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Dry Pet Food and Salmonella in Humans

by:Top-In     2020-08-08
According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eight cases of human salmonella infection related to dry pet food were reported this year.
Last year, C. D. C.
It is reported that a salmonella outbreak broke out in 2006, and 2007 outbreaks can be traced back to dry dog food. The C. D. C.
According to the latest weekly report on morbidity and mortality, a total of 79 cases were found in 21 states.
The disease dates back to Iverson, Pennsylvania.
Pet food factory operated by Mars Petcare US, Inc.
The company closed the factory in July.
Despite the widespread recall of food last year, eight more cases were found between January and October. On Sept.
12, the company announced a voluntary recall nationwide at 5-
The month of the factory.
Most cases are found in young children who may have processed or put dry pet food into their mouths.
Symptoms include bloody diarrhea, but none of the cases lead to death.
The recent disease involved three new cases in Pennsylvania, two in Georgia and two in New York, one in Texas.
The age of the patient ranges from 4 months to 39 years of age, and there is no contaminated food in these families that can cause the pet to get sick.
Since 2006, at least 13 recalls involving 135 pet foods have been issued due to salmonella contamination.
None of these cases, however, appear to have caused human disease.
The current outbreak involving the Mars plant is the first recorded case to trace the human salmonella infection back to the contaminated pet food plant.
The September 2008 recall involved about 23,109 tons of dry pet food representing 105 brands.
However, there is one dry pet food-
Year shelf life, contaminated products may still be in the home of the purchaser, may cause diseaseD. C. warns.
The agency said consumers should take precautions when dealing with all dry pet food, snacks and supplements.
Pet canned food is unlikely to be contaminated with pathogens because the manufacturing process should kill bacteria.
They recommend washing hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds immediately after handling dry pet food, pet snacks and pet supplements, especially before preparing and eating food for people.
Babies and children should stay away from pet feeding areas.
To learn more about which pet foods to recall, visit the Mars Petcare US website to see the chart at the bottom of the page.
If you can\'t find the answer you need on the web page, please call 1-877-568-4463.
Other information about the spread of salmonella from pets to humans can be found on/www. cdc.
Government/healthy pet/disease/salmonella disease. htm.
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Eat this dirty
Now let me wash my hands for 20 seconds (
Especially when I\'m going to eat)so I don’t die. Good boy.
Is there anything wrong with the food in forsto?
When I was young, I used to eat one or two pieces of my dog\'s food.
My friends think this is very interesting.
I did not know that I would die.
It looks like I have to revise the joke and eat wet dog food instead.
Dry pet food has high processing level and poor quality (
I feed my cat a big meal).
The best option if you have time is to prepare your own food.
See/tedeboy. tripod.
Why don\'t pets get sick?
Or are they, but this report is only about people who are sick?
Beware of \"selling\" cat food.
\"We have some. it smells bad.
Worse than suspicious.
The cat threw it up directly.
All the cans stink.
It is usually reliable and we still use it, it may be a fancy feast.
Just pay attention to sales.
There should be a date on the can.
Don\'t worry, I only eat canned food. FYI.
Dog food is not for people!
Because their digestive tract is different from ours, there is no salmonella, and salmonella is in most raw chickens.
After reading all the terrible things in pet food, I had my pet eat a homemade raw meal and the garbage might not be a good enough description. Mitten (#3)
, You may have to take the sacred/pink flamingo route.
Or does this also have an impact on health?
I feed the organic matter of my cat Newman.
Yes, it is expensive, but the quality is good, not full of garbage that will make her or us humans sick.
When I look at the list of affected foods provided in the article, I am not at all surprised.
These are not high quality foods, but also ordinary foods and brands that were affected by devastating pollution fears a year ago.
The quality of pet food varies greatly.
I always thought it was a \"normal\" food, but I noticed that Purina food was not affected by any of these fears.
Their formula is not as good as I like in nutrition, but their quality control seems to be great and I will use them if I use the \"regular\" brand.
I also insist on using their Rx vet food when I need prescription drugs.
Personally, I like the ingredients and quality control of natural foods: California natural foods, innovative foods and other foods. (
As far as I am concerned, there is no economic benefit here-just a lot of research, and I particularly like their response to polluting scaresin 2007. )
But the food does require you to go to the store and pay a little more.
If you can\'t do this, look at which brands are clean in all of this panic, and Purina food seems to meet that requirement.
My husband-who always claims that the furry stuff that lives in our house is mine, not his-called me in panic after a melamine recall a few years ago.
We use the whole thing.
I have changed organic food since then because I know it has been certified several layers.
I hope the new Obama administration will solve the problem of contaminated human and pet food.
It\'s really fraud.
Dry food is better for pets in many ways, as it is good for their teeth, and pets get sick more often than eating a bad batch of pet food.
Also, family dinners may not be the best idea unless you are willing to invest a lot of time and research to develop a balanced diet.
As for salmonella, I \'d like to wash my hands now.
I have been feeding my dog fresh food for 12 years.
Since I was born, when she was 15 years old two years ago, I changed to a familiar one.
It takes about 5 minutes, $1.
A 70-pound dog costs $50 to $2 a day.
Not complicated at all.
She is in good health and smells good, and I never worry about what\'s in her food (
I never had this smell of dog food or canned pet food at home. .
Please provide high quality canned food for your cat by a reputable company such as those that sell more comprehensive natural products such as Evanger, Natura, pure gold and Merricks.
None of these companies are part of a food recall and their products do not contain \"by-products\", corn, wheat, soybeans or ingredients from China, etc.
By the way, dry food is terrible for the cat\'s teeth and kidneys.
