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heat-shrinkable polyester film roll: no. 6,958,178; satoshi hayakawa, norimi tabota, yoshinori takegawa, katsuya ito, shigeru komeda and katsuhiko nose, assignors to toyo boseki kabushiki kaisha, osaka, japan.

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Shrink polyester film roll: None6,958,178;
Satoshi Nakagawa, Tian North America, Yaskawa yokossen, Ito Katsuya, Osaka Koshida, Japan and Katsuhiko nose, Tokyo Boseki kabushi, Osaka, JapanFiled 7/30/02.
10/25/05 has been issued. A heat-
Shrink polyester film roll is patented.
The coil includes alkali-
Earth metal compounds and phosphorus compounds of Analkali-
M2 content of earth metal atom 20-400 ppm (mass basis)
And monthly aphosphorus atom P content-350 ppm (mass basis)in the film.
When the square sample cut off from the film roller of size 10 cm x 10 cm is immersed in hot water of 85 [degrees]
C 10 seconds, then in the water at the age of [25]degrees]
C. take it out within 10 seconds and the percentage of heat shrinkage of the sample in the direction of maximum shrinkage is 20% or more.
Termination end of roll film--
This is obtained from the stable area, where the physical properties of the film are stable in the stable area
Direction of operation--
Is specified as end .
End of start is end. The first cut-
The off point of Sampleis is at a position of 2 m or less within at the top end, final cut
The off point at 2 m or lower in the upper end .
Several sample cutting
Starting from the first cut, the off point is placed at an interval of about 100 m-off point.
The maximum shrink direction of the 20 cm long rectangular sample film and the width of 5 cm long cut off from the cutoff points.
Measure the change of thickness of each sample in the maximum shrinkage direction, and the thickness distribution width of each sample represented by the following formula is 7% or less.
Width of thickness distribution = (
Maximum thickness-
Minimum thickness)
/Average thickness x 100.
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