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fantastic plastic; a threat to health and the environment

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Modern life is \"plastic\", which brings great benefits to our life in terms of hygiene, convenience and color.
Plastic can be found everywhere in the interior of the home, food packaging, cookware, children\'s toys, building materials and household equipment.
Petrochemical plastic products (non-
Sustainable and environmental disasters)
Harmful to the environment throughout the life cycle;
Starting with their large-scale production.
Pollution scale, release harmful chemicals such as dioxin, neighboring benzene Ester and toxic metal to the environment;
Affecting humans, animals, plants and aquatic life.
Plastic has different qualities by handling it with cocktails of other terrible chemicals, all of which can be filtered out of a single product and into the air (
Do you know the new smell of plastic? )
Water or something close to plastic.
So what do we do?
We pack the food inside!
Most supermarket foods are placed on a polystyrene tray, packed and covered with plastic wrap, displayed with smooth punnets, or stored in canned plastic lined.
Then we eat food (
There may also be plastic chemicals that have been drenched)
Throw the package into the bin.
Plastic is always with us from here, basically nobiodegradable.
Tiny plastic debris is piling up in the Pacific Ocean and causing serious damage throughout the food chain.
If the plastic is burned, then they release a series of highly toxic chemicals that are not pronounced to the environment (
Pose a huge risk to the health of the fire
Warrior, can be fatal to occupants of burning buildings that breathe in PVC smoke).
Plastic is indeed a problem that will not disappear.
They look very useful and hygienic, but can penetrate dangerous chemicals into the food they come into contact with and may be exacerbated by heat (think oven-
Safe microwave packaging).
Recent research in the United States
Including the University of Rochester and the National Center for Environmental Health)
O-benzene Ester has been recommended (
Chemicals found in plastic, such as adhesive film, vinyl and plastic bag)
Can pass through the placenta and damage the sexual development of male children (
This is also acknowledged by other mammals)
Causes physical and possible behavioral problems.
A Swedish team of researchers linked home use of plastic to an increase in eczema, asthma, and other allergies, with concerns that children and babies are more likely to suffer toxic injuries to their immature bodies, and accumulate plastic chemicals found in food packaging, toys and beverage bottles. (
Due to the health of children\'s toys, several types of plastic have been gradually discontinuedrisk).
Further studies have shown a link between the use of plastic around food and the development of certain cancers, such as breast cancer, immune problems, and even infertility.
So what can you do to reduce the amount of plastic in your life? 1)
Ditch plastic bags, always carry bags and baskets;
For organic cotton bags for fair trade, try http: put the bag in your car and fold the cotton bag in your handbag. 2)
Throw away the plastic wrap and use unbleached brown paper and grease
Wrap the sandwich and store the food on the explosion-proof paper in the refrigerator or recycle the aluminum foil.
Buy unbleached paper bags at http: paper bags can be reused several times and eventually mixed or recycled with your newspaper. 3)
Send your vegetables to you and reduce the supermarket packaging;
Http: in most cases, unbleached paper bags, cardboard supports and boxes are used, reducing the amount of packaging and waste.
Ask your supermarket to provide unbleached paper bags or bring them yourself;
By now, my local store is used to my strange behavior!
Try using local markets, fruit and vegetable shops or farmer\'s markets and bring your own baskets and bags;
If the seller does not have a paper bag, I will ask them to tip my bag directly.
Another benefit is that there are fewer things in your bin and you won\'t take an hour to take everything apart. 4)
Replace mineral water with tap water and send children to school with metal Sports containers instead of plastic bottles.
If you can\'t stand running water, buy a mineral water bottle that is 5 liters larger or a water filter. 5)Go shabby Chic; spring-
Clean up all the plastic materials in the kitchen and invest in wooden spoons and chopping boards (
Both methods attract the bacteria to the wood and kill it)
Choose a ceramic mixing bowl and other kitchen items for some fun.
Looking for old ones on eBay
Jelly molds and other traditional kitchen supplies for Fashioned machines.
Don\'t forget that Christmas is coming, so you can ask for something new as a gift. 6)
Sometimes it seems that having a child will put you in a mountainous environment.
Color plastic, but if you buy it carefully, you can choose safer products for your family and friends, especially for fragile little ones.
Find traditional dolls, knitted wool teddy bears, or visit http: buy wooden toys for children (www. borndirect. co. uk )
Can chew and suck safely to prevent the use of dummies (
I know it\'s not easy, I \'ve been there)and source PVC-
Http: Also Free glass baby bottle, you may want to avoid chemical \"quick\" blankets and switch to natural fiber http: 7)
Natural fibers are generally selected.
\"Fast\" materials can be very cheap, but made from plastic derivatives (
Some are made of recycled plastic bottles).
Synthetic garments are an environmental nightmare as they release not only hazardous chemicals during processing, but are almost indestructible and do not biodegradable and burn to release hazardous chemicals back to the environment
In fact, clothing is another area you might want to consider.
It is worth considering that school uniforms are considered to be some of the most chemically toxic clothing you can buy.
I know the price is expensive, but there is a choice of real cotton, wool, linen and other natural fibers if possible.
Reducing the amount of plastic in your life will help you to eat healthier (
Lots of local fruits and vegetables)
Give you a good excuse.
Shopping spree helps you work towards a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle.
In recent years, people have been very concerned about the negative impact of \"plastic life\" on our health, so that there are many choices when looking for alternatives.
Happy shopping until next time!
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