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food packaging: have your cake and eat the wrapper, too

by:Top-In     2020-08-03
Food packaging is something that you don\'t want to think about but may disrupt your day, such as a cheap zip or a demagnetic credit card.
Do you wear a white shirt when you open a can of tomato soup?
Or leave it frozen.
The yogurt shop was messed up by a huge trash can filled with landfill
Plastic spoon and Cup?
On the other hand, food companies spend a lot of time thinking about packaging in order to convey the company\'s brand and make consumers like their products.
Food containers are more important than cosmetic details such as labels or logos, which can suggest whimsy, environmental awareness, or high technology.
Packaging provides the consumer\'s first and final impression of the product.
It can enhance or destroy the customer\'s experience.
Now, the progress of food packaging technology will make the storage and preparation of food easier.
As consumers become increasingly obsessed with fashion Technologies, control food waste, and minimize health risks to themselves and the environment, food packaging is undergoing a research renaissance.
Here are the most interesting developments. 1.
Since Willie Wonka took a bite in a teacup in all the edible rooms, the edible packaging has been in the designer\'s mind.
2015 â x80 x99 s version is from KFC (yes, the fried-chicken chain).
The company is trying an edible coffee.
Cup experiment in AmericaK.
Made of hard biscuits lined with heat
Anti-white chocolate, Cup is the answer for kfc to reduce landfill waste.
This is also a response to customers who are concerned about the environmental sustainability of the enterprise, which is usually the industry-
Speak for millennials who are loyal to products that support food
Sustainability and Innovation of the system.
But not just millennials.
Summary of packaging reports that at least 87 of all consumers in developed countries have some serious concerns about global climate change (
Did you receive the Earth to the other 13%? ).
Therefore, edible packaging has a market for people of all ages.
It will not leave any waste.
Last year, Stonyfield Organic launched frozen yogurt using WikiCells edible food wrapping paper developed by Harvard University scientist David Edwards at four Whole Foods locations.
The skin has no taste. you can eat it with yogurt (
Very much like grapes)
Or, if stripped and thrown away, it breaks down quickly, eliminating the need for a plastic spoon or wrapping paper when going out.
However, one still seems to want a layer of sanitary protection as spherical yogurt is still being sold in containers.
To try Wikipedia without packaging, visit edwards Wikipedia in Boston.
Loliware also sells gelatin.
A two-year drinking cup with flavors such as Madagascar vanilla and sour cherry. (
Summer is the perfect time for cocktails. )
Last year, cupcake wrappers were also introduced, made from potato starch.
Even with these new advances, decades ago
The old edible packaging continues to see the great success of Japan\'s Botan rice sugar, which has an edible clear ricepaper wrapper. 2.
Non-Stick packaging will eliminate 3-
15% of the wasted food left in the bottle, the last traces of ketchup and mayonnaise, no matter how hard you shake or squeeze, will not come out.
Liquiglide, developed in the MIT lab, is a permanently wet and slippery surface that makes it easy for a viscous liquid to slide.
Liquiliqueistimates estimates that if its coating is used in the sauce market, the planet will save 1 million tons of food waste per year.
Coating is by FDA-
According to the company, the approved ingredients do not affect the taste or smell of the food.
The added benefits are: Liquiglide can prevent the level of carbonated drinks. (
Really, there seems to be an extra bite left at the bottom of my beer. )3. Safety-
When the food changes, strengthen the packaging said.
This seems to have been resolved a long time ago with the emergence of \"sale\"
Date stamp.
But after Harvard\'s groundbreaking report on sales randomnessby dates (
Because of the difference in transportation and grocery policy)
Their contribution to American food
Garbage problem, these stamps are not popular in the food industry.
Entering the field of nanotechnology, we are committed to making electronic sensors small and cheap.
According to a book published this year, scientists are studying food packaging, such as plastic packaging, which is active, intelligent and comes with micro-embedded sensors to determine when food will deteriorate.
The next step is to release preservatives using the same package to prevent corruption.
Of course, you can also rely on what has prevented food poisoning in humans for thousands of years.
If it smells bad, throw it away. 4.
The disappearing packaging is an emerging market.
Water manufacturing MonoSol, LLC-
Soluble bag made of food
Pre-grade ingredients
Oatmeal or rice.
The bag dissolves when cooking, leaving only the food ready to eat.
MonoSol, LLC is also marketing this product to a professional kitchen as a pre-
Whoever cooks, measure the ingredients and ensure consistency.
A Swedish design company envisioned three companies disappearing.
Or at least, fast biodegradable)packages.
An oil bottle made of caramel sugar, coated with wax, cracked like an egg;
A smoothie container made of seaweed that will wither at the same rate as its content, and a peel-off package of rice or other dry-goods beeswax. 5. Super-
Compressed packaging serves more and more urban residents who usually have small kitchens with no storage space.
In addition, many people living in the city walk home from the grocery store and they need lighter, smaller packages.
The days of the huge foam plastic bowl with a small amount of dehydrated noodles will soon end.
The same Swedish design company is developing a compact small package that can be extended to a complete
The size of the bowl when hot water is added. Food-
The packaging designer strives to make the groceries Green, dense, smooth and functional.
At the same time, I recommend a grocery store that is not available
Waste, compact, spoiled-
Dazzling variety: production Channel reminder packaging.
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