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holes in my face from acne

by:Top-In     2020-08-04
Acne affects nearly 40 million to 50 million of Americans, but most do not leave scars.
However, if you have severe acne, which is characterized by an infected cyst or a nodule deep in the skin, acne may leave a sunken scar on your face that looks like a pit or a deep hole, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
While these acne scars can damage your self
Respect, the treatment provided by dermatologists can make them less obvious.
According to the Cleveland Clinic, more severe acne can cause more scars.
Cystic and nodules acne can cause a lot of inflammation deep on the surface of the skin, and once the inflammation is healed, your face often has a place where pores are swollen.
Your genes also work. -
If your family, especially those closest to you, has acne scars, you are also more likely to be present.
According to AAD, softening scars with surgical acne scar surgery can successfully treat most deep scars.
In this type of surgery, your dermatologist may use a tool that looks like a small and round cookie cutter to completely remove your scar.
Once the scars disappear, dermatologists can replace them with skins transplanted from another place on your body.
Your surgeon can also choose to use a surgical knife to separate your top skin from the scar tissue below, which helps to improve and peace your skin. In-
For deep acne scars that look like a hole in the face, your dermatologist may recommend combining acne scar surgery with another, such as a peeling surgery, which can also level the skin
Skin grinding using a rotating line brush and laser treatment using powerful laser energy all peel off the top layer of the skin.
Once that layer is gone, your scar will look lighter and lighter.
According to the AAD, filling the ear up the skin filler provides another option to fill the left skin pit by removing acne lesions.
These fillers containing collagen can plump the skin in these pits.
But don & 039 collagen filling; t last forever.
In fact, it only lasts for three to six months in most cases, although newer types of fillers may provide up to 10 years of scar relief before they need to be redone.
If you have deep acne scars, you are unlikely to repair them on your own with the help of over-treatmentthe-
According to the AAD, the counter scar reduces the product.
Your dermatologist can explain the choice of your scar reduction surgery and surgery, most of which involve healing time and visible wounds to the skin.
Scar defects usually require two or more surgical combinations to achieve the best results.
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