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_ Wei film (Holdings)Co. Limited(NASDAQ:FFHL)
FFHL, a high-
China-based premium BOPET plastic film company recently announced that its 2010 annual general meeting was scheduled to be held at 2010 at 9: 00. m.
This morning was postponed for lack of quorumin in compliance with FFHL\'s articles of association.
The annual general meeting is postponed to provide the Company with additional time to solicit the agent of the shareholders to determine the necessary quorum for the annual general meeting business.
During the adjournment, shareholders are encouraged to vote on matters considered at the annual general meeting.
Shareholders can also change their votes by executing new agents.
The annual general meeting was postponed until September 23, 2010. m.
Address: 825 Third Avenue, New York, 18 th Floor, New York, Zip code: 10022.
At the end of business on July 30, a stock holder with a record at FFHL was entitled to receive a notice of the extension meeting and attend the extension meeting.
All FFHL common stock beneficiaries are welcome to attend the extension meeting in person.
FFHL and its subsidiaries engage in the development, manufacture and distribution of plastic films using biaxialoriented stretching technology known as BOPET films (
Double-oriented polyethylene ester).
FFHL provides a printed Base film for printing and lamination;
Stamping foil base film and transfer Base film for packaging cigarettes and alcohol luxury goods;
Metal film or aluminum-plated Base film for paper or flexible plastic laminated vacuum aluminum plating; and high-
Glossy film for aesthetic packaging purposes.
FFHL also offers heat
Sealing Film and transfer Base film for construction, printing and manufacture of hot sealing bag;
Laser holographic backing film used as
Fake film for food, medicine, cosmetics, cigarettes and alcohol packaging;
Dry film for circuit board production as well as nameplate and process making.
FFHL\'s products are used in consumer-based packaging, including the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, tobacco and alcohol industries;
Imaging like print, microfilm, etc;
Electronic and electrical industries consisting of wire and cable winding, capacitor and motor insulation;
Magnetic products such as tapes and video tapes.
Ffhlmarket\'s products are named after the Fuwei film brand.
Ffhl mainly exports products to packaging customers and distributors in Korea, the United States and Europe.
Established in 2003, FFHL is headquartered in Weifang, China.
Learn more about ffhl\'s visit: Power3 Medical Products(OTC:PWRM)
PWRM is a proteomics company that focuses on the development of innovative diagnostic tests in the field of cancer and neurological diseases. This month, it published four articles at 2010 International Conference on Alzheimer\'s disease. NASDAQ:ICAD)
Honolulu, Hawaii
These presentations discuss the diagnostic test NuroPro for PWRM and focus on disease serum biomarkers, tests, and clinical validation tests for PWRM.
\"In preparation for commercialisation, our purpose at this conference is to show how power 3\'s protein biomarkers and blood tests can provide better solutions for diagnosis and drug response to improve Alzheimer\'sIra L.
Goldknopf, president and chief science officer, PWRM.
\"It is a pleasure to receive a great deal of attention from delegates from major pharmaceutical and clinical research institutions around the world.
They expressed surprise and enthusiasm for our findings, especially those with power 3 protein biomarkers indicating that patients were resistant to three majordementia drugs.
\"We are pleased that our blood test specifically diagnosed patients with Alzheimer\'s, whether inand post-
Said Helen R.
Chief Executive Officer of PWRM, Dr. Park MS and our scientific collaborators
Marwan Sabbagh, director of medicine and science, Banner Institute of Sun health medicine and Dr. Lourdes R.
Bosquez, president, Woodlands Institute of behaviour
Join us at the conference in Hawaii.
Marwan Sabbagh MD added: \"We are not far from the clinical diagnostic tool to achieve Alzheimer\'s, and I hope this will lead to a better understanding of the disease, and accelerate the future of banner Sun Health Medical Institute director of medicine and science.
Pwrm has submitted several patent applications for its NuroPro technology that are waiting repeatedly.
PWRM also has a world
Extensive exclusive license from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.
To date, PWRM has delivered 9 presentations on NuroPro at international scientific conferences in the United States, Europe and China, and has published 6 articles in its peers
Review science journal on this topic.
These latest findings will also be released by PWRMintends. PWRM, abio-
Technology company, engaged in the development and marketing of diagnostic tests for cancer, neurodegeneration and neuromuscular diseases in the United States.
PWRM products include BC-
SeraPro, a subgroup serum test for early detection of breast cancer;
NuroPro is a serum test used to detect neurodegeneration diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer\'s disease, and Parkinson\'s disease.
PWRM\'s products analyze proteins and their mutations to assess the risk of developing disease in an individual\'s later years, or the likelihood of a patient\'s response to joint drugs;
Assess the risk of disease progression and recurrence in patients;
And measure the patient\'s contact with drug treatment.
PWRM was formerly a surgical safety product company.
It was renamed POWER3 Medical Products, Inc.
September 2003.
PWRM was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Woodlands, Texas.
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