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Grinding Machine and Supply Company
Glass bead filler increases mechanical strength and dielectric strength.
Products coated with resin can be provided.
ADELL plastics
Custom filler concentrate with up to 75% load in all thermoplastic materials.
Multi-function concentrate can contain a variety of additives. AKROCHEM CORP.
The fillers include calcium carbonate, kaolin soil, alumina trihydrate, wood and fiber groups, wood flour, micas, magnesium carbonate and precipitated amorphous silica. ALUCHEM INC.
Grind hydrated alumina, calcium carbonate, and magnesium oxide fillers. Twenty-one particle-
The size distribution is subtracted from 65% to 100% from the 325 mesh and the median particle size is 2. 5 to 30 microns. Also super-
Fine Grinding filler with a median particle size of 1.
Top sizes of 5 microns and 10 microns or less, and a mixture of 12 grades of hydrated alumina/calcium carbonate. ACM-
MH 95 sodium hydroxide as flame-
Flame retardant filler that releases water-in-water like three-water alumina but is able to withstand processing temperatures up to 625 F. 425-445 F for ATH. Both 7-micron and 3-
Micron grinding with or without surface treatment.
Metal fiber USAStainless-
Steel, brass, lowcarbon-
Steel, long copper fiber-
Needle-strand fiber reel
Punch in blankets and chopped fibers.
It has high strength, high modulus, ferromagnetic properties, good corrosion resistance and high conductivity and thermal conductivity.
American wood fiber contains cellulose fiber and flour in a hard and soft wood grade.
Particle size from 10 to 200 (2000-45 microns)
In bulk or bagged form.
Benefits of using wood flour as an additive include increased dimensional stability, reduced thermal expansion, controlled shrinkage and warping, excellent volume
8 ratio, improve the appearance of the wood surface, reduce the volume cost, reduce the wear of the mold.
Suitable for injection, extrusion, compression and rotary molding of thermoplastic and thermoplastic.
For use from 10%-
70% various resins including phenol, melamine, polyester, PS, PE, PP and PVC.
Best building products in AmericaMix custom-
Engineering, multi-component enhancement and filling systems are inert, inorganic and non-inertcombustible.
Formulated for high load (60-80% by volume)
Without sacrificing the physical and tensile properties of polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and thermoplastic plastics.
High cost-effective, can be poured, sprayed, squeezed or injection molded.
The sprayed compound does not need to be introduced.
Different systems provide different degrees of strength, reduced density, flame resistance and cost savings in applications such as gel coating backup, sandwich core, coating, tools and cast compounds.
International High School-purity (99. 9%)
Sub-micron aluminum and calcined aluminum with a narrow particle size range.
Available in Alpha and gamma forms. Surface-area to 120 [m. sup. 2]/g.
Burgess pigment company
Water, water and heat
Optical Silicon aluminum (clays).
Water and calcined soil provide physical strength, impact and pressure resistance. Custom silane-
Processing products from nylon to cross-linking PE applications.
For opacity and tone strength, Optiwhite and Optiwhite MX allow Ti [to be reduced by 50%]O. sub. 2]loadings. Burgess No.
30 p and 30 p in PVC have high resistivity.
Burgess KE in medium voltage cable provides maximum length
Term wet resistance. CABOT CORP. CAB-O-SIL DIV. Cab-O-
Silica processing aids, contact agents and viscosity by Sil gas phase method-
Control agent in Unsaturated Polyester, epoxy, silicone rubber and PVC.
Control the viscosity of polyester and prevent sagging or running in gel coating and laminated resin.
In the liquid resin system, it also helps to suspend or even disperse the solid.
In PVC plastic and pressure extension, the gas phase method silica absorbs excessive plasticizer, provides contact modification, prevents the platform, and maintains the freedom of dry compoundsflowing.
The dielectric properties and thermal stability also make it a suitable reinforcement material for silicone and PVC electrical insulation. CANCARB LTD.
In the absence of oxygen, the hot carbon black produced by thermal decomposition of natural gas has a low-
Horizontal structure and large granularity in several levels.
In the case of not reducing the performance of the polymer, it can be composite under high load.
Provides very low wear, good dielectric properties, chemical and heat resistance, and low screen slag values (
Usually at 325 mesh 2 ppm).
Applications include XLPE wire and cable insulation, heat
Shrink connectors and general pigmentation. CATAPHOTE, INC.
