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Although NPE has a lot of news on pad, screen, dry this year
Offset printing, flexo printing and inkjet printing, as well as laser marking, hot stamping
Some unfamiliar technology--
The real star of the show is summed up in two words: \"in-mold.
\"In response to the excitement in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries, at least 19 companies are working for in-mold film-
Insert a decoration or label (IMD, IML)
For injection molding and thermoforming. And one firm--Ube Machinery--
Injection mold painting--
The NPE 1988 presents a technology in prototype form for the first time.
The six companies introduced various printing equipment at the exhibition.
Among them, ITW Trans Tech shows the Gemini 130, which has two print heads in a unique \"V\" configuration, allowing two-
Color printing application using a single part fixture.
It also allows for ink pickup, printing and pad cleaning at the same time.
A new peak will be unveiled in Vermont.
Speed, digital on-
The Demand pad printer and its new XE series with Windows-
Drive Servo based on operating system
The controlled print head and conveyor belt unit with a 20 gb hard drive allows a lot of working storage.
Tampoprint is showing the newor three-
Lane Rotoprint rotary pad printer for cap closure.
It can mark up to 150,000 caps/hours in one to three colors. Teca-
Print is rolling out the fastest pad printer TPS 111 so far with a cycle time of 0. 7 sec.
When it comes to speed, Apex Machine claims its new C-
506 cylindrical part printer, 6-allowed-
Change the color ink and plate in 5 minutes.
In screen printing, Proell shows Nori-Cure UV-L3, a scratch-resistant, uv-
Special effects such as curing screen printing paint surface and rainbow metal and mirror surface-like chrome.
At least six companies will discuss laser marking.
One of them, LPKF, will show its technique of using a laser to \"draw\" the circuit to the surface of the part containing the appropriate metal additive.
Tampoprint is equipped with Alfalas promo --MOF (Mark-on-the-Fly)
Laser system for marking the lower side up to 60,000 caps/hour.
Hot stamp-
Transfer decoration go high-
Technicians at the exhibition
Cassco\'s machine features its new command center, a control platform that runs all the company\'s hot equipmentstamping, heat-
Transmission and assembly system.
Kurz Transfer Products presents LS 102 LK, a new hot stamping machine with a maximum of five heads for applying foil to extruded profiles.
Kurz also launched ES 1000 electronic heat-
Transfer machine with X-servo control
Registration of the Stamping head.
Registration is assisted by a laser sensor on the stamping head, resulting in heat transfer inside [+ or -]0. 004 in.
New Media at Vergason Technology are looking for something unusual
Quick circulation of metal on the side.
It vacuum metal parts in 3 to 6 rain.
Its coating chamber measures 28. diam. x 48 in. high. Another out-of-the-
The common decorative exhibits are water transfer from a company of the same name.
It applies decorative patterns to flat or 3D parts without leaving gaps or seams.
A film with a printed pattern floats on the surface of the bathtub.
And then the sprayed part.
A coating coated with a chemical activator is placed in the tank to receive the transfer.
Finally, after washing and drying, spray the decorative part with a protective acrylic finish.
Exhibitor List includes hot stamping, heating equipment, materials and services
Transfer decoration, printing, roller engraving, mold texture, paint and coating, surface treatment and static elimination.
New developments have emerged in the type of Boldface. ABB INC.
Robot booth 9962, featuring a hollow wrist, compact design and integrated process control, is a new type of electric painting robot.
The 214 booth will show silk screening and hot stamping on the same product and automatically load and transfer between machines.
Standard heat is also shown. transfer/hot-stamp press.
AELLORA digital booth 4387 introduction SureFire TKMP1000 small-
Format of digital inkjet printer.
Can print real 600x600 dpi Mono
Or multi-color images on rigid or flexible substrates at speeds of up to 1 m [up to 250 square meters]ft. sup. 2]/hr.
Mixed, uv-is also shown-
Can Cure inkjet ink and demonstrate on flat and 3D objects.
