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dressing windows for winter

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TED and Louise Okada plan to warm up and save money this winter.
Not only are they 52 windows (
Including those in the garage.
, But both their six pairs of sliding glass doors and four skylights are covered with the latest window dressing ---Window Quilt.
This is the second winter of Okadas, they put the quilt in the home of the Rock Creek on the top of the mountain. Window Quilt (the trade name)
Produced by an appropriate technology company (ATC)
In burritboro, Vt.
, Only three years of listing, sales have increased, according to the District window dealer Dick Ningde (
The owner\'s spectrum associates the Great Falls, Va. )
More than doubled.
The window quilt sounds like this: a quilting fabric mounted on the track (like a shade)
Cover the window.
Like a shadow, it behaves as an insulator, but is more effective because of its five
The layered structure allows it to store solar energy, thus keeping the room warm for a longer period of time.
5 layers, about 3/8-
Inch thick, connected every few inches by ultrasonic fabric welding. The thermal-
Or R-factor is 3. 5.
When rolling up the quilt, the quilt can be hidden by valance-
Louise Okada decided not to start with their bones
The white quilt and bones are very well mixed.
The walls in their house. house.
However, they are not cheap.
David Wood, marketing manager at ATC, said the proposed price was $4.
25 per square foot.
Typical double
Ningard said that the hanging windows of 1/2 by 4 feet, if installed by the owner, cost about $75 and about $50 if installed by the dealer. A 6-
The foot sliding glass door is installed by the owner for about $230 and the dealer for another $50. All are custom-
Made by a dozen Window quilt dealers in the Washington area. (
ATC says they have 1,100 dealers across the country. )
\"And,\" added Albert Nuñez, vice president of North American solar development.
Great Waterfall in Va.
\"The quilt is not for people who like to sleep late in the morning.
To have a passive solar house, you have to get involved.
You have to develop a habit of raising the tone regularly in the morning and lowering the tone at night.
\"Of course, the idea of insulated windows is not new.
Curtains, curtains and (more recently)\"insul-
\"Blinds\" are all the way for homeowners to cut heating costs.
\"Glass,\" said nannard, \"has always been a bad insulator.
So it makes sense to find ways to reduce the heat loss.
\"Like a shade, you can raise or drop the Window quilt to block the sun, or provide you with a view.
\"It\'s too light, and even children or elderly people can operate them easily,\" said Wood of ATC . \".
The quilt has white bones, white, camel, Mediterranean blue.
Wood said he was not surprised by okadasi\'s low heating bill: \"According to research on the subject, the biggest loss of heat is through the window.
We told customers that heating costs are expected to fall between 30-40%. \"The energy-
Effcient Okadas (
They sold their Mercedes last year for diesel.
Cheer for the Volkswagen Rabbit
It is said that the quilt is also very good in summer.
\"Unless we are in the room, we will draw them down,\" Louise Okada said . \".
North American solar development company in Nunez
Carry two rolls-
Window cover sun panel and window cover panel (
Connect to the window with magnetic strips and must be rolled up and connected by hand).
Nuñez said: \"The quilt is really beautiful. . .
This is our bread and butter.
\"Deciding where to install a window cover is the first step in the insulation process. North-Facing the window (
People who accept the least Sun)
Is the first target for the covering.
For comfort, the bedroom needs more insulation than the rest of the house, which is not used all night.
It is also an option to make your own quilting curtains.
Lei Wolff, author of insulation window shadow (
Rodale Press published $1980,14. 95)
Claim heat loss via windows can be reduced by 80% through do-ti-
Rodale insulated curtains.
One of the advantages of making your own shades is the choice of fabrics ---
You can snap on a fabric that matches your upholstery, carpet, wallpaper, etc.
Wolves provide you with two ways to install shadows-
On a wall or window--
The blueprint also contains details.
The direction is cear but must be followed strictly.
