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film substrates: an overview of new and recently introduced film products for the label and narrow web converting market.

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FLEXcon, Spencer City, New Jersey, USA has launched its new DPM wire drawing series, a series of pressure-sensitive polyester films that provide a brushed metal look for nameplate/brand identification and warning/teaching labels.
The dpmbrusshed product is the latest comprehensiveDPM to join FLEXcon (
Durable product mark)
Production line for applications such as product certification and safety/hazard/teaching labels.
DPM Brushed offers OEMs a look that can differentiate products from competitors.
DPM wire drawing is widely used in the fields of automobiles, electrical appliances, outdoor power supply, electric tools and heavy equipment.
DPM\'s wire drawing range includes value, better and highest (VBS)
Products based on a range of application requirements for performance, price and delivery.
Value product is a printing
2 mil bright color brushed silver polyester coated with L-
224 universal permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.
The better product is to coat the silver polyester with a L-coated top with a 2-inch bright color brush
344 High Performance permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.
The highest product is 2 mil ofL coated with 2 mil bright color brush silver polyester-
606 high performance permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive for rough textured surfaces.
50 pound backup for all products.
Leather Roll liner or 90 lbs.
Flat pad. [
Slightly] Illustrations
The DPM brushed products meet a wide range of application surfaces, including metal, paint, powder coated paint, and LSE plastic.
They are usually printable (
Solvent and UV Flexo, solvent and UV screen, UV letterpress, UV offset and water flexo).
Better DPM and the highest product is UL-
Accepted and deadaccepted.
Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America, Painesville, OH, USA Fasson 3 Mil MDO (machine-
Designed for the prime label market, it can be used to increase attraction.
Like Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North American searlier industry standards, Fasson FasClear and PRIMAX, Fasson 3 Mil mdo contains polymer blends
Extrusion, MDO and crossover
Provide semi-consistency in its design
From rigidity to full extrusion performance. [
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UPM Raflatac, Fletcher, NC, usa upm Raflatac offers Raflex Plus, a transparent film that can be integrated, provide high quality applications on printing machines and laboratory applications/distribution systems that require the most demanding registration tolerances.
A kind called Raflex Plus.
Based on facial materials, provides the essential stiffness properties in applications that require strict printingto-print, print-to-
Registration tolerance for Diecut and label application/assignment.
The Raflex Plus matches the best stiffness with demanding consistency requirements, eliminating the tendency to fold when used on extruded products.
Arjobex America, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, Polyart synthetic paper manufactured by Arjobex America, combined with high density polyethylene (HDPE) expanded by its owner
High density polyethylene)
Film and multi-layer structure. Polyart TE (Tamper Evident)
Provides a new tamper-proof strategy that is especially suitable for security labeling.
Once applied to the package, the new Polyart TElabel is layered in the event of an attempt to remove it, thus proving to the consumer that the product has been tampered.
Polyart TE has the properties of other Polyart synthetic paper: durable;
Waterproof, oil-resistant, chemical-resistant;
Temperature resistance-76[degrees]F to 140[degrees]F;
Meets FDA requirements.
The company says this synthetic paper is very easy to print and convert.
Sunbelt sales and marketing assistant, a division of Atlanta, GA, FilmLOC, USA, Sunbelt sales and marketing assistant, providing a variety of pressure-sensitive synthetic variable data and digital printing substrates, including its JetLOC and LaserLOC product lines.
Inkjet imagers can implement high definition graphics or text elements JetLOC, a matte white waterproof inkjet accept coated labelfilm structure.
JetLOC is a durable BOPP label stock with dimensional stability and the ability to resist creases, staining and wear.
JetLOC also demonstrates the cutting and matrix stripping properties.
Permanent acrylic adhesive provides cold-resistant flow performance for dry film edges.
The proprietary inkjet acceptance coating is designed for label converters with most industrial inkjet images and is widely used in VIP color VP2020 and Primera printers for major label applications.
JetLOC is available in 2 minutes.
0 mil label inventory and 6. 0 mil label inventory.
LaserLOC is a durable PET label stock available in white and clear gloss, satin or matte finishes.
LaserLOC provides acceptance of continuous digital printing and meets the needs as a base plate for primary digital color printing.
Highly accepted laser top coating via mosthigh-
Fast hot laser and cold/flash fusion printer.
The LaserLOCproduct line provides high performance substrates for VIP color VP 8020, Degrava and most other production laser cameras. acpo ltd.
Oh, the 691 v uv shield laminated film was launched at Oak Harbor acpo, USA.
The 691 V is intended for label manufacturers to use expensive UVinks during label printing.
691 V is a transparent, durable polyester PSA
A laminate containing film additives in the formula.
This makes excessive
Laminated materials that prevent harmful UV rays and protect label inks and substrates from deterioration.
Label manufacturers can use the 691 V with their standard water
Ink for the best quality, appearance and durability of printed labels. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Because 691 V can withstand harsh UV rays, this is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where UV rays are present.
The 691 Vpolyester laminate is provided in a width of 14 \"and 60\" and is cut according to customer specifications.
The standard roller length of 5,000 \"can accept orders for longer roller length.
This laminated product is already running and ready to be shipped on the same day or the next day.