American Jet Corporation
Booth 1180 distributes the Plastiflex flexo printer from Plastimac in Italy.
Supreme Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Introduction to Booth C-2612
506 printer for flexible cylindrical parts from eye cover to mediasized buckets. Allows 6-
Change the color ink and plate in 5 minutes.
Production speeds up to 150-200 parts/min.
Can accommodate dry
Offset or flexo printing station.
Also shows C-
400 rigid tube printing system with speeds up to 400 parts/min.
The German manufacturer of ARCOTEC Booth 4295 Corona processor and flame processor.
Automated industrial system Booth 4168 supplies PadMark pad printer with modular design, automatic pad removal cleaning and optional stand
Separate ink viscosity controller.
Bellmark Sales Co. , Ltd. , INC.
Booth 8324 supplies flexo printing equipment including high
Speed Head of 1000 fpm, single
Color flexible head for blowing film, free-
Vertical flexo system for wide-web/narrow-
Print app.
Bangmart EnterpriseBooth 264 (
Exhibition with Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Bureau)
Make computer 4-to 6-
Color printing, coating and drying equipment for plastic pipes used to decorate cosmetics and healthcare products.
CASSCO machine booth 911 the new Cassco command center controller can run the automation of all companies, hotstamping, heat-
Transmission and assembly system. Can-
The bus system allows it to connect with upstream and downstream devices.
Booth 978 (
Show with Teca-Print)
French company showing the latest hot products
Hot stamping machinery and accessories.
Chicago decals
Booth 7142 Introduces Custom labels and decals for in-
Mold decoration of molded plastic products and components.
Displays IMD parts as well as various screen and digital print labels and decals.
Container printing supply booth 5701 dry goods-
Offset ink and blankets.
Halo design company.
Corona booth 4635 supplies-
Processing equipment and rollers. COROTEC CORP.
Booth 10104 plasma
A spray Corona 3D system for surface treatment.
Also showed Uni-Dyne sheet-fed and Uni-Dyne narrow-web corona-
Processing system.
CPS Resources Limited
Booth 10755 customization
Computer provided by the designer
Generated artwork, pad printing, hot stamping and hot-
Transfer decoration.
Daltek llc Booth 5385 custom industrial finishing machine specializing in the production of paint and three-
Size graphics applications for various substrates for automotive, consumer electronics, entertainment sporting goods, telecom and medical products.
The process includes robot 2 k painting, uv hard coating, paint, laser marking, hydrological decoration, pad printing, screen printing and hot stamping.
Deke Technology Group Co. , Ltd.
Booth 9630 supplies RucoPrint screen printer, pad printer and supplies including pad printing and screen ink.
Reliable Machine Company, INC.
Booth 3015 supply screen-printing, pad-printing, dry-offset, uv-
Curing, flame-
Processing system.
MOSS high-also available-speed screen-planting, dry-Offset and heat
Stamping Equipment.
Desco equipment
Booth 5161 production of dry goods-
Including multiple offset printers
Color container system.
Diversified printing technology company
Booth 1215 supplies pads and screen printers and thermal Press dies. DPI IN-
Booth 5099 supply precision mold application-
Decorative Film plug-in for injection molding trim.
DUBUIT booth 978 in the United States (
Show with Teca-Print)
Display screen-
Printing machinery and accessories.
Energy industry Corporation
Booth Dyne-1344A-
Mite VCP plasma surface processor with a variable-
Chemical plasma is said to allow easier application and better adhesion of coatings, adhesives, inks and labels.
Designed for GRAFX, DIV.
Introduction to the central decal booth No. 7026-
Mold decoration department, providing flat or molded film graphics for IMD.
Custom pressure is also displayed-
Sensitive Label
Ensign ribbon burners llc Booth 834 produces flame handling equipment.
Express labels and graphics for Booth 1380 (
International cooperation with fortuneSupplies in-mold labels. EXXENE CORP.