Solid glass spheres of various sizes enhance and expand all Thermoforming and Most thermoforming materials for injection molding, extrusion, compression molding and open moldingmold casting.
Treated with silicon or other coatings.
It is easy to increase the flow and squeeze out;
Improve the compression strength, stiffness and wear resistance;
Reduce creep, water absorption and shrinkage;
And provide better mold filling and more uniform cooling, which can shorten the injection cycle by 20%.
CEMEXMed carbs, dry
Ground limestone (
Calcium carbonate)
Used to fill in thermoplastic plastics and composites, including grades with a dry brightness of 86-
90 and 6899% are granular by 325 purpose.
Clermont flock
Almost any fiber filling of natural or synthetic fibers (
Cotton, nylon, polyester, PP, artificial silk, acrylic, fangzu). Both random-and precision-
Cutting types are available.
Composition materials company, INC.
Organic fillers include flour and sand nut shells of various mesh numbers;
Bleached and unbleached cellulose sheep;
Treated alternatives to cellulose K asbestos;
40-hard and soft wood flour325 mesh;
Recycled rubber dust;
Flour and grain crust;
Flour and corn sticks. Plasti-
Sand cross-linked polymer fillers available in urea, polyester and melamine for compression molding and extrusion.
There are also hollow and solid spheres of glass and ceramics.
Custom grinder sales Co. , Ltd.
Grinding of three-water alumina, calcium carbonate and bauxite.
Custom grinding and/or mixing are available.
Surface Modification of three-water alumina was also carried out.
Products packed in 50-pound bags, 2000-pound bulk bags or bulk trucks. DEGUSSA CORP.
Aerosil 130, 200, 300, and 380 pyrotechnics phase method Silicon is a contact agent and enhanced filler for silicone rubber and is used as an additive to prevent the platform from falling off in the calender PVC.
Aerosil R 972 drain pyrotechnics silicone is an enhanced filler for silicone rubber and is also free of charge
Flow additives used for moisture collection that can cause agglomeration problems.
Alumina is an electrical resistance agent for granular plastics.
Sipernat 22LS, fm500ls and Sipernat 44 precipitated Silicon is a blocking agent in the blown PP film (also Aerosil 0)(
50 and Aerosil FLM).
Sipernat 22LS and fm500ls are also used to prevent the platform from falling off in the PVC calender film.
Sipernat 22, 50 and 50 S are auxiliary tools for anti-knot blocks and can also be used to convert liquids into simple-to-
Loose powder.
The hydrophobic Sipernat D17 and D11 are anti-Junction agents for very hygroscopic powders, and the fj40 and fj60 are reinforced fillers in silicone rubber. DODGE-REGUPOL, INC.
Cork in the form of spherical, cube, fine length and chopped is an inert filler used to reduce cost and density, increase viscosity and increase dimensional stability and friction coefficient.
Particle size of 1 in.
Grid and density between 3-15012 lb/cu ft.
It is reported that heat, acoustics and impact can be increased
Absorption properties when sufficient quantities are used.
Eagle Quality Products Co. , Ltd. , INC.
Eagle cloud chip products used as reinforcing filler in all thermoplastic and thermosolid resin systems.
The Eagle M series is white and compatible with all plastic systems.
It produces clean, consistent colors, especially PP and thermoplastic polyester.
Eckart usa LPRegular and dedusted atomization and Flake alumina powder improve physical properties and processing properties.
Emerson and Kangming Composite Materials Co. , Ltd.
The Eccosphere line of the hollow composite macro ball has a median diameter of 0. 5 and 2 in.
The average density range is from 0. 20-0. 40 g/cc.
They can provide weight reduction, heat insulation and sound insulation, and mechanical performance control.
Typical applications include syntactic buoyancy and insulation, evaporation control, and tools.
High filling of plastic compounds in various thermoplastic carriers (up to 93%)
Various metal powders.
Compounds include copper
Nylon, stainless steelHDPE, and iron-acetal.
Products for applications such as injection molding jewelry, containers, gears and conductive compounds. ENGELHARD CORP.
Appearance/performance partition
Mineral-enhanced materials include a Translink surface-
The modified clay is calledized. inert, fine-
Low residue, low moisture particles Satintone calcined soil booster and booster;
ASE Buca and Catalpo aqueous kaolin soil with various particle sizes and modifications, including surface treatment and stripping;
And Emcor 66 ultra-
Short tendrils used in phenol mold compounds for brake pads and non-asbestos liners. Wet-
The ground White Cloud mother film consists of tiny, extremely thin flakes of potassium/Al-Si crystals and traces of other elements.
