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You are walking down the street when you see a billboard advertisement.
At first glance, you see a woman holding a can of Coke in her hand. Wait!
Is the woman really on the billboard?
She looks so real that she can jump out to you in the ad.
You watched her drink a Coke.
Now, she gives it to you! Hallucination? ? ? No--hologram!
Two British holographic photographers are trying to turn holographic photography into eyes. boggling, full-
Color animated billboard in two or three years.
Scientists have now taken their own birds
Holographic eye view for many new uses--
From the pictures on the credit card and CD
Prevent the rom of the counterfeiter, as well as medical image scanning to reconstruct the image of the human brain.
Holographic pictures, only Infinite Reality-it\'s 3-D, or three-dimensional.
For example, a Fiat, two-
The size photo records the light that reflects the apple from an angle-
The front of the fruit.
But the hologram captures the light that reflects the apple from all angles and directions, just like you see the apple in real life (
See \"make hologram\" below \").
If you look at 3-
You might think, \"Ha!
I have seen a lot of holographic pictures. \" Not so. Three-
A size movie or photo is actually made with two identical images spaced several centimeters apart. Special 3-
D glasses combine the images and trick your eyes into thinking they see 3-D.
You may have seen holographic photos on stickers, watches, key chains and even goggles.
But the holographic image is not just zany high-tech art. For a close-
Look at the two future holographic images and read on.
Traditional holographic photography is made by laser.
But researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMIT)
They have developed a new way: they have created Electric holographic-
A hologram made with a computer instead of a laser.
\"You\'re just figuring out what the laser will do,\" said Wendy plosiniak, a researcher at MIT\'s Media Lab . \".
Electric holographic can produce 3-
D image of something that doesn\'t exist at all--
Like the design of the 21 st centurycentury car.
Computer is often used by car designers. aided design (CAD)to create a 3-
Picture D of a car.
But the computer screen can only generate flat images of CAD cars.
3-view the total view of the car
D, Honda, Japan, turned to the media lab to produce electronic holographic photos for its design.
This helps car designers look at future models from all directions-
No need to make a car!
In fact, the programmer uses CAD data to create an electronic hologram.
The computer uses mathematical equations to simulate the action of the laser.
The imaginary beam hits each of the two points
Size car design.
Then, the computer calculates the interaction between the wave from the object beam and the wave from the reference beam.
Results: digital representation of interference patterns.
But it is impossible for light to create a visible holographic image.
Light needs to interact with two people-
Display the size interference pattern of the holographic image in the computer.
Holographic images must be displayed and illuminated outside the computer so that the audience can-D.
For this purpose, the electronic device converts the interference mode created by the computer--
Currently in digital code-
Radio signals of low frequency and high frequency.
Different radio frequencies can change the atomic structure of the crystal. (
Just go through the crystal. )
Radio signals enter a clear crystal and \"carve\" out the holographic image inside.
According to its frequency, radio signals make some parts of the crystal more dense, while others are less dense, explains Plesniak.
A real laser shines through the crystal, like a separate holographic image of the car.
The Media Lab is now testing a robotic device that allows viewers to actually interact with holographic images.
\"Car designers can go in and manipulate 3-
The D-shape they saw. -
To make the curve a bit more curved, \"says Plesniak.
This device allows the viewer to touch the holographic image, touch it and change the shape of it! Science--or magic? ? ?
Suppose the doctor wants to check three.
3D images of the human brain.
Such an image will make it easier to look at the tumor and determine the best way to remove it ---
Before cutting the human skull
A solution: to make a hologram of the brain.
Voxel, a company in Laguna Hills, California, created holographic images from the patient\'s CT (
CT scanor MRI (
Magnetic resonance imagingscans.
High CT scan-
Resolution X-ray of \"shooting\" cross
Like the brain, slices of bones, blood vessels and soft tissues.
MRI scans are similar, but the soft tissue of the body is observed using a magnetic field.
Both scans provide very detailed pictures of human anatomy, but only flat images.
This is where holographic images come in.
\"Life\" magazine recently praised it as one of the 21 st century medical breakthroughs, and the medical hologram of the body brought 3-
D View of the human body.
For example, holographic images scanned by CT or MRI will allow brain surgeons to measure the exact size, depth and location of the tumor.
First, the surgeon will send a patient to do an MRI scan of the head.
For example, an MRI scanner captured 100 images of the patient\'s brain.
Each image is parallel, crossed
Separate brain slices of about millimeters or less.
The surgeon then sends the image to the body.
Stephen Hart, one of the company\'s founders, explained how he made a holographic photo in 100 brain scans.
Hart uses a machine called a digital holographic camera.
The camera shines the laser through the first brain scan and projects the image onto the screen.
From the laser reflected on the screen to the holographic film recording the image.
Next, the screen will automatically move a millimeter from the holographic film. -
The distance between actual brain scans is the same.
The camera superimposed the second scan onto the holographic film, repeating the same process for each of the 100 slices of the brain.
The whole process takes about 10 minutes. Result: a life-
You can view the size hologram of the human brain from any direction.
But that\'s not all.
\"The strange thing is not just to look around the holographic image, but to stick things in it,\" Hart said . \".
The surgeon can bring the holographic of the body into the operating room, and in the middle of removing the brain tumor, the doctor can take out the fragments he has cut out and keep them in the holographic map.
This shows him how many more tumors he needs to remove.
Who can guess how many future holographic photos are left.
Related article: making holographic projection conventional holographic images by laser.
The light is basically a top (
Highest point)and a trough (
Lowest point).
The distance between a peak and the next peak is the wavelength.
Whether it is a traditional light from the sun or a light bulb, it is composed of different wavelengths of dispersion.
Put a prism in front of the wave, and depending on the wavelength, you will see a variety of colors.
However, it doesn\'t work to shine traditional light on the Apple and try to make a holographic image.
Because there is too much white light scattering.
So the holographic photographer has turned to a highly focused light that is easy to manipulate: a laser beam.
The light from the laser is monochrome.
This means that the light emitted by a single laser has the same wavelength;
So a single color, blue, red, or green.
Laser is also coherent.
Its sound waves travel to each other--
The peak of one wave is aligned with the peak of