Booth 818 supplies various coatings including low coating
Smog wear
Static resistance-dissipative (ESD)
Coating, ESD hard coating, resistance
Fog Coating and uv-
Cured and resistantStatic Coating.
F & L Mechanical Design
Production of offset printing booth 9240
Printing machine.
Robot, INC.
Booth 9620 offers a new painting robot.
Flynn Burner
Flame supply-booth 4318
Processing equipment.
FOBA, virtek co.
Booth 8318 introduces the G5 laser engraving system, which is said to be through the use of \"IMP \"(
Intelligent marking positioning)vision system.
Future design company
Booth 5933 distributed on the surface of the Corona-
Film processing equipment in Martignoni, Italy.
Automation room 1870 (
Cooperate with SACMI Group)
Italian company with supply clarification-
Arm robot for painting and coating.
General PRESS Booth 11140 commercial offset printing machine for OPP Film for labeling and packaging.
HAUG North America booth 10945 supplies air-
Ionization system for electrostatic elimination of film hoist and for in-
Mold Labeling and web cleaning.
Booth 577 introduction TF-IML in-
Thermoforming mold labels that integrate RFID tags.
See the products marked by Matthews. IEEC-
PBJ industrial electronic soldiers. LTD.
Booth 7631, Indian manufacturer of conductive and non-conductive CE-marked Corona processors
Conductive substrate.
Booth 4975, IMDECOL (
Exhibition with high-grade molds)
Israel supplier of internal automation systems
Injection mold label.
The img plastec Booth 8228 German/Polish company offers uv screen printing and Flexo equipment. IN-
Mold graphics solution, DIV. OF ROMO, INC.
Booth 4492-
Mold decoration, which develops decorative graphics to produce permanent labels.
It also creates pressure.
Asset Tracking (sensitive marking)RFID)
And featured products.
Booth 1380 of international comprehensive Technology Co. , Ltd (
International cooperation with fortune
Fully demonstrate itsautomatic in-mold labeling (IML)
Put the label into the system of two and a half parts of the mold.
Ion industry stand 7306 introduction of internal electrostatic charging equipment
Decoration of mold labeling (IMI/IMD).
Small and light charging nozzles and charging generators are included.
Also shows the virtual ac smart static neutralizer for a long time
Range neutral.
Gmbh isimat siebdruckmaschinen booth 10834 1000 PUV semi-
Automatic screen printer with integrated uv curing for printing on the sample tube.
Optical system to maintain colorto-
Accurate color registration (+ or -)0. 1 ram.
Information about the scope of its screen printer is also displayed.
ITW foil booth 1223 supplies heat-transfer foils.
Itw imtran booth 1221 introduction type 65-
Up to 5 colors and 7-570 pad printerin.
Large image Cup.
Also introduced35 two-color, low-
Cost pad printer for quick setup-up in small-Area decoration.
Full line information of pad printing equipment and supplies is also displayed, as well as heat
Stamping supplies.
Hot supply itw pro/MARK Booth 1225-stamp and heat-
Transfer foil and decals.
Itw trans tech Booth 1126 introduction Gemini 130 2-
Color pad printing machine with two reciprocating, gear-
Drive the print head with a unique \"V\" configuration to pick, print and pad at the same time. Allows two-
Color printing of individual part fixtures.
The robot interface for three pad printers is also shown.
KAMMANN machines
Booth 1362 manufacturers of custom printing and finishing equipment for packaging, containers, CDs and labels.
Screen available, dry
Offset and scroll-to-roll printing.
Kampf kka booth 4106 German supplierstamping, heat-
Transfer, marking and coating equipment.
Booth 5701 shows dry goods
Offset Printer for plastic cover, CUP, barrel, cover and sealing. KENSOL-
Franklin Booth 807 produces a full range of vertical heat-
Press the stamp from 0.
Roll 5 to 20 tons-
And surrounding decoration equipment.