The flakes are silver and white, gray and white, with an average thickness of 0.
5 to 2 Micron, 2 to 150 micron diameter.
Normal 100, 160 and 325 mesh and 1000-
Number of entries and a more detailed special level.
Stiffness, modulus, yield stress, fracture stress, and heat can be increased-
Deflection temperature.
High dielectric strength and flow coefficient make it very useful in electrical applications. EXPANCEL INC.
Super hot plastic ball
Light weight, flexible, flexible.
The average density is between 0. 025 and 0. 060 g/cc;
Average particle diameter.
20 to 140 microns.
It has uniform battery structure and compatibility with resin such as PUR, epoxy, PVC and PE.
It is also used in polyester as a lightweight filler to provide sufficient flexibility for the composite to reduce cracking and brittle.
But in-situ foaming.
RIM\'s applications include Expancel du (Dry without expansion)
Achieve the target density and reduce shrinkage.
PVC plastic film uses uniform, controllable void in foaming.
Grade provided at an expansion temperature of 176 to 400 F
Fiber Sales & DevelopmentSolka-
The abrasive cellulose filler improves the impact strength and wear properties of the moving parts.
Low specific gravity, controllable volume, good thermal performance.
It is reported that the filling of urea compounds can withstand a temperature of 170 F;
Melamine compound is resistant to 210 F;
Phenol with darker colors even requires a higher temperature.
Franklin Industrial & Mineral Products DepartmentAmical NSF-
Calcium carbonate listed in a range of particle sizes includes surfaces-
Processed Products
This oolite material can be used in vinyl, polyester and polyurethane to minimize mold wear.
Three water compounds of alumina are also provided. FUJIMI CORP. High-
Purity alumina powder and CMP Slurry.
Company custom Supertight particle-
The size distribution is reduced to Micron.
GE Advanced Ceramics
Boron nitrogen powder is said to be an excellent polymer material additive for applications that require very low heat resistance.
It provides resistance and dielectric constants that are lacking in other high thermal conductivity materials.
The form of boron and nitrogen powder is platelet-like.
When used as an additive in a polymer, this property provides excellent thermal conductivity measurements, which are said to be superior to other ceramic electrical insulation materials due to platelet structure.
Applications where the heat dissipation requirements continue to increase will see the results of improvement and the increased use temperature with the addition of boron and nitrogen.
Boron nitrogen has excellent lubrication properties, providing a lower friction coefficient and reduced wear when used as an additive.
It can also be effective as a nuclear agent or as a processing auxiliary agent. GLITTEREX CORP. Precision-
Flash with high cut aluminum
The temperature coating produces special visual effects in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding. W. R. GRACE & CO.
GRACE DAVISONSyloid and Sylobloc are used for pure, chemical inert, non-toxic synthetic amorphous silicon of PVC, PE, PP, PVDC, EVA and other polymers.
The concentration is from 0 when used.
From 25% to 3%, they act as blocking agents or CoF modifiers, processing aids to prevent powder lumps and Taiwan.
The product also promotes the ink acceptance of printing image enhancement.
Controlled particles
Size distribution and good particle integrity produce high efficiency flat and resistant
High-blocking agentclarity films.
Compared with the addition of two or more functional additives alone, the combination of Sylobloc silicas and sliding additives or other additives showed better benefits.
COFCO Mining Co. , Ltd.
Dicaperl hollow glass Pearl Rock sphere improves impact resistance and mechanical processing performance in some formulations, especially in light-weight cultured marble and polyurethane applications, and reduces weight.
The secondary silica filler, which is mainly used for PE film anti-blocking, helps to reduce weight, increases impact resistance through non-directional reinforcement, and provides dimensional stability.
Dicaflock cellulose fiber filler improves the impact strength and dimensional stability of the molded hot solid. THE C. P. HALL CO.
The fillers include micas and clay. J. M. HUBER CORP. CHEMICALS DIV.
Zeothix precipitated hydrated silicon provides contact and viscosity control Zeothix 265 prevents sagging or flow during curing of polyester laminated resin, gel coating, epoxy and PVC plastics and coatings.
Helps to suspend and disperse solid fillers in liquid resin.
