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Flexible pet food packaging.

by:Top-In     2020-07-19
Mondi consumer goods packaging, in partnership with North American MondiIndustrial bags, offers a single-source solution for almost any flexible pet food packaging or woven poly-clip bottom bag application.
Mark wushpol, president of Mondi industrial bags North America, and rose Bushnell, president of consumer goods packaging, jointly announced the news.
\"Pet food producers looking for any type of paper, woven poly-clip bottom or flexible plastic packaging solution are likely to find the answer to Mondi,\" said Ushpol . \".
\"The woven polyp bottom bag improves the productivity and sealing quality of the packaging workers and is highly adapted to the different packaging line machines and configurations.
In addition, they can use high-print offset
Quality graphics that attract the attention of shoppers on retail shelves.
\"The innovative product range of consumer goods packaging, combined with a wide range of woven poly-clip bottom bags for industrial bags, is easier to handle and contributes to brand appeal, bushnell added: \"This is one of the most comprehensive pet food packaging products in the industry. \".
Mondi has a range of pet food packaging solutions.
In addition to offering a wide range of woven poly-clip bottom bags, Mondi offers FlexZiBoxSide Pour and flat, square and small and large bags.
Mondi encourages customers to submit their most challenging applications to them for review by their packaging experts.
Woven poly clip bottom bags for increased packaging productivity and improved sealing quality also have a variety of sizes for a typical product weight of 10 lbs. to 50+ lbs.
There is hot seal at each end of the bag.
When the end is folded or squeezed during the closure process, the packager only needs a hot air seal to form a tight seal to maintain the freshness of the product and prevent the bag from breaking.
The Woven poly clip-in bag eliminates the need for sewing or Hot Melt Adhesive equipment as there is concern that the glue will be piled up with needle eyes, broken needles and mechanical downtime.
The bag is 15% faster than the seam bag. [
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In addition to the enhanced material strength, Mondi\'s woven polypropylene bag provides a range of printing possibilities for the packager, including eight
Color reverse or surface printing viahleigh-
Define flexo printing, recessed printing and offset printing.
You can choose the gloss, matte and poor gloss printing.
Mondi\'s FlexZiBox side inverted bag has a complete handle on the side buckle plate of the bag, making the bag comfortable to carry, and giving the user greater control and accuracy when pouring the bag.
There is a perforated area on the top for easy opening. Its side-
Gussetclosure allows the bag to be refolded after use to protect the item.
Mondi\'s FlexZibox flat bag provides simple-
Supplement the advantages for the packaging of pet food.
The bag is easy to open, allowing quick and efficient filling and is compatible with all traditional filling machines.
The FlexZibox flat bag features a specially designed flat base with rounded edges to enhance stability, maintain its shape during transportation and storage, and present a charming look on store shelves.
In addition, the bag can be fitted with a variety of different closures to suit the application, including a top zipper, a top slider, or a hookand-loop closure.
After use, the consumer can seal the bag, protect the contents and keep it fresh.
Mondi\'s patented flexible square bag features an advanced packaging film with a wide range of mouths, closures and handles.
They are built with advanced multi-layer barrier film, so the square bag provides excellent product protection.
It can safely pack food weighing up to 10 lbs.
The square bag is lighter and smaller than traditional packaging materials, providing a key sustainability advantage for brand containers.
It takes up less space on pallets and trucks, which can reduce transportation and storage costs.
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