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Finally there’s an easy way to recycle your pet’s food pouches

by:Top-In     2020-07-20
Yes, you can buy a large bag of dry food for your beloved kitten and finish it.
But they are completely destroyed, instead, you buy them different multi-pack meat and fish wet food, each part is packed in its own small bag separately.
Only one question (
In addition to the cost and the knowledge that your cat is better than what you eat)
: Once you have squeezed out those pieces of gravy coated, you don\'t know how to handle the bag.
When we throw out three bags a day, we do worry about our environmental impact.
Thankfully, someone finally came up with a solution.
Mars Petcare, in partnership with TerraCycle, launched a free national recycling program dedicated to pet food packaging.
With the new plan, pet owners can put down their used pet food packaging in many places
Anywhere in the country, or they can be free-
Then go directly to TerraCycle.
Once the package is collected, it will be sorted, cleaned, chopped and turned into small plastic particles that can be converted into useful plastic items such as park benches, building items, and fences.
Better than landfill, packaging that meets the recycling plan includes wet pet food bags, flexible plastic handling bags, and flexible plastic bags for dry pet food.
Don\'t be afraid to clean the bag until you drop it, as any food residue will rot. Sweet.
Of course, this is not a perfect solution-ideally, all the packaging we use should be easy to recycle and make sustainably.
But when we wait for the company to solve the problem, this is a convenient way to deal with the pet food packaging problem.
Mars Inc. is committed to making 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025, so we may have to wait a while.
Recycle your pet food packaging or send them the used packaging directly.
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