Kanzaki professional papers, Ware, MA, USA Kanzaki professional papers have developed a range of products covering both film and thick film inventory for pressure sensitive and tagingapplication.
The Kanzaki Polycash product line is suitable for the stock of direct hot plastic cards for fanfold and single cut.
The new tear-resistant direct thermal film series of 4 mil, 6 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil provides narrow mesh flexo converters with product solutions covering any durable label application no matter what are the cost or performance requirements.
Kanzaki uses several different unique high tear strength films to apply the coating directly to the target film, so it is necessary to make noaminate between the films to make the calipers.
This manufacturing method avoids many problems of composite film products, while improving the benefits of competitive costs, reducing pressure and adhesion of tools, significant leveling performance and debris discharge.
The new tear-resistant direct thermal film inventory of Arecalled Polycash XTR products also has enhanced environmental stability.
The user can punch, bind, make a key hole on it, apply the adhesive, or hang it on the cable tie.
Kanzaki also offers some of the new advanced lightweight film label inventory with extremely high direct thermal dynamic response curves.
The company is looking for partners who need 12 \"per second or higher print speed app immediately.
With the listing of white polyester, two new polypropylene label panels are coming soon.
These films can be used alternately in bothIndigo and color laser printers.
For each type of digital printing process, two different items are no longer required, as a single film can cover printing methods, electronic ink, or colored toner.
The light white PP film will be available through the roll stock machine, and the white PET film will be sold directly to those who compete in a single paper application through a layer Press. Rayven Inc. , St.
Paul, MN, Raven, United States of America
Launched \"any-
\"Release the liner.
It was created with the packaging industry in mind and the products include plastic bags, mail envelopes, mail bags and safety bags.
The release is constructed using 2 mil polypropylene as the base, and the release coating works well with Hot Melt Adhesive and PSA adhesive.
The Theliner also includes the printed message \"remove to exposeadhesive\" on one side \".
Rayven thinks \"any-
Pak \"releaseliner is the product that will be packed and ready to ship within 24 hours of purchase.
Currently, there are four widths for the release liner: 1. 0\", 1. 25\", 1. 5\", and 1.
The length is \"all 12,000 \".
Other sizes will be available on a custom order basis.
Intercoat, Kaltenkirchen, Germany Intercoat, in the elf-
Adhesive film market, manufactured mainly for materials in cosmetics, food and beverage, industry and other fields, for a variety of different applications.
A new feature is the adhesive with a high shear structure for 6 h, which helps reduce adhesive bleeding.
The adhesive was originally used for all clear-on-clear(no label look)labels.
Intercoat also provides 60 【micro]
The company will launch a 75 micron transparent film label that can be printed, diecut and distributed with the same quality as all other coating label stocks.
Bottle washing label 6952 C30 P6 H comes with a 30 micron PET lining and a very transparent adhesive P6 H with high shear strength to reduce adhesive bleeding for label-free appearance applications.
The label also has 6952 K6d P6 for 62g /[m. sub. 2]
Glass lining K6d.
Contraction labelfilms of Klockner Pentaplast Group Gordon sville, VA, Klockner Pentaplast Pentaprint\'s product line has been expanded to include Pentaprint E746/92 AS7, highclarity polyester film full
Body Shrink Sleeve Label and more
Packaging applications.
The film aims to provide better crystal clarity, allowing customers to gain more visual appeal than other shrink-label films on the market today.
The new Pentaprint E746/92 AS7 film is the ideal choice for printing 360 [degrees]
Where the graphics and 60% shrink.
When applied to a transparent PET Container, these films provide additional visual clarity for customers.
In addition, the film also has a lower shrinkage force advantage, which can achieve more uniform application in profile container configuration.
With low coefficient-of-
The friction performance of the film is easy to process and has dust resistance.
It provides thickness control, layout
Leveling, ink adhesion and stitching.
Pentaprint film is suitable for flexo and concave printing processes.
Klockner Pentaplast has also been improved, Pentaprint L282/41 vinylroll-on shrink-on (ROSO)
Label film for packaging label application.
The new film has a shrinkage performance of 53%, compared to the film launched in the fall of 2004 with a shrinkage performance of 45 percent.
Pentaprint L282/41 ROSO film allows customers to easily modify existing packaging label machinery by leveraging the high visibility and superior graphics of shrink label film. Available in50-
Pentaprint L282/41 film is micron grade transparent or white film, suitable for fast curing solvent adhesive and concave or flexo printing process.
In addition, the clear Pentaprint L282/41 film allows graphic reverse printing that provides ink protection.
Polinas plastics company in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA has launched a new coating film for digital printing.
The Polinas digital printing film, named after the POLIKAP brand of the coated film, provides excellent performance with the HP Indigo machine.
The new product line includes DGP Pearl film, DGT transparent film and DGM metal film.
Polinas not only produces new series of digital printed films for the label market, but also produces new series of digital printed films for general flexible packaging applications, including holographic OPP films that can be processed in HP Indigo printers
In addition to new products, Polinas also produces transparent, metallized, Pearl film for roll-type bottle labels
Mold label, pre-
Application of cutting label and pressure sensitive label.
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