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Fuwei Films (Holdings)Co. , Ltd.
Established in August 9, 2004 to develop, manufacture and distribute plastic films using the bi-directional stretching technology known as the bi-directional stretching technology (BOPET)film.
The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and distribution of BOPET films.
The company\'s products include the printed bottom film for printing and lamination;
Stamping foil base film and transfer Base film for cigarette and alcohol luxury packaging;
Metal film for plastic laminated vacuum aluminum plating or aluminum plating base film; high-
Gloss film for packaging; heat-
Sealing Film for the construction, printing and manufacture of hot sealing bags;
Laser holographic backing film used as
Fake film for food, medicine, cosmetics, cigarettes and alcohol packaging;
Dry film used in circuit board production, nameplate and dry film for process etching;
Special heat shrink film-
Molded packaging of Beverages and Cosmetics, as well as chemically treated films.
The company\'s BOPET film is mainly used in the consumer packaging industry, such as consumer goods related to processed foods, medicines, cosmetics, tobacco and alcohol.
Its products
It is divided into five categories: stamping and transfer film; printing film;
Metal film;
Professional movies and basic movies for other applications.
Its BOPET film is widely used among consumers
Based on packaging (
Such as food, medicine, cosmetics, alcohol and tobacco), imaging (
Such as print and microfilm)
Electronics, Electrical Industry (
Such as wire and cable winding, capacitor and motor insulation)
And in magnetic products (
Such as audio and video tapes).
The company sells its products under the Fuwei film brand.
The company operates three production lines.
The first line is brunkner, about 6. 3 meters (in width)
Production line with annual design capacity of over 13,000 metric tons of BOPET film.
The second line is a tryptamine (DMT)
Three production lineslayer co-
Squeeze over 6. 7 meters (in width)
It has an annual design capability of over 16,100 tons of BOPET film.
The company also has a trial production line of Mitsubishi with an annual design capacity of more than 1,500 tons.
According to the production time of more than 53,600 hours per year, the total annual design capacity of its manufacturing business exceeds 7,200 metric tons.
Its business is mainly located in Shandong province, where the company produces products and sells them to customers engaged in the packaging business and the electronics industry.
The company also exports products to end users and distributors mainly in Europe, Asia and North America.
The company competes with DuPont Acer film Foshan. , Ltd.
Yihua Dongli Polyester Film Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Ningbo shunsu Film Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. No.
Weifang SDG 387 P: 261000 Dongming Road, 86536.
87 88. 0f: 86536.
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