Heat is also provided
Stamp foil and hotTransfer decals.
KURZ Transfer Products, LP booth 5516, full introduction and presentation of Kurz IMD machinesautomated in-
Working Unit for mold decoration.
The new Kurz LS 102 LK thermal Press die is also shown, which can be used to decorate up to five heads of extruded profiles.
Hastings ES1000 servo-IntroductionHeat control-
Transfer publishing house built by Hastings Manufacturing Company, St. Louis.
The stamping cycle on this press can be set to a distance or pressure from the operator\'s touch screen.
At the exhibition, it will be in (+ or -)0. 004 in.
Use a laser sensor in the stamping head.
Also showing Volume RL for Hastings HRO 6x15on heat-
Rotary Press and HRO 6x15 HT machine. LECTRO TREAT (
Lectro Engineering Co. , Ltd. )
Manufacturing surface
Processing equipment for 3D plastic parts, including the Corona processor, the plasma processor and the LD cold Flamer, is said to be the first real replacement for the flame processor.
Its indirect electrode technology is cheaper than Corona or plasma treatment.
LPKF Laser electronic booth 10919 laser material supplier license-Sensitive metal
Complex additives that allow you to \"draw\" platform-friendly circuits.
4349 high supply of Booth Matthews Marking Productsspeed laser-
Marking system and inkjet printers.
MEECH electrostatic remover, United States of America
Booth 3138 introduction 992v2 type redesigned static generator with variable output voltage between 0 and 30 kV, new digital display and new remote on/off switchmold labeling.
Also shows a full range of static elimination equipment including shock-free long rodsrange pulsed-DC bars.
MOSS sees reliable machines.
MPC plating booth 4342 provides Chrome, brass and other decorative plating on ABS and ABS/PC.
Nelson thermal pressure molding Machinery Co. , Ltd. Booth 467 (
Exhibition with Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Bureau)
More than 50 models to heat
Stamping machine and heat-
It includes manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and roller type transfer machines, as well as fully automatic transfer machines.
Its sunshine transfer Foil Company
Decorative Film Production.
Newman equipment booth 10246 supplies screen printers and uv dryers.
Asia Pacific consulting booth 4684 imported silver, gold and morecolored hot-stamping foils.
Booth 3109-show static NRD, LLC-
Eliminate ionizers.
Otto SPA Booth 5183 makes screen printers for containers.
Flatbed printing machine of Vermont booth 4109
Speed, digital on-
Pad printer is required.
At least six pad printers decorated with bottle plugs were also shown
Five table tennis
The color of the helmet and the pan.
Windows in the new XE series-
20 gb hard drive, servo based on operating system
Control the print head and conveyor belt.
Pillar technology of ITW
Booth 935, with P6000 power supply of corona processor, fully controlled (TFC)
Design of panel entry.
A square box was also displayed.
Now the Sherman Corona processor made by the pillar.
Plasma of North American Company
Booth 9625 atmospheric plasma
The processing system of Openair plasma technology based on its patent.
Booth 1180 (
Display with jet stream)
The Italian company produces a flexible version of the Plastiflex printer.
American multi-type company
Booth 5539Offset Printer.
PRINTEX Booth 6023 shows the full details of the G2 modular pad printer.
Ink, pads and plates are also provided. PROELL, INC.
Booth 4468 introduction Nori-Cure UV-L3, a scratch-resistant, uv-
For printing on PC film and coated PET film curing wire mesh printing brush paint.
Good adhesion with uv, solvent and water screen-
Printing ink and offset ink.
Solvent rainbow ink is also introduced.
Metal ink in rainbow-
Effect on transparent plastic.
Also shows the norphan HTR screen-
Printing ink for second edition PC film
Surface IMD technology for the manufacture of mirrors and mirror ink M1 metal ink
Like or chrome effect.
Booth 5890 of French company protechnic sa is in-Mold decoration.
United States limited.
Booth 10407 shows the full line of RF, microwave and atmospheric gases
Plasma System for surface modification.
