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dsi[r] announces highly durable, optical thin film coatings for unmanned aircraft systems (uas).

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Santa Rosa, California, August 31, 2013-(PR. com)--
Deposition Science Company(DSI[R])
Walter E. Ovasi, the world\'s highly durable thin film optical assembly manufacturer, announced plans to showcase dedicated optical films for unmanned aircraft systems
Washington, DC Convention CenterC. August 13 -
Booth 2013 3053.
Extremely durable optical coating including defense
Reflection, infrared film coating, Dark Mirror, patterned optical filter, advanced multi-spectral optical filter assembly, dielectric, multi-layer and two-directional color filter.
DSI\'s rugged optical film is ideal for unmanned systems and advanced military and defense applications such as night vision, display, large optics, thermal imaging, ccd, telescopes, etc.
DSI\'s high-performance dedicated filters can be applied to complex shapes and sizes as well as a wide range of substrates, including metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and active-
Device silicon wafer.
DSIis is a certified facility with the infrastructure to support government and aerospace contracts.
DSI highly durable optical filters meet ITAR registration and ISO 9001: 2008 standards, providing zero
Ultraviolet rays of ShiftcapabilitiesUV)Visible, near-infrared (NIR)
Infrared (SWIR), midwave-IR (MWIR), longwave IR (LWIR)
And long wave IR (VLWIR).
Coating is ideal for high heat load and high heat impact, available through MIL-C-48497 and MIL-F-
48616 standard for humidity, salt spray, wear, temperature cycling, adhesion, solubility and cleanliness.
For more information, please visit. depsci. Or call 866-433-7724.
Deposition Science Company(DSI)-
Santa Rosa platform, CA-www. depsci. com -
For 25 years, deposition science has produced the most durable optical film filter coating in the industry.
Coating capability of DSI from UV (UV)
, By visible, including nearinfrared (NIR), midwave-infrared (MWIR)
And, thelongwave-infrared (LWIR).
The core of the coating capability of these optical and other film technologies is DSI\'s patent microdyn [R]
Reactive sputtering technology to achieve superior multi-layer film coating and IsoDyn of the company [TM]
The lpvd method of abnormal shape-preserving optical coating can be implemented in complex shapes and sizes.
Contact Information: Deposition Science(DSI)
Tatiana Atkinson 707-573-
6785 contact by emaildepsci.
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