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Two new octene-
According to Midland Dow Plastics, Michigan, the polymer LLDPEs for Stretch Films and garbage liners and the high density polyethylene for injection molding crates set new industry standards for processing performance and performance
Dow marks these grades as \"next generation\" resin (
\"NG\" is part of the film material grade name)
Indicates that they represent more incremental steps in terms of machining performance and/or performance than previous materials.
This improvement has been achieved through unspecified progress in catalysts, polymerization, additives and even manufacturing technologies.
Some of these advances will allow for the creation of additional \"next generation\" PEs for additional applications.
The STRETCHIER stretch film New Dowlex NG 3ypa llannan with \"extra stretch properties\" is Dow\'s effort to regain its leadership role in the cast stretch film.
Dow says its dolex 2045A and the updated oc5a ocene-
LLDPEs is based as an industry leader in blown stretch films, but acknowledges its new \"super-hexene\" LLDPEs.
According to Dow, it all changed with the arrival of NG 3ypa. This 0. 917-density, 2. 3-
It is said that MI resin is the first resin to meet the needs of all types of palletswrapped loads--
Uniform \"A\" type and more difficult \"B\" and \"C\" loads-
By providing better scalability and higher puncture resistance.
It is reported that on the \"A\" load, NG 3ypa shows 10% scalability (up to 250-300% on-pallet)
Allows higher film production than Dowlex 2047A.
For \"B\" and \"C\" loads, it is said that the new resin produces the film with two reduction gels (
As the same improved antioxidant packaging is used in Dowlex 2247A)
And reduce the sensitivity of defects, thus improving the resistance to broken nets. Thus, a 50-
It is reported that the performance of the instrument film made with NG 3ypa is equivalent to 70-
The instrument film is made for a month-The rice has been L polyethylene.
At the same specifications, the puncture resistance is 30% higher than that of the hexene llldpe.
The price of the new Dowlex NG 3uza is comparable to that of Dowlex 2047A.
According to the company\'s data, thinner, stronger padded consumer bins can become thinner and stronger with the new Dowlex NG 2085.
15-next Test
It is reported that 20% should be possible in the case of maintaining equal or better property.
For example, NG 2085 at 0.
Eight miles is 40% higher than a mile of darts. 0-
Dow\'s \"Prime Minister\" Xu\'s mill movie61509. 31 resin. NG 2085 (0. 920 density, 0. 95 MI)
With a dart shock 61% higher than Xu61509. 31 and almost 3.
The Dow\'s \"main force\" Dow\'s 2045 index is five times higher.
02 resin for waste padding.
The ultimate tensile strength of the new NG2085 is 33-48% higher (MD and CD)than XU-61509. 31 and 12-
22% higher than 204502.
Elmendorf tear strength is similar to other tear strength except MD tear which is 35% higher than 2045. 02.
According to reports, customers say the performance of this new resin exceeds that of \"super hexene \".
\"All of this does not affect the processing performance,\" said Dow.
Given that the processor can save costs by downgrading, Dow is looking for 1-
2 cents/pound premium relative to other Tonks resin in this market.
It is reported that due to the new Dowlex IP-, the faster reusable crate for crate molds can be injected, the filling time is shortened by 5%, and the total cycle time is shortened by 15%10 (
IP represents \"improved processing \")
Polyethylene homopolymers. This 0. 962-
Density resin is the first high density polyethylene to obtain the Dowlex label, and is also the pioneer of Dow\'s efforts to become more factors in the crate market.
It can also be used for structures-foam crates.
Production Benefits of molding-
Especially in more complex and difficult situations. to-
Filling mold design--
From two IP-
10 resin properties.
For this market, one has a greater shear sensitivity than the other HDPEs, so this 10-
MI resin is reported to be \"about 20 miles. \" (
The Dow says it has the same strength as standard 8.
10 mile crate resin).
The second key factor is that higher traffic allows doxlex IP-
10 processed at a recommended melting temperature of 400 F
Typical 8-450 F10 MI HDPEs.
This can cool the mold faster.
In turn, a faster cycle can save about 5 cents/lb of resin processing, including a lower energy cost of about 1 cent/lb.
So the Dow is looking for a month between \"sharing\" today\'s customers-
3 cents/pound higher than competing resin.
Dow says the modified molecules
Responsible for improving the weight distribution of this resin flow from future applications to high-
Flow HDPEs for food containers.
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