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flooring : mix wood, concrete with right methods

by:Top-In     2020-08-01
Doomsday theorists will tell you that you can\'t install wood floors on a concrete floor or on a basement floor.
Although it is generally believed that wood and concrete are not mixed, any kind of wood floor-
Patchwork, laminated, or even a solid band or board--
By following the right technology, it can be successfully installed on concrete.
The drying of concrete is the key.
Before ordering the wood floor, test the moisture by attaching several polyethylene films (
Available from construction suppliers)
, Each of which is about 18 inch square meters, concrete floors in different positions.
Seal the edges of each piece with tape.
Check after 48 hours.
If there is no moisture under the floor, the floor is dry enough.
Laminate floor--
The thin layers of wood are bonded together to form the tongueand-groove panels--
Can be bonded with latex (
Floors and hardware stores)
Directly to the dry concrete floor above the ground.
First clean the slate and cover uneven areas with cementbase self-
Leveling compound, a liquid used to fill a slight depression and depression.
After pouring the compound, smooth it with a long straight board.
When the composite is hardened, apply the latex with a notch spatula and embed the floor according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.
If the concrete slab is below the ground, after cleaning and leveling the floor, install a plastic film as a steam moderator.
Its purpose is to reduce any moisture reaching the floor.
Apply a waterproof latex adhesive using a notch spatula.
Starting from a distant corner, I walked towards the door.
When the frankincense dries, start at the door and expand the polyethylene film towards the corner of the covered area.
Seal the seam at least 4 inch with contractor\'s sheath tape.
Press firmly to embed the film;
Pierce any bubbles with a pin to release the trapped air.
Then, as mentioned above, laminate flooring can be installed with a latex adhesive.
Solid wood flooring solid wood flooring--
Flowers, strips or boards-
In order to provide a flat and smooth base on the damaged floor, the installation of a wide range of 2-by-
The 4S as the support beam is called the pillow Wood, followed by the plywood bottom panel as the new bottom layer.
From flat straight 2-cut sleepers 18 to 48 inch longby-
4S and place them on the wide side at 12
The interval of inches, perpendicular to the direction you plan to use for the finished floor.
Overlap the ends of the sleepers at least 4 inch.
Above the ground, the sleepers are fixed on the floor with masonry nails.
Below the ground, apply a polyethylene steam softener with a latex adhesive and embed the pillow wood in it with the same adhesive.
Area with high humidity, covered below-
Ground sleepers with extra polyethylene layers.
The hard foam plate can be placed between the sleepers to provide insulation.
For the underlying layer, use a single layer of three layersfourths-inch-
Thick plywood or two-half-inch layers.
Fix the material on the pillow with a ring
Handle nails from 6 to 10 inch;
Leave a gap of about 1-
The eighth inch between the sheets-one-
Half inch near the wall-
Stagger the arrangement to minimize long seams.
Strip and board floors up to 4 inch wide can be nailed directly to the sleepers without the need for a cushion.
Attach the parquet floor to the ground floor with a latex adhesive.
Fix a wooden strip or board with a nail.
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