Cats are desert animals and naturally do not need to drink a lot of water.
In addition, nature has not designed them to eat dry food.
So when you give dry food to cats, you\'re actually destroying their bodies because it needs so much water to rebuild food in the gut.
This caused serious damage to their kidneys because there is less and less water in the body and waste can be discharged through the kidneys.
Why do you think so many cats suffer from kidney disease when they are very young?
The dry food they eat has a lot to do with it.
Dry foods are also mainly carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity.
In addition, most phosphorus levels are high, resulting in kidney function overtime when the kidneys are worn out.
Please feed canned food to your cat!
You will help your little lover live a longer and healthier life.
Look at the ingredients of your cat\'s dry food . . . . . . Meat by-product?
From road killing to an animal shelter for euthanasia, meat may be a pet picked from a rendering plant. Yes, these food companies are allowed to place euthanasia cats and dogs in meat products in your animal food \".
On the other hand, chicken is not suitable for human consumption, and can even include sick and rotten body parts.
The study is about dry food and what brands are worth feeding your cat.
The problem I listed above is just part of the picture.
A simple internet search is fine and your kitty will thank you for that!
Canned food is better for cats, they are naturally complete carnivores and do not deal with grains in dry food, which is not good for their teeth.
Cats also get most of the water from eating in the wild.
My cat started to lose weight on a new dry grain, so I changed the canned food and she was very healthy, it was amazing and worth a little extra.
I sometimes add yogurt or fish oil to her food as well because it\'s good for her (
On the other hand, she now refuses to eat direct dry food, but I can understand why kibble does not pile up on the ground).
The dog\'s diet is more flexible, which is another story.
However, there are still a lot of things in dog food that should not be eaten by any creature.
The Mars Pet Food full dog magazine is a publication that does not accept advertisements and provides commercial dog food reviews that I have found very useful in the past.
Lucy, while it\'s good for the kidneys, you don\'t have to feed wet food to all cats (kidney)failure cats.
The quality of the diet is as important as whether it is wet or dry. Yes, high-in-
The phosphorus diet is a problem, but more importantly, the high protein levels in these diets.
Proteins are metabolized by the body and the kidneys treat waste in the following ways
Therefore, there will be fewer by-products for cats who eat low-protein foods.
There are products right away.
Cats suffering from kidney disease should only feed high-quality * prescription * diet (
From your vet, not a pet shop or Walmart)
Low protein content.
Cats develop into kidney deficiency and chronic kidneys due to multiple factors, many of which have not yet been clearly defined by researchers/scientists.
It is impossible to tell how much each factor, such as genes, environment, nutrition, etc.
It is said that it is mainly because dry food is misleading.
I have an 11 and 12 year old with normal kidney function and they eat dry food all their lives. I\'m definitely not saying you should just eat dry food and never get wet.
However, I think this is a viable option for a healthy cat with no history of kidney disease, not an instant ticket for your cat to have kidney problems in the future.
You ignore the most important thing: buy a water \"fountain\" to increase the intake of water.
Cats will naturally be attracted by running water (
So they have a crush on dripping water from the tap)
Many times it will increase their drinking capacity.
They can buy at a low price at petstores or even Wal-Mart.
I feed my dog. the-
Shelf food in Purina style.
If I run out and have to buy a small bag from another brand, they seem to have a bowel problem.
When I answer the phone, I carefully observe what comes out every day.
Surprisingly, it matches the number of things that go in.
Dog food, daughter socks, chewed toys, sticks and more!
I was surprised by Rover\'s gut tenacity.
I mean, they drink from the water ditch in the water while walking, not to mention often from the toilet.
They eat each other\'s poop.
Oh my God, don\'t lick my puppy!
The dog\'s mouth should be cleaner than human beings?
It is hardly surprising that they are not ill.
If our own human appendix is still valid.
This is a wake-up wash after breakfast for pets.
I mean, shouldn\'t you?
Who let their four-month-old eat (or play with)
Dog food anyway? !
Some people shouldn\'t have children . . . . . . I don\'t understand the panic of feeding dogs (or cat)
Meat from animals dying from suspicious causes, as dogs seem to like rotten road kills, other remains roll in as snacks/smelly stuff, without any adverse effects other than the fact that they may need to take a shower.
Predators are rarely strict hunters, but opportunistic.
For reference only, Fancy Feast is not a quality food.
Read the ingredients label.
It is not the quantity of protein #20, but the quality of protein.
High quality food with any stripes can reduce the waste of kidneys and liver.
Very few effective studies have shown that high levels of protein can cause kidney disease, although this may be the opposite
Show if the kidney has weakened.
Dogs and cats eat wet raw food.
While healthy dogs can handle \"high\" meat cats can\'t because they are real carnivores.
In fact, all research is based on The Feed of laboratory animals, not raw food.
Another fact that is not mentioned is that raw meat is not high protein.
Any canned or dry food available commercially is a compromise and may be contaminated by a variety of different sources.
Moldy grains have triggered multiple recalls over the years.
Many recalls usually come from the same kible factory (
Very few companies produce their own food, they contract time at food or cannery).
As humans, we can feed ourselves well as long as we stay away from fast food restaurants.
We don\'t have a senior degree in nutrition.
It\'s not hard to provide our pets with a really fresh diet.
It does take a bit of time and thought though, so it\'s understandable if your schedule doesn\'t allow it.
Check out the full frozen diet that several different companies now offer. Cost? About $3-
Depending on whether you have organic food, $4 per pound.
Give you all the fur herbal hugs
Love, B $1.
It\'s not expensive to feed your pet $50 to $2 a day?
My God, this is basically what I use to support myself.
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