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by:Top-In     2020-07-21
Fujifilm LTO 26200010 tapes, are using ATOMM technology, Fuji Film LTO 1 has been optimized for better reliability, durability, and best presentation through excellent data storage capacity, speed with outstanding long lasting performance in separately and automated storage environments. Fuji LTO 1 Tape, is offering 100GB (native) 200GB (compressed) data storage capacity with excellent protection of stored data and archives. Excellent storage capacity is equally supported by fast and secured data transfer speed with 20MB/Sec (native) and 40MB/Sec (compressed). Superior recording compactness is a key aspect in tape data storage capacity. Fuji film illustrates on its long knowledge in accuracy built-up and has introduced tapes that meet the requirements of the most challenging submissions. Presentation is also calculated at the time keep accessing decisive data. The excellent quality base film uses exceptional coating techniques for Fuji LTO-1, which enable the base film to have 384 data tracks with 609M long base film length with half inch tape. Fuji also included a build in non contact 4KB memory chip LTO-CM, which able to hold very important information about the cartridge, and speed up the process of accessing to required data during intense load and unload operations. Fuji LTO1 tape, depend seriously on timing based, elevated accuracy Servo System attains its significant routine level, Fujifilm LTO Ultrium tape format are prerecorded with a magnetic servo signal. This signal is compulsory in arrange to utilize the cartridge through the Ultrium LTO 1 tape drive. Fuji film is also one of the creators in groundbreaking servo writing system. Fuji LTO1 tapes, to manage the long length of tape there is a propensity of enlarged force on the hub with the possible danger of reason hub buckle. This might direct to surprising bend, such as tape border spoil or other bodily anomaly, in regulate to keep away from such hub bend, Fujifilm has made stronger the hub makeup by be relevant a new intend with new resources. As a consequence Fujifilm has effectively realize equally operation constancy in the LTO Ultrium tape drive and an excellent consistent archival life anticipation. Fuji LTO-1 Ultrium tape, has excellent strength is measured in tape passes, and Fuji LTO1 able to run during an LTO Ultrium drive until more than 1,200,000 times with no exhausting out, the Ultrium 1 Tape drives put down data in a sequence of eight equivalent tracks that run the span of the base tape and also offers reliable compatibility with all branded LTO Ultrium 1 tape drives. All branded LTO 1 Ultrium tape format are available at
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