As a processing aid for PVC plastic and calender, it can prevent plate-
Out, dry the excess plasticizer and act as a free
A flowing conditioner that dries compounds easily to block or stick together.
There are also ante and anti-blocking performance.
Huber engineering materials companyM. HUBER CORP.
The functional filler/booster includes calcium carbonate with particle size from 1. 0 micron to 40-mesh granular. Surface-
The treated material improves dispersion and allows for increased filler load.
W series for SMC, BMC and RTM. NSF-
Approved PVC pipe grades and PVC products are available (
Flexible, rigid, plastic, floor tiles)
Polyester, epoxy, rubber and polyurethane. New surface-
The treated highlight grade of olefin includes one-
Micron products for film. Water-
Washing and roasting silicon aluminum salt reduces cycle time, extends resin that does not sacrifice physical properties, and reduces pounds-
Reduce mold shrinkage and creep, increase heat
Deformation temperature, electrical properties, surface finish and printing suitability.
Aluminum Magnesium carbonate grade used as acid cleaning agent in olefin.
The fine granularity makes Hysafe products suitable for film applications and injection molding.
Adding aluminum and magnesium compounds to PVC can improve the performance of mixed resin
Metal stabilizerA surface-
The treated Lithium sulfate has better flow performance, reduces the compound torque and improves the dispersion.
Precipitate Silicon for contact in paint and heat-solid resin systems.
IMERYS Performance Minerals North America provides a variety of mineral products such as calcium carbonate, zhengchangshi mine, kaolin soil and yunmu mine.
These minerals bring various functional properties to the plastic substrate, including reduction of blockage, process improvement/shortening of cycle time, increase of hardness, increase of impact, improvement of adhesion to paper, shape core of opacity foam product of BOPP Film. K-Company T. DIV. OF KENTUCKY-
Tennessee Clay Company
Particulate filler for coating, silicone rubber, polymer, sealant and adhesive applications.
Mingshi #3, #4, #7 and #10 feldsp stones are low-
Color strength, stain resistance, high load and excellent wear resistance are reported.
Malvin minerals
Novacite silica product is an average particle size of 3-7 microns.
Unlike other silica stones, Novacite has low adsorption properties and low grinding properties.
Used as an extender/filler in silicone rubber, various thermoforming materials and engineering thermoplastic materials. Novakup surface-
The modified silica enhancements can be treated with silicon, titanium salts, aromatic nitrogen compounds or glass resins. Other surface-
Three-in-one for modified inorganic fillers, pigments and fillers (
Three-water alumina), Monykup (antimony oxide), Titankup (
Titanium dioxide), Wollastokup (wollastonite), Carbokup (
Calcium carbonate), Silikup (silica), and Klakup (
Silicon aluminum). THE R. J. MARSHALL CO.
Calcium sulfate (ATH)gypsum)
Calcium carbonate and light filler.
Provided separately or in combination with guaranteed properties such as viscosity, gel time and color. Special-
Effect filler that can be used for casting polymer products.
It is also used in the manufacture of spray filler systems for high quality gel coating, acrylic or laminated structures.
Benefits include reduced resin consumption and reduced glass usage.
Martin Marietta specialties
4 crushed and graded soft animal shells were 97, respectively.
5% calcium carbonate. SF-4 is a general-
The purpose is called a well-dispersed filler that provides smoothness for the extension and extrusion products, with less performance loss compared to other similar sized fillers.
Millennium Chemicals
Silcron amorphous, fine-
In addition to maintaining the finish and finish, the granular silica gel of various grades can also be used as a stylus and fever agent.
Improve paint dispersion and moisture control;
Eliminate blocking and board-out;
Increase the resistance of March or the acceptance of pencils and inks;
Ensure that the flow of dry powder is smoother and uninterrupted.
An average of 4 to 8 microns of non-toxic, chemical inert powder can be dried and mixed with a resin or pigment powder, compounded into a resin melt, or added to a parent or concentrate.
Compatible with a range of thermoplastic plastics. MILWHITE, INC.
Mineral Fillers/fortifiers include spar, calcium carbonate, attapulgite stick Clay, bentonite clay, and clay. Baryte high-specific-
Gravity filler can be used for sound elimination and acid resistance, and can also be used in foam and plastics that require weighing performance.
Heavy words are white and white. white. Custom-
Design products are available.
