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Dolls connect us to our childhood. They're relics

by:Top-In     2020-07-23
Considering starting or expanding your own doll collection? You may want to have a look at some of these very special dolls. Whether you're a history buff, an old Hollywood film aficionado, or you simply appreciate dolls made to spark the imagination of children, you won't want to overlook these amazing selections. Celebrity Dolls Perhaps one of the most iconic female celebrities of all time is Marilyn Monroe. She was the picture of femininity, grace and style, and she captured the heart of the nation with her beauty and charm. You can honor her legacy with the Marilyn Monroe Vinyl Doll, which features the starlet in an elegant pink satin gown, a flawless reproduction of the dress she wore in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.' Everything down to the accessories is a striking replica. Film lovers will also delight in the Scarlette O'Hara Final Farewell Vinyl Portrait doll. This elegant doll captures a pivotal scene from one of the most beloved films of all time and is clothed in a handmade black velvet gown complete with intricately stitched cuffs, collar and shoulder cape. The doll even includes a delicate cameo brooch and a bustle. For a more modern slice of celebrity, consider the beautiful Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait doll. This lifelike rendition of our first lady is a prized addition to any doll collection. Her stately black dress, elegant white pearls and flawlessly coordinated black pumps convey her unrivaled sense of chic sophistication and timeless style. This first lady portrait captures Obama just as she is, radiant and powerful. Royal Family Dolls Perhaps you have a special spot in your heart for the opulence, grace and fascinating lineage embodied by the royal family. If so, you'll love the Faberge Princess Sofia Imperial Debutante Porcelain doll. This unique, limited edition doll captures the enchanting romance of Sofia in a rose colored gown made of charmeuse and chiffon. With over 230 hand-applied gemstones, this gown is amazingly detailed and lifelike. Sofia delicately cradles a beautiful Faberge egg and dons shimmering faux pearls. You won't want to overlook the stunning Natalia Faberge Spring Bride doll either. This hand painted porcelain doll wears a satin gown covered in hand-applied crystals, a long, flowing gown and a shimmering gold tiara. Natalia elegantly holds a lush spring bouquet of lilies of the valley in her tiny hands. For a slightly more modern addition to your collection, take a look at the Princess Diana Vinyl Portrait doll. The picture of elegance and poise, Diana is depicted in a form-fitting blue gown covered in hand-applied beads. Her sprightly, short hair conveys her fun-loving spirit while showcasing her long, elegant neckline and delicate features. Madame Alexander Dolls For doll collectors who appreciate a slightly more artistic rendition of the figures they love, the Madame Alexander collection is perfect. Madame Alexander Holly Golightly, for example, captures a playfully childlike version of Audrey Hebpurn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The unmistakably adorable doll wears an elegant black dress, long opera gloves, sling-back and her signature pearl accessories. And of course, Holly's beloved cat perches lovingly on her shoulder. Madame Alexander Cool Sandy Cissette is a must for doll collectors that love the movie 'Grease.' In this endearing, artfully crafted rendition, Sandy proudly wears her leather biker jacket, form fitting black bodysuit, and sassy red shoes. The doll is complete with bold earrings, striking blue eyes and a lifelike head full of flowing blond curls. Plucked right from another iconic American film, the Madame Alexander Wicked Witch of the West doll is sure to be a welcome addition to your collection. Complete with greed skin, black hair and a black taffeta dress and black satin cape, this bewitching rendition represents one of the most beloved eras of cinema and is a lovely contrast to sweeter-looking figures in your doll collection. As every collector knows, dolls are more than just children's toys. These expressive art forms can connect us to meaningful film characters and important political and cultural figures. If you're looking for the next doll to round out your collection, explore these beautiful dolls today.
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