\"The best hot shadows in the world,\" Wolf warns, \"The effect will be poor if manufactured or installed improperly;
Correct installation and accurate measurement are essential for making effective shadows.
\"Also includes chapters on the tools you need, the size of the Sahara, sewing shadows and assembling the roller box.
In sewing the fabric, Wolf recommends using four separate quilting materials, alternating the use of an aluminum-containing layer of Medlar-
Thick seven layers of Yin. (
Mylar is a solid plastic film that is slightly flexible and is not affected by water and air.
Its aluminum-plated coating gives it a high reflective grade--
Therefore, it prevents the loss of radiation heat. )
\"More shades are needed
Wolf said: \"layered fabric for maximum calorific value.
Wolf said: \"The type of external fabric used is not important.
It can be used from 100% cotton to ground mixture to 100% artificial fabric for front and side.
To finish the fabric, Wolf recommends using bias tape to bind seven layered edges.
Another book on the market, \"hot blinds and curtains\" by William A. Shurcliff (
Published by brick Press in 1980. Inc. , $12. 95)
Provides you with a variety of ways to reduce the heat dissipation of windows.
Some of his ideas: outdoor blinds, opaque blinds, opaque rolls inside
Color, indoor transparency and transparent equipment.
Shukliff wrote, \"Most people who are concerned about heat loss have installed storm windows, or have hot windows, double windows, etc.
Shu Cliffe wrote a chapter in the theory behind these energies.
Save the device, \"How to lose heat through Windows.
\"He first gave a basic explanation of heat and heat loss, and then a fairly technical discussion about the rate of heat loss through the windows through conduction and radiation.
However, all his explanations are clear and he has a good description of the installation of the different window treatments --detailed.
Including: the insulation blinds of Erinsol are an air-
The tightly folded insulated blinds, developed about two years ago, combine the rigid insulated core with a solid bas wood frame. The thermal-
Or R-
The coefficient of fixing single window blinds is 9. 1. Cost: $9.
Flush shutter 15 per square foot for $13.
The mosaic shutter is 50 per square foot, not unloaded, plus shipping and taxes.
Cost of 1/2-by-4-
The foot window is $91.
Flush $50 and set $135.
It prevents cold air and loss of heat from conduction, convection and radiation.
Erinson claims that it also prevents heat from entering your room during the summer.
Solar energy development in North America can buy insulated shutter in this area
Great Falls, Va.
The insulated curtains in Burlington are available at Hecht. for $24.
A pair of more than 99. The foam-
The back-lined curtains feature natural beige tones, gold and avocado.
The size starts at 50 inch wide and 84 inch long. Minute-
Men\'s Storm curtains are simpler and cheaper (
And the effect is poor)
It is worth considering more than some of the more expensive and sophisticated treatments.
It\'s by 6-millimeter-
Thick transparent vinyl on the roller like a shadow.
When pulled down it will be sealed in double
You have to extend the face band along the perimeter of the window.
Hechinger sells for $7.
88 for measuring the rollers of 37 1/4 by 6 feet; $9.
88 for rollers measuring 55 1/2 by 6 feet.
Now, the big question is: are these window dressings officially called removable window insulation eligible for a passive solar tax credit?
Yes and no, said Domenic LaPonzina, an IRS public affairs official.
\"If the window quilt (
Or insulated curtains, etc. )
Installed as part of the entire solar energy
Then the heating system is a tax credit.
\"However, if only the curtains are installed ---
No additional solar components-
It does not meet the conditions of the tax credit.
\"Despite what solar experts have said, LaPonzina said that there is no solar module complementary to the othere and the window quilt will not store solar energy.
Solar energy advocates are annoyed by the ruling, especially since storm windows are allowed as tax credits, and they are three to four times less efficient than window quilts.
However, the storm window was written into the energy
Congress passed the law.
LaPonzina replied: \"This is the law, this is the way we enforce it;
That\'s what Congress wrote.
\"If you are not sure that the money you invest is eligible for a tax credit, call the IRS to explain your particular circumstances.
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