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Demand for plastic packaging soars amid global economic recovery

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
Overall, plastic packaging manufacturers have performed more, which is evident in their latest financial performance, as demand for plastic packaging has surged in the export market during the global economic recovery since the second half of last year
Scientex Bhd is one of the three largest stretch film companies in the world, with a net profit of rm99.
Nine people 6mil-
Month period as of the end of the monthApril.
This number is 24.
5% higher than a year ago, the company attributed this to its manufacturing and property sector.
Under the manufacturing business, the increase in revenue and profit is mainly due to better sales performance of industrial packaging products and the contribution of consumer packaging products.
Nine income-
The monthly increase was 37% from rm857.
8mil returned to rm1 a year. 175bil.
Among them, stretch films accounted for more than 50% of the group\'s manufacturing revenue.
Lin Peng-Jin, general manager, said sandax has been able to meet growing demand in Asia --
With the expansion of the company\'s capacity, especially in the field of industrial packaging, the Pacific region has been absorbed by the market.
The market value of the company is 1 yuan.
Completed the expansion of the stretch film business to the terminal
Capacity increased from 154,000 tons per year to 194,000 tons in 2013.
\"In addition to market penetration strategies in existing and new markets, we will continue to improve productivity and efficiency to keep costs competitive,\" he told StarBizWeek . \".
He said the group\'s continued investment in the countryof-the-
Art facilities and innovative technology solutions enable them to achieve higher volume and efficiency at a lower cost.
An example of this is Scientex through down-
The film of 12 to 8 microns and the film of the next generation of 6 microns are measured.
The current industry standard is 23 to 15 micron film. “By down-
\"When measuring, using less packaging materials can save customers costs,\" Lim noted . \".
This also means reducing the carbon footprint of customers, which is in the environment
Increased market awareness.
9 of the Kenanga study on Scientex
While rising raw material prices have affected profits in the manufacturing sector, research institutions remain optimistic about the company\'s long-term prospects.
The company said that the ongoing high-profit consumer packaging film and product expansion plan should provide an additional buffer for profit shrinkage, while the expansion of the film blowing production line is on track and will stimulate revenue growth.
While demand for stretch films continues to grow in the export market, Sunda science does not lose sight of opportunities in other promising plastic packaging areas.
Its consumer packaging department is designated
Growth potential business, according to Lim.
It\'s not surprising considering its better profit than stretching the film.
With higher demand expected in the near future, the group has invested about 50% yuan to increase capacity in this area.
Lim said Scientex\'s expansion in consumer packaging is expected to be completed this year.
Through three acquisitions last year, Scientex integrated its consumer packaging business under one roof-the Great Wall Sdn Bhd of Scientex.
The co-acquisition is GW package Sdn Bhd, Great Wall Plastic Industry Bhd and Seacera Polyfilms Sdn Bhd.
\"We can be a major integrated full range of product providers for our customers and have centralized sourcing of raw materials to provide better sourcing benefits for our suppliers.
\"We expect that consumer demand for films will continue to grow as the southern population of 0. 6 billion has grown dramatically
\"The increase in East Asia, the middle class population and the increase in the disposal income in the region,\" he said . \".
The urban population\'s preference for convenient packaging, the improvement of hygiene and food safety awareness are also the reasons for the selection and quantity of packaging applications in the market demand.
The company follows strictly recognized international standards, especially in terms of food safety for food and beverages (F&B)
High quality packaging products for consumers
Markets centered around Europe, the United States, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, which in turn brings higher profits because these are values --added products.
Another reason the consumer packaging sector attracts is its overall resilience to the recession, especially for catering and FMCG (FMCG)sectors.
Lim noted that this dynamic product area has allowed manufacturers to increasingly shift from rigid packaging to flexible packaging for the benefit of greater flexibility and cost advantage.
Scientex, wary of industry trends, has taken strategic steps to tap huge potential in fast-growing markets
Expand the global catering and FMCG industries.
For the prospects of its manufacturing business, Lim said that without any unforeseen circumstances, the company\'s outlook for the rest of the fiscal year remains optimistic.
\"We continue to look for new markets and new customers in Asia --
While expanding the product range, it has also opened up emerging markets in the Pacific and some European markets.
\"In addition to organic growth, Scientex continues to focus on the next potential merger or acquisition, strategic alliances and joint ventures.
As Lim concluded: \"market size is really important to achieve the vision of becoming a global market leader.
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