Schwerter company
114 booth supply-
Stamping Equipment and silicone mold. SERICO INC.
Booth 7822 custom screen-
Printed labels, including-mold labels. SERIGRAPH INC.
Booth 5775 introduces the Seriglaze protective coating that can make plastic as hard as glass.
It contributes to the rich color of elegance with brilliant luster.
IMD 1 professional is also available-
Metal or glass-like appearance, soft mold labeling technology
Touch and 3D surface, highquality 4-
Color graphics, scratch resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, soft feel of the fabric.
SIMCO industrial electrostatic control booth 1135 introduces the ChargeMaster electrostatic charging system, which is said to provide many performance enhancements for plastic applications, especially in-
Mold decoration, and rollerto-
Roll application and bag making.
Show the full line of static
Control system including static Rod, ionising nozzle, blower and gun, curtain transfer vector, in-line pneumatic-
Deliver static neutralizer and network cleaner. SPRIMAG INC.
Booth 9929 offers a spray gun, a spray booth, a painting robot, a delivery system and a drying oven.
Sprinter marking Booth 8418 supplies an automatic ink code MARKING system.
Surfx technologies booth 9365 shows low atmosphere
Temperature Plasma processor for molded parts.
Tucker industries
Launch of IonStorm XR2 series Dragon-booth 5482
Range electrostatic demobilizer, valid when more than 36 in.
Even in the case of high speed operation
TAMPOPRINT International Limited
Show booth 2-5149 new Rotoprintor 3-
Lane rotary pad printer, up to 3 colors, up to 150,000/hour.
It also shows the new height.
Efficiency Alfalas promo --MOF (Mark-on-the-Fly)
Laser Marking System with upper cap lower side up to 60,000/hour.
EP 60/90 pad printer with switchable closed cup and 4-also shown
A color printer with a rotating Workbench prints four color presses. TANTEC INC. --
The CORONA treatment pavilion showing the coronary processor line is 8413. TANTEC INC. --
Static Control booth 7306 display static
Eliminate and charge
Power generation equipment. TECA-PRINT CORP.
Booth 978 introduces the X5 series, the largest of its new products --servo-
Drive pad printer.
Up to 7 standard colors plus touch
Screen control panel, fast
Change the cliché, programmable multiple ink picks and drops-off points.
TPS 111, the company\'s fastest pad printer with 0 units, was also launched. 7-sec cycle.
3DT LLC Booth 6149 supplies corona processors with bottle plugs for cylindrical, circular, oval, rectangular and square containers.
TREKK Equipment Group booth 3224 hot supply-
Stamping and heating
Transmission Machinery including vertical, peripheral and rolling
On the type, add the mold. TRUMPF INC.
Booth 10961 showing vector marker diodes-pumped laser-Marking the system.
Yubu Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Booth 2175 will have a video demonstration of its impression
Injection mold painting technology.
ITW decoration company United silicone.
Booth 1132 supplies hot press models
Pad and pad, and Uni-Ring Multi-
A combination of hot stamping and pad printing.
Van Damm machines
1114 booth production dry goods-Offset Printer.
Technology Co. , Ltd.
Booth 11227, showing information on its latest vacuum equipment
Pressure-coating system
Side quick cycle metal unit PS 4000SL.
W & M manufacturing/dock-
MAC products/acceleration)
The curing booth 11425 plastic mold and professional finish machine provides vacuum metal, painting and hard coating.
Water transfer, DIV. OF T. W. N. INDUSTRIES INC.
Booth 10721 presents the water transfer process to replaceMold decoration.
Print the pattern on a flat object or complex profile without leaving gaps or seams. WEBTECH, INC.
Booth 6130 introduction
Hot stamping foil
Transfer label, wood grain and pattern foil. Several hot-
The stamp machine will run.
World Industrial CorporationBooth 165 (
Exhibition with Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Bureau)
Display a concave Press.
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