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force lightning: how to make a shocking cookie jar any sith lord would be proud of

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
Nothing is more annoying than a greedy roommate.
It\'s absolutely irritating to wake up and find that the cookies your mom just made for you are missing.
Your favorite drink is empty and the homemade meals you worked so hard the night before could not be found.
It really annoys me, so I made this shocking cookie jar.
When a cookie thief touches the sides and lid of the jar at the same time, a small electric shock prevents them from entering the orbit.
MaterialsI tried many different containers.
The big one is the best.
Anything with ridges on the sides makes it difficult to keep the aluminum foil flat on the surface of the jar.
Step 1 connect FoilTake a piece of tin sheet and fold it up to double the thickness.
Measure and cut the paper to the height of the jar.
Wrap the foil around the jar comfortably and tie it to the end so it stays in place.
Your jar should look like a cylinder of aluminum foil.
It can help roll the jar up like a burrito.
The tape is well mixed with the foil.
Repeat this step inside the jar-
Includes the bottom.
Step 2 connect wiref your jar has a metal cover that is removed from some of the film inside to reveal the metal surface.
Anything sharp will do.
Be sure to reveal the shiny conductive metal.
Peel off a stranded wire and wear the edges.
Keep the joint-stock meeting to increase the surface area of your electrical contact.
Tie the wire to the shiny area on the inside of the cover.
The wide tape ensures that the contacts remain firm.
Peel the other end of the wire and tape it onto the foil inside the jar.
Please note that the foil covering the bottom of the jar has not been attached in the photo below.
You should have arrived.
Your shocking Leiden jar is now finished.
Screw back the lid and prepare to apply the charge.
My jar tastes good.
Clean you completely.
Step 3 charge the jar, turn on the CRT display or TV and scrape the lid on the screen for a few seconds.
Cathode ray tube (CRTs)
Those bulky pre-
Flat panel display.
They contain an electron gun that is emitted on a chemical reaction screen to produce an image.
Fortunately for us, all these traveling electrons generate some strange static electricity.
The jar obtains the charge from the static electricity on the TV screen.
Looking closely, you can see a single pixel activated by the electron gun. Step 4 Shock!
After the jar is charged, just hold it with the foil outside and touch the metal cover.
You will be shocked!
A bigger jar means a bigger shock.
I made this cookie jar to protect the cookies of my greedy roommate.
Now, I have to develop one for my drinks and meals left to eat.
The body is made of plastic CD spindle.
The open bottom and smooth surface make it perfect for connecting aluminum foil.
The lid is made of coffee can covers, tin foil and adhesive tape.
Just make sure that there is no aluminum foil on the lid in contact with the foil on the actual jar when you put it on it.
Set up your cookie jar in the living room and put your roommate\'s favorite food label on the jar.
If you do this often, you can mentally scare them of your food.
You can even write your name on random objects with a Sharpie that will shock them.
After a few weeks, anything with your name will be avoided like a plague.
Although the static electricity of the crt TV accumulates in the biscuit jar.
Because the plastic container can\'t conduct the current, there is no choice but to charge until your poor, fastto-
The finger connects the circuit between two layers of aluminum.
This project is perfect for learning about electronic products and can be done easily this afternoon!
Friends, family, acquaintances, strangers-
Everyone likes to be shocked.
Build your own cookie jar at home and take photos of your unsuspecting loved ones in the name of crazy science!
Post your video to corkboard and tell about your experience in the forum so we can all learn from each other.
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