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Does Your Food Packaging Grab Consumers?

by:Top-In     2020-08-02
The first impression is the final impression, which is the basic rule of the packaging industry.
While ensuring the safety and hygiene of packaging, the packaging department must also spend time, money and energy on product packaging design.
Because packaging is often the first contact point for consumers.
The more attractive the package is, the more chance it will fly into the shopping basket from the shelves.
Packaging has become more important in the food and beverage markets.
In the case of packaged food, packaging should not only be designed to attract consumers, but also be able to specify the nutritional value of the food.
Consumers continue to develop to reflect social values, good and evil.
Due to the wide spread of the Internet and awareness, consumers are increasingly focused on health and looking for products that provide nutritional benefits.
They seek packaging that includes food quality and safety, freshness and information, rather than specific retailer and manufacturer-driven interests.
So much nutrition and addition-
The value of food and beverage products entering the market, packaging must be two eyes
Capture and fully reflect health benefits.
The first thing to attract consumers in packaging is color.
Food packaging must be colored in the context of product marketing objectives.
Therefore, we can see that there are many bright colors that attract children\'s grain packaging; health-
The focus grain will have more white and pastel colors to show a softer, more adult image.
The second is the design of packaging.
In addition to the color, the design can also have a significant impact on consumer behavior.
Therefore, food packaging should be designed to be easier to eat.
Third, the sustainability of packaging.
The role of packaging is not limited to attracting consumers, but extends to protecting the food inside.
Preventing contamination and deterioration throughout the shelf life is also an integral part of good packaging.
Therefore, innovative, flexible and eco-friendly packaging
Friendliness tends to appeal to consumers. Uflex Ltd.
India\'s largest flexible packaging company has been offering food packaging solutions for more than 20 years.
Keeping up with the era and dynamics of the packaging industry, Uflex is a pioneer in setting benchmarks for providing innovative packaging concepts and ensuring the safety and feasibility of packaged foods in their lifecycle.
The flexible packaging of Uflex is known for its excellent chemical resistance, strength, moisture and odor resistance and dimensional stability.
Its innovation in packaging enables food retailers to better protect the quality of their products while expanding the scope of marketing possibilities.
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