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Guangdong, China (June 22, 2019)
-Programmable LED lights are an attractive option for many people because they have different project requirements.
However, before
The lighting of the design may not meet the needs of all projects.
With this understanding, Dongguan SDIP Lighting Co. , Ltd. has a wealth of expertise in providing LED lighting solutions
Provide various design solutions for customers, and the requirements of customers are different.
When it comes to their programmable LED lights, the company said, \"in terms of technical services, we provide customers with a full range of solution design and lighting effect customization services (
Based on the German Masir MADRIX platform)by in-
Discuss the needs with customers in depth, and provide strong technical support for the customer\'s market expansion.
We also provide
Site Construction guidance is required.
\"The LED life of these lights in this company is 50,000 hours and the IP rating is 20, 65, 67 and 68, so that customers can choose one according to their own needs.
This lamp has a roll length of 5 m per roll with defense
Static aluminum foil bag.
This programmable LED emergency light is designed for three
The channel addressable bar.
The lamp is controlled by a dedicated LED controller.
This lamp is ideal for both indoor and outdoor liner projects and many other needs.
About Dongguan sidipu Lighting Co. , Ltd. : sidipu Lighting Co. , Ltd. has not only expanded its business in the domestic market, but also won international recognition for the best quality lamps and lanterns.
The company uses advanced production equipment to ensure the quality of the lights.
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