the first quarter and mix it for 2 minutes.
The dough will warm up significantly and start to soften.
Repeat the process 3 times with each of the remaining 3 pieces of butter, with a 2 minute mixing time between each addition.
After adding all the butter, continue to stir for 5 minutes at medium speed.
Stop the mixer and scrape the sides of the mixing bowl with a plastic bowl scraper or spatula.
Continue stirring until the dough ball completely cleans the sides of the mixing bowl.
The final stage of mixing will take 4-
6 minutes at medium speed (5).
The mixer should not be set to high speed at any time, as it is harmful to the taste of baked bread. 4.
Measure the temperature of dough by instant method
Read the thermometer
Target temperature is 76-80 degrees.
If it\'s less than 76 degrees then try to put the dough in a warm place.
If more than 80 degrees, then be prepared for a slightly accelerated rise time.
Place the dough in an oil-coated mixing bowl and cover it with a plastic film.
Let the dough rise for an hour.
If the dough is colder than 74 degrees, then 1 hour is allowed.
Its sales will only increase by about 25% from the original.
It is not allowed to double. 5.
Turn the dough over to a surface sprinkled with a small amount of dust.
Divide the dough into three equal parts and add two of them together.
The rest can be used for other projects (see below).
The larger, combined should be about 500 grams or 1 pound, 2 ounces.
Put the big dough on the table-
Roll it into a tight ball with a cup-shaped hand.
Cover the ball with plastic film and let it rest for another 30 minutes at room temperature. 6.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Flatten the dough ball and make it about-inch thick.
Dust the working surface gently so that the dough does not stick together.
Shape the dough by taking the narrow edge of the rectangle and folding 1 inch down, while sealing the seam with the heel of the hand.
Repeat the process about 6 times until 8x4-
Rectangular bread has been formed in inches.
Put this seam into a 9x5 lightly oiled-inch loaf pan. Take an 8x10-
Inch plastic film, gently spray one side with oil.
Place the oil-coated side on the pan and place the pan in a warm place (75-105 degrees).
Once the dough rises to the edge of the pan, it touches the plastic film, but it will be easy to release.
When the dough reaches the inch above the edge of the pan, apply egg liquid with a pastry brush. 7. Bake for 30-
For 36 minutes, or until the shell goes deep.
If the top of the bread seems to get too dark, cover it loosely with a piece of aluminum foil for the rest of the baking.
Due to calibration, some ovens may need to adjust the temperature slightly for the best results.
Before slicing, immediately unfreeze the baked bread and cool it on the wire rack for about an hour.
Yeast note: If instant yeast is used, add flour, salt, sugar, and yeast to mix at a slow rate for 20 seconds in order to mix the yeast thoroughly in the flour.
This prevents yeast from contacting cold raw materials directly.
Add milk and eggs at the same time.
Use the remaining dough: the remaining small pieces of dough can be rolled into a thin sheet of paper, about-inch thick.
This can be cut into discs, and before frying in red flower oil at 375 degrees, it can be raised for about an hour with a towel stained with a small amount of dust.
Alternatively, the dough can be sprinkled with mini chocolate chips, rolled into small pieces and sliced.
Eggs, these pieces can be proved.
Wash and bake in 360-degree oven.
This recipe is also available for cinnamon rolls and Parker House rolls.
Fine herbs can be added to her dinner roll.
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