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fssai moves to make food packaging safer | india news - times of india

by:Top-In     2020-08-02
New Delhi: loose packaging such as color and black tote bags, disposable containers with aluminum coating and candy boxes have become the main contaminants in packaged food, prompting food regulators to propose new regulations on food packaging.
About 80% of food samples are packed in color tote bags, 59% are packed in black tote bags, 24% are packed in aluminum coated disposable containers, 21% are packed in sweet boxes and are found to be chemically contaminated, national survey of food packaging materials conducted by the Indian Food Safety and Standards Bureau (FSSAI)shows.
To curb this threat, the regulator will inform the new regulations on food packaging, which will prohibit the use of packaging materials made of recycled plastic, including for packaging, storage, carrying or distribution of food.
In addition, considering the carcinogenic effect of ink and dyes, an official said that the new regulations also prohibit the use of newspapers and other materials to package or package food, and include Indian standards for printing ink for food packaging.
The new rules may be notified on Monday, he said.
The survey results show that the packaging materials used by organized departments are largely safe and highlight significant differences in unorganized departments.
More than 13% of sample test standards from unorganized departments are unqualified, showing the migration of chemical and heavy metal contamination in packaging materials.
The new packaging regulations will raise food safety standards in India to a new level.
The implementation of the rule may be a challenge in an unorganized department, so we have given enough preparation time before the regulation comes into effect, chief executive Pawan Agarwal said.
He added that the main purpose of the packaging is to protect the contents of the food from microbial, chemical, physical and atmospheric contamination and to protect the food.
Agarwal said food companies must comply with the new regulations by July 1, 2019.
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