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Dry Bulk Container liners (also known as shipping

by:Top-In     2020-07-22
Container liners are usually manufactured by using a variety of materials including Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethylene (PE) fabric, providing inlet, outlet along with air vent depending upon the customer requirement. Dry bulk container liners come in both woven fabric and blown film varieties. Liners can be given with hooks, attachment and other types of accessories etc. Liners are available in different sizes to fit different types of sea containers. Once the container liner is used to pack the goods, no additional packaging is required. This is a huge cost benefit in the shipment. PP container liner is ideal for transporting and storing dry bulk products such as powders and granulate like sugar, malt and related food products. PE container liner is best suitable for transporting and storage of dry materials such as chemicals, cement, agro products, construction materials, industrial products etc. Venpack is the largest manufacturers and suppliers of dry bulk liners from India; for cargo, ship transportation of goods. Our products are exported to all countries and continents across the world. Venpack is capable of manufacturing a large range of dry bulk container liners according to customer's specific needs; almost all our products are custom made. Our products possess high quality, durability, performance and adaptability. Any size liner is available with us to suit the specific customer requirement. Our liners reduce your total packaging costs. They will protect your goods from contamination and leakage during shipping (it also seals out water), storage and processing. In addition, disposal of these liners are also very easy and non hazardous to the environment. It produces very less waste after the usage. Please get in touch with us for any needs of bulk shipments packaging solutions. We make sure your products are safely transported with zero inconvenience.
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