Mineral and pigment solutions
Functional pigments, chemicals and fillers such as zinc, calcium, magnesium metal hard fat (FDA and Kosher)
, Precipitated ammonium sulfate, hydrated alumina, zinc sulfide, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, ammonium sulfate, clay, cloud powder, polymer tablets, bentonite, etc. P. J.
Murphy forest products
Hardwood and Cork flour of various mesh (
Inventory from 20 to 100 items).
The package includes bulk railcars, bulk trailers, 1000-pound bulk bags and 2.
34 cu/ft paper bags for pallet and stretch packaging.
The nano-cortex produces nano-clay thermoplastic composites, including clay, aluminum layer-
Its individual platelets are silicate measured in the order of 1 micron diameter.
Give them a aspect ratio of about 1000:1. Nano-
Clay grade, South omer I.
It is reported that 24TC allows compounds to produce nylon 6 compounds with a bending modulus of 90%, and HDT is-reactor blends.
New Nano clay series-Olefin dust-
Free pelletized masterbatch for PP, TPO, LL/dlp and EBA.
Product contains 40-
60% of bentonite nano-clay, designed at a typical drop level or 8-
Resistance at 2-12% and flame8% levels.
Nano Materials Company
Production and sales of Nano
Inorganic and Organic powders (
Nano-phase, nano-Crystal, sub-micron, ultra-fine, nano-particles, nanotubes, quantum dots, and nano-objects).
NANOVA llcsupply supplies talc and calcium carbonate nano-powders for plastic and nano-composites.
Nano talc and nano ocalc fillers can be used for olefin, ABS, acetate, PVC, TPEs and heat-solid polyester SMC.
These nanometers
It is said that larger particles, compared to conventional fillers, are able to produce compounds with higher strength and stiffness and better heat and creep resistance under lower loads.
These products are also considered to be better core and polymerization additives than traditional additives.
In the longest dimension, the average particle size of the Nano talc is 100 nm.
The average size of the NanoCalc is monthly. Unlike nano-
Clay used in plastic nano-composites, nano-talc does not need to be peeled off.
It is said that the load as low as 5% is valid.
NYCOCompany produces untreated and surfaces of different grades
A naturally occurring white non-metallic mineral with a needle-like structure.
Product cost-
Effective, functional filler and reinforcement materials for improving mechanical and physical properties in hot-solid, thermoplastic and elastic applications.
New generation boutique-diameter, high-
Aspect ratio grades show excellent balance in bending, impact, and melt flow in case of reduced raw material/unit cost.
Certified by ISO 9001/14001. OMYA INC. Dry-and wet-
Grind calcium carbonate. Wet-
Fine and ultra-fine grade ground omyb B with or without surface treatment is a highpurity, high-
Brightness grade for rigid and flexible PVC siding, piping, profiles, calender and wire/cable compounds, olefin film and injection molding. Dry-
Ground sticky worms with an average diameter of 5 to 20 microns.
It is used to enhance PVC, rubber, epoxy, PUR and polyester. OPTIMER, INC.
Micropoppers is month-
6 Micron hollow polymer micro sphere, when heated to 265-, its volume in the resin matrix expands to l0 times300 F.
It can be made from a variety of resins, including plexiglass, PVDC, or SAN.
The density of unexpanded is just over 1. 0 g/cc.
Depending on the wall thickness and the coating used, the expansion density can be from 0. 02-0. 03 g/cc to 0. 15-0. 22 g/cc.
The product has been used in PS and PVDC.
It can also be provided in an expanded form under the name Polymicroshells.
This pouring filler can be sprayed and pumped at high shear and pressure. PACER CORP.
Marble and Quartz mineral fillers for plastic and paint applications.
Plastic colors and composite concentrates contain different levels of clay and talc for plastics, olefin and most other thermoplastic plastics.
Polar Minerals Corporation
Advanced products of high purity and low grade
Iron, high, high
White sulfur dioxide for high purity calcium carbonate, golden cloud stone micas and grinding
Density compound
The auto market is a focus.
Strict SPC/SQC procedures ensure consistency. POLYONE CORP.
Color and additive masterbatches special additives are concentrated in the form of solids or liquids, with or without pigments, and can contain fillers and other additives.
Porter Industries Limited
Solid and hollow glass spheres improve processing and flow, reduce costs, and produce molded parts with stable dimensions.
The maximum bonding with the resin was obtained and the performance was improved by coupling agent.
