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Hi Shrink Tape Saves Time and Money

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
Shrink tape is a unique product that can be used in a variety of industries.
When heated, the tape shrinks to provide continuous uniform compression.
It can be used in coils, sporting goods, defense and aerospace composites.
It can also be used for compression or compression
Keep in mind that it cannot be repackagedused.
Once implemented, the shrink film will leave high
Resin gloss.
The size of the compression force can be customized according to the needs of the project.
The more tapes are used, the higher the compression.
This ability to customize the amount of compression is the cornerstone of the shrink film.
Other materials, such as cellophane or nylon, do not provide the same consistent compression when needed, such as during peak resin flow.
The shrink film begins to shrink at about 65 ℃, and can use up to 80 ℃.
Film thickness can be customized for any application.
Connected to the shrink film, there are also corresponding pipes.
The shrink pipe has a unique linear pipe seam, which helps to simplify the process flow.
These products can withstand high temperatures while providing uniform and consistent compression.
Their pipe products also help to reduce the preparation time and have the features of lasting reliability.
The patented new FEP tubing is also available.
The design of this Shrink tube is similar to that of the original shrink tube.
However, the application of Shrink tube in February can be used for silicon, water-
Dissolved, or broken plaster
A core stick needs to be extended to release the coating before the composite parts are layed.
This also allows the pipe shrinkage to be customized according to the size of the pipe to meet your personal needs.
It can be pulled to the tool and when released, it will shrink to fit the tool after heating.
The maximum usable temperature is 260 °c. .
This product helps to eliminate the demand of the opponent. wrapping films. Polyester-
It is also possible to use a pipe-based made from a modified polyester film.
It is intended to help the layer to be compacted and will shrink 70% in diameter to compress and squeeze the item.
The benefits of using shrink tape and shrink tubes are not only superior quality and durability, but also the highest percentage of shrinkage for any release film tube.
They have some of the highest temperature capabilities, as well as uniform compression and consistent shrinkage.
The product is very long-
Long-lasting and durable, can extend the service life of inflatable silicon material.
There are also applications for thermal shields in aerospace thermal shields.
In terms of converting from the usual cellophane to shrink film, the product can save a lot of time and money.
These products are also used by commercial airlines to eliminate the gaps in the wall of the pipe, which are faster and more efficient to apply.
All in all, there are a variety of advanced products that can be customized to your specifications.
Have high quality products that make the previous similar process more time consuming
Consumption and more expensive.
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