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hey trader joe’s: less plastic with my food, please

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
Joe businessman has been my main destination for grocery, wine and dog food for years.
But when I wrote more about the environmental costs of being single
Using plastic I started to notice how much plastic I took home as part of my weekly trader Joe
Grocery stores in the United States generally sell a large number of products packaged in a plastic package.
However, Trader Joe seems to have taken it to a whole new and terrible height: Persian cucumbers are buried in hard plastic shells.
Tomatoes are packed in crumpled plastic bags.
Tea bags packed separately.
Greeting cards packed with plastic protective film.
Shout out, it\'s not even food!
So my Trader Joe\'s business is gradually decreasing and occasionally cheers for wine and a few things I can\'t find anywhere else (
Hello, blue cheese mustard).
Now, most of my groceries depend on the farmer\'s market, which still brings too much plastic to customers in my opinion, with bulk grain and seed bins in the grocery store, these don\'t mind if you are at home filled with reusable bags.
I am not the only customer to be closed by the plastic packaging of the chain. In the Feb.
A staff member at the Silver Lake store said that when people found out where she was working, \"their first thing is always,\" Oh my God, I love Joe\'s trader.
The second thing is, why are you using so much plastic?
\"Greenpeace, including singles last year
It was also noted that plastic was one of its biggest environmental problems and began a stress campaign against trader Joe, collecting more than 100,000 signatures.
This boycott seems to work.
On New Year\'s Eve, Southern California-based (but German-owned)
The grocery empire has announced a plan to cut its plastic footprint by several pounds this year.
In addition, it will continue to look for ways to deploy fewer orders
Use plastic packaging.
Wow, a big win, right?
It\'s 1 million of plastic, there\'s no chance of killing whales in the ocean, and there\'s no chance of doing things in our food chain who knows our bodies.
Cheers for Joe\'s listening to public attention and responding. But….
I just can\'t help but feel a little dissatisfied with the offer.
Just like the national ban on straws for groceries.
For example, what the company is doing this year is: dumping plastic and foil packaging from a box of tea leaves and finding a non-
Plastic bags for flowers.
Replace the polystyrene foam meat plate with a PET tray, a plastic that is easier to recycle-
Although we know that this does not guarantee that it will be recycled, what happens with the collapse of the global recycling market.
Replace the plastic sleeves on the greeting card with something made of renewable, compostable materials. (
But do greeting cards really need sleeves?
Other stores don\'t seem to think so. )
Evaluate the plastic packaging of the product.
Here\'s a better idea: remove the packaging of any product larger than strawberries.
Most products are packed in their own natural packaging. Do you understand what I mean?
Small potato
No need to put it in the bag.
Who eats raw, unwashed potatoes?
A spokesman for Trader Joe\'s recently told me that there may be another announcement this month on other sustainability steps.
I hope so, and it will be more impressive than the first action.
Trader Joe\'s claims to be a more socially conscious choice for young hipper urbanites and should be a leader in sustainability rather than a reluctant follower.
This is an opportunity to do so.
I would never recommend that people stop shopping at Joe\'s because of plastic habits.
In fact, since I know that Trader Joe\'s is listening to the attention of customers, I am more inclined to go back to my local store.
This will also give me a chance to see if the company has given up its commitment to continue cutting the single business. use plastic.
However, my suggestion is that everyone should pay more attention to the plastic that is pushed to them at every purchase point --
Grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores and online retailers-
Push back a little.
Fill out the customer advice form, call the customer service number and tell them about the death of the whale because they take in so much plastic and there is no room for food in the stomach.
Maybe take another step forward and post a photo of a large amount of plastic packaging accumulated during a shopping trip on Twitter. It’s a dog-eat-
Nowadays, as Web companies seize the customer base of local stores, dog world is in retail, and it is possible that local stores have never been as desperate as they are now to please customers and ensure their loyalty.
This makes it a perfect time to meet this simple requirement: Please do not use plastic in my food.
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