Balls help to disperse and reduce the orientation of fibers in glass
Fill compound. Silver-
Coated sphere for electrical and EMI
Shielding Applications. PQ CORP. Q-
Cel hollow balls are mainly low-
Density filler/booster for hot solid resin.
Can be used in polyurethane, plastic, polyester casting, spraying
Up, SMC, BMC and composite foam.
Advantages include reduced part cost and/or weight, improved structure and performance.
Application including simulation
Wooden Furniture accessories, ship structure, synthetic marble, body, bowling
Ball core, SMC and FRP panels and other composites.
Glass and Ceramic microbeads can be provided in a certain particle size and density range. Also surface-
Hollow ceramic sphere modified using patented surface-
Modify the technology.
There are three levels of 57-to 100-
The average particle size of Micron and 0.
Proportion. XOL-
200 foam and 100-
Average micron size and 0.
Liquid resin uses 24 density.
Major chemicals, including iron oxide and magnesium carbonate.
Manufacturer and value of advanced materials-
Added custom processors for metals, alloys, minerals, composites, nano-materials, aluminum particle fillers and enhancements
Performance application.
The product can be made almost 100% pure products, and the size can reach 10 Egyptian (nominal).
And chemical surfaces.
Modified fillers, platelets, fibers, needles, balls (
, Conductive additives, oxides, boron compounds, carbide and nitrogen oxides. J.
RETTENMAIER usamfacturer, a manufacturer of natural fibers, has introduced a new technology based on new wood fibers and compounds for injection molding and extrusion.
The product allows the processor to manufacture thermoplastic-
Fill the base profiles of up to 90% wood fibers.
Rio Tinto mining company offers professional and commodity talc products for PP, polymer, mPP, HCPP, HDPE, nylon, selected hot solid materials and recycled polymers including plastic wood
The product range includes Cimpact ultra-fine talcs, Jetfil macro Crystal talcs, Vertal coarse macro Crystal talcs and Mistron microcrystal talcs.
Surface Modification grades are also provided.
RMC Industrial Co. , Ltd.
Sodium hydroxide filler is reported to improve smoke suppression in PVC, EVA and PE. Magnum-White and MGH-
93 is ground to an average particle size of 2, 10 and 30 microns. Magnum-
White contains at least 35% sodium hydroxide and MGH-
93 minimum 85% (average 93%).
It is reported that the demand for antimony oxide has been reduced or eliminated. H. M. ROYAL INC.
Mineral fillers include products less than 0.
1% free crystalline silica, surface-
Treated calcium carbonate with a particle size of as small as 0.
The 04 Micron average presents unique thickening and strengthening opportunities.
The combination of hydrophilic gas phase method silicone and standard water phase method silicone is formulated. Flame-
Flame retardant packaging includes sodium hydroxide, antimony oxide, hydrated alumina and a variety of pre-
Compound mixture of plastic. Calcium-
The Carbonate coated plastic ball can be formulated to withstand temperatures of up to 350 F and has a lightweight potential.
In order to facilitate dispersion, but also to have a high enhancement capacity, Fangfang fiber is now available in an open form. SAINT-
The goban advanced ceramic structural ceramics group supplies bn powder, which provides thermal conductivity and lubrication properties for plastics.
Shamo Packing Co. , Ltd. , INC. Carb-O-Fil is a low-
Cost, black inert carbon filler ground made of anthracite with a specific gravity of 1. 47.
Easy to disperse for PS, phenol, polyurethane coating and polyester. SHELLPRO INC. Walnut-
Low shell powder-
Density filler for phenol and cast polyester.
Standard Grade (WF-
5. reduce 200 items; and WF-
7. reduce 325 items)
Light color, free-
Flow, non-toxic, low Resin Demand, easy to disperse.
Sherwood diversity
Three-water alumina, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydrogen and talc filler.
Services include custom mixing, custom coating filled with hard grease, and matching particles-size ranges. SILBRICO CORP. Sil-Cell low-
The density, hollow inert filler replaces six times its weight in the resin and can be used to replace up to 40% of the resin in the compound.
The average particle size of this foam mineral filler is 45-
75 micron, usually used for epoxy resin, polyester culture marble, glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub/shower, decorative board, joint compound and furniture components.
Can be pumped and sprayed in a liquid resin system.
Viscosity can be controlled by various surface treatments.
