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Fuwei Films(Holdings)Co. , Ltd.
Our way forward --
Browse statements contained in Table 6
K is affected by the risks, uncertainties and assumptions of the company\'s business and business environment.
These statements reflect the Company\'s current view of future events and do not guarantee future results, operations, activity levels, performance or achievements.
The actual results of company results, operations, activity levels, performance, or achievements may differ significantly from the information contained in the forwarding
Statements made due to risk factors.
Among other things, they include weak economic recovery in major developed countries and the negative impact of Europe\'s worsening debt crisis on companies, competition in the BOPET film industry, in particular, due to the rapid growth of China\'s BOPET industry capabilities, changes in the international market and trade barriers, especially the uncertainty of anti-dumping investigations and the implementation of anti-dumping measures, BOPET film oversupply
Dumping tax on imported BOPET films originating in China (“China”)
Carried out by certain countries;
The fluctuation of the RMB exchange rate, the decrease in the company\'s product demand, or the loss of major customers that may lead to the decrease in sales, has a negative impact on the company\'s financial performance, uncertainty about the future profitability and the company\'s ability to obtain sufficient financing for its planned capital expenditure needs, and the company\'s ability to successfully obtain additional funds to meet the working capital needs of the new BOPET production line is uncertain, the company\'s ability to continuously develop new BOPET film products is uncertain. The third production line will produce thick films and keep up with the changes in BOPET film technology, risks associated with possible defects and errors in the product, including customer complaints and claims, uncertainty about its intellectual property protection and enforcement capabilities, uncertainty about its ability to attract and retain qualified executives and personnel, as well as uncertainty about access to raw materials on time and on acceptable conditions, especially considering fluctuations in the prices of petroleum products in recent years, the instability of power and energy supply, and the uncertainty of the company\'s future operations, the measures taken by the Chinese government to save energy and reduce emissions, changes in China\'s labor law and uncertainty about the significant impact of the transfer of major shareholders on the company and the company\'s business operations, including the Company\'s expectations for the date of this document form 6-
K. The company does not intend to update any forwarding-
See the report after the date this form 6-
Unless required by law, Kis submits documents to confirm that the statements are in line with the actual results.
RMBUS $ rmbassetscur leased assets, current assets, total assets, total liabilities, March 31, 2015, December 31, 2014
One-month period ended March 31, 2015
For the one-month period ended March 31, cash flow from operating activities comes from cash flow from investment activities Supplementary disclosure of cash flow from financing activities
Inventory valuation and cost-
Determine traffic based on the moving Weighted average method.
The group estimates excess and slow-moving inventory based on assumptions of future demand and market conditions.
If the actual market situation is not as good as management expects, additional inventory expenditures-
Downtime may be required.
Ongoing work costs and finished product costs include the distribution portion of direct materials, direct production costs, and production overhead costs based on normal operating capacity. Information Exchange-
Abnormal and abnormal items: January 2015 Financial Accounting Standards Committee (FASB)
Updated accounting standards issued2015-
01 about income statement-
Unusual and unusual items (Subtopic 225-20). ASU 2015-
01 solve the elimination from the United StatesS.
Concept of special projects.
At present, unless the evidence clearly supports the reporting entity to classify it as a special item, the event or transaction is presumed to be the ordinary and usual activity of the reporting entity.
If an event or transaction meets the criteria of a special classification, the entity is required to separate the special item from the results of the ordinary operation and display the item separately in the income statement, deducting taxes, income after continuous operation.
This revised guide will prohibit separate disclosure of extraordinary items in the income statement.
This amendment has been in effect for many years, after December 15, 2015, during these years, that is, the transition period.
Each entity may apply the amendment forward-looking or retroactively to all previous periods listed in the financial statements.
If the guidelines apply from the year of adoption, early adoption is allowed.
As required, the company intends to adopt accounting standards in 2016 without significant impact.
Disclosure of uncertainty in continuous operation: on August 2014, the Financial Accounting Standards Committee (FASB)
Release Accounting Standards Update number2014-
15. uncertainty in the disclosure of the entity\'s continuing operating capacity (ASU 2014-15)
, To provide guidance on the management\'s ability to assess the Company\'s ability to continue as a continuing business and provide the responsibility for the disclosure of relevant footnotes. ASU2014-
15 in the fourth quarter of our fiscal year 2017, we are effective and allow early adoption.
We don\'t believe the impact of our upcoming ASU 2014
15 The financial statements about the company will be materials.
On May 2014, FASB issued the Accounting Standards Update number. 2014-
09. contract income with customers: Topic606 (ASU 2014-09)
Replace almost all existing revenue recognition guidelines of the US government. S. GAAP.
Asus 2014 core principles-
09 is the recognition of income when the promised goods or services are transferred to the customer, and the amount reflects the consideration that these goods or services are expected to receive. ASU 2014-
09 defines a five-step process to implement this core principle. In doing so, the revenue recognition process may require more judgment and estimation than the existing US requirements. S.
GAAP, which includes identifying performance obligations in the contract, estimates the variable consideration amount contained in the transaction price and assigns the transaction price to each individual performance obligation. ASU 2014-
09 in the first quarter of our fiscal year 2018, using either of the two methods worked for US :(i)
Reviewing each previous reporting period, there is an option to select certain utility expediency measures defined in ASU 201409; or (ii)
Review the cumulative effect of applying ASU 2014 initially
09 confirmed on the date of initial application and based on ASU 2014-09.
The adoption of this accounting standard is not expected to have a significant impact on the consolidated financial statements of the company.
Other statements issued by FASB or other authoritative accounting standards group with a future effective date are not applicable or important to the consolidated financial statements of the company.
Bank loan 2015 December 31, 2014, present value of minimum lease payment of RMBUS $ rmbrbrmb 1 year but 2 years------
3033063 after 2 years, but within 3 years---------After 3 years--------
6,3971, 03 26,5571, 05816608, 5628, 861299 less: the one-year due balance classified as current liabilities (6,397)(1,032)(8,259)--
RMB 30Description4.
1 Capital supplement agreement with a use amount of 000,000 yuan between Fuwei Films (Shandong)Co. Ltd.
Shandong SNTON Optical Materials Technology Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Date: March 9, 2015. 4.
2 capital supplement agreement between fuwei Films with a use amount of 000,000 yuan (Shandong)Co. Ltd.
Shandong SNTON Group Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Date: March 9, 2015. 99.
Press Release of May 21, 2015. Fuwei Films (Holdings)Co. , Ltd.
Author: Zeng Yongwang\'s name: Zeng Yongwang\'s Position: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Fuwei films announces its unaudited financial performance for 2015
The conference call will be held on Friday, May 22, 2015 at 9: 00 a. m. with net sales of 2015 yuan in the first quarter.
$8 million or $8.
5 million yuan, by comparison
The same period in 2014 was 7 million yuan, a decrease of 17 yuan. 9 million or 25. 3%.
The company\'s net loss for the first quarter ended March 31, 2015 was RMB 15.
$0 million or $2.
4 million compared to net losses attributable to ofrmb13.
The same period in 2014 was 3 million yuan, an increase of 1 yuan. 7 million.
The basic and diluted net loss per share is 1 yuan. 15 or US$0. 19 and RMB1. Three people 02-
For the period ended March 31, 2015 and 2014.
Net cash for operating activities for the three months ended March 31, 2015 was 7 yuan.
$7 million or $1.
Compared with net cash used in operating activities, it was 2 million yuan.
5 million per cent for the three months ended March 31, 2014.
The increase in net cash flows used in business activities is mainly due to an increase in losses. Ms.
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