Explain the industrial company.
PMF fiber filler/booster can generally improve performance and/or reduce costs (
Compared to grinding glass)
Nylon 66, PP, phenol, and pet.
It can be used more than short asbestos fibers without causing excessive viscosity and can be added with other dry ingredients.
The PMF fiber consists of short fibers for filling at the inner angle of the molded
Hole area and molding
Usually the pin area of the fiberpoor.
The change in fiber length allows it to flow with the resin and reduces the flow
Line isolation.
Southern Clay Products Co. , Ltd.
Hydrophilic and organic flow additives for a wide range of industrial applications, including paints, paints, oils, plastics, inks, adhesives, caulkers and sealant, as well as individuals-and household-care products.
Bentonite minerals are used as building materials for the manufacture of water and solvents
Based on the additive.
The product is a good impact modifier, hot
Distortion modifier, mineral functional filler, contact agent and thickening agent.
Also supply Nano
Clay suitable for the manufacture of nano-composite compounds.
Professional Mineral CorporationSUB.
Mineral Technology Co. , Ltd.
Mineral filling products include ABT antiblock talcs for polymer films, which provide a balance in blocking efficiency, optical properties and ease of handling.
Multi-block and micro-block talcs minimize the absorption of expensive formula additives.
Chemical surface-
Improved reinforcement talcs with enhanced shock/stiffness balance, excellent length
Heat stable, uniform color and color. Super-Pflex and Ultra-
Precipitated calcium carbonate (both with 0.
Average particle size 7 microns)
Widely used in hard PVC applications. Super-
While maintaining the critical performance of PVC siding and profiles, Pflex provides higher loading levels and reduced recipe costs. Ultra-
Pflex enhances the impact strength and surface appearance of extrusion and molded parts.
ViCron grinding calcium carbonate products and coatings Hi-
Pflex, PFinyl, and SuperFil feature controlled particle size, high brightness, low resin requirements and ease of handling.
Applications in flexible PVC compounds, specialty olefin and calender vinyls.
Spectrum industry
Department of Special ChemicalsLow-cost, medium-to-large particle-size surface-
Modified silicon improves stain resistance, wear resistance and weather resistance. F-200 (70-75 mesh), and F-400 (42-45 mesh)
Silicon allows a very high load without serious loss of physical or chemical properties. F-
The series silicone filler is compatible with FRP backup layers, gel coatings, epoxy flooring, and other hot and thermoplastic materials.
F-epoxy and polyester400 and F-
200 replacement of resin up to 75% can replace glass beads and spheres. F-1200 and F-1500 are high-Surface purity-
Modified grinding silicon with multi-functional surface properties.
Provide strong, dense and chemical
Resistant to composite materials.
Compatible with many polymers such as polyester, PE and PP.
Provide consistent batch Whiteto-
Uniform batch color.
3 m Performance Materials Division
Provides hollow microscopic glass balls with an average particle size of less than 70 microns.
Control the density, intensity, accumulation fraction, particle size and percentage of floats.
Scotchlite glass bubbles are reported to allow the synthesis of compounds or composites at optimal cost, weight, texture, shrinkage and polishing time.
Enhanced potential includes wearand corrosion-
Resistance, gloss control, hardness, low viscosity and reduction of VOCs for industrial coatings.
Applications include automatic
Car body putty, automotive plastic, polyurethane foam, polyester SMC, BMC, spray-
Get up, lay your hands on-up.
Zeosphere thickwalled, high-compressive-
The strength, very fine particle size ceramic Micron balls are used as SMC, BMC, RIM, RTM, compression molding, injection molding, extrusion molding, and filling/casting.
A wide range of particle sizes, including grades that are fine enough, can be used as a blocking agent for the film.
The product helps with high filling volume, increased flow rate, increased surface finish and hardness, and reduced shrinkage and warping. Also offers Z-
Light Ball, low balldensity (0. 6-0. 7 g/cc)
Hollow ceramic balls of medium strength (3000-
Compression strength of 4000 psi)
Reduce the density and improve the performance of cultured marble, SMC and BMC.
Used for composite foam, marine building materials, engineering and aerospace composites, as well as lightweight molded parts. Color Company TEKNORDIV.
Teknor apex co.
Mineral filler concentrate can be used for a variety of thermoplastic resin carriers and various filler loads.
Custom filled concentrate added and processed-
Assistance package provided. TRANSMET CORP. High-
Bulk density aluminum filler for increasing thermal conductivity in cast epoxy resin tool. UNIFRAX CORP. FIBERS DIV.
Alumina fiber-
Silicon fiber reinforced filler with low thermal expansion, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and moisture resistance.
Various length, diameter, surface area and chemical properties modified by surface treatment.
Huimin special Minerals Co. , Ltd.
It offers silica, charades, and stone. Whole-
The polyester and epoxy system provides particles and ground silica. High-
For the thermoplastic plastic that is important in color, the quality Xiashi syenite is very good.
Xiashi is also used in PVC and polyester gel coatings to maintain the clarity of the color, as well as BMC for stain-resistant patio furniture or microwave cookers.
It is also a mature anti-block of PE, where clarity is important. U. S. GYPSUM CO.
Water-free calcium carbonate of two sizes: Snow filler (8-micron average)and CA-5 (2-micron average).
Snow filler is mainly used for PVC resin, plastic and BMC.
It is especially useful when it requires acid resistance, high load and white. CA-
5 is successful in thermal solid polyester for electrical applications.
Both of these fillers can be used to extend rigid and flexible thermoplastic materials, as well as reinforced and unreinforced thermoplastic materials.
They are soft (2. 5 to 3. 0 Mohs scale)
, This leads to a reduction in equipment benefits, the color is very white (
Average 98 on Beckman scale). CAS-20-
Waterless calcium salt is a very white filler subdivided into particles with an average particle size of 4 microns and a top particle size of 20 microns.
Manufactured by controlled roasting, fine grinding and high air separation
Pure gypsum rock.
The roasting process greatly reduces its moisture affinity.
It is recommended for hot plastic, hot plastic and plastic film.
Approved for food
Packaging application, because of its high purity, food-Acid resistance.
Suitable for plastics that require high fill load and balance physical properties.
Due to its high brightness, titanium dioxide can be partially replaced. U. S. SILICA CO. Min-U-
Sil particulate silica of top size from 5 microns to 40 microns; Sil-Co-
Sil grinding silica gel of 40 to 125 Micron top size;
And snow Tex to calmine. Min-U-Sil and Sil-Co-
Sil contains at least 99. 5% pure Si[O. sub. 2]
Used for products that require strict control of physical and chemical properties.
Durability and chemical inertia are suitable for epoxy and unsaturated polyester. Snow-
Tex, senior Ti [O. sub. 2]
The extender of the PVC system has a high coverage capability, provides ideal flow performance and reduces the number of expensive pigments required. R. T. VANDERBILT CO. , INC.
The average granularity of Nytal talcs for 5 grades is 2. 3 to 38 microns. Wollastonite (calcium meta-silicate)
Used in polyester, nylon and other resins.
Level provided: * Vansil W-10 (
2% reserved at 200 mesh)* Vansil W-20 (
2% reserved at 325 mesh)* Vansil W-30 (0.
06% reserved at 325 mesh)* Vansil W-40 (0.
3% reserved at 325 mesh)* Vansil W-50 (0.
1% reserved at 200 mesh)* Vansil WG (
20% reserved at 200 mesh)* Vansil HR-325 (0.
5% reserved at 325 mesh)* Vansil HR-1500 (2.
5% reserved at 200 mesh).
Clay products of different particle sizes include Dixie Clay (0. 2-micron average)
And McKenna Clay (2-micron). Also Canadian-
Plate-like talc for polypropylene was mined.
Penn plastic, Washington, INC.
Filler concentrate for polypropylene and polyethylene.
World Minerals CorporationCELITE CORP.
Silica Earth (diatomite)
Used as a blocking agent in low density polyethylene, llannan and high density polyethylene films.
The usage level can be from 0. 1% to 1%.
Calculated by weight, the ingredients can be made well at a level of 50%.
The Super floss Grade provides good optical performance at an economical cost.
ZEMEX Industrial Minerals Co. , Ltd.
Mineral fillers and fillers include gold-Mica, plate-Stone, spar, and calcium carbonate.
The motherboard has excellent bending strength, high elastic modulus and good heat-resistant deformation properties.
Wet and dry ground grade offers a full range of products to enhance PP, PE, ABS and other resins. Surface-
The level after processing is high-
Temperature application.
Platy talcs are made of pure iron and low iron with a grade of high brightness, high purity and medium particle size less than 1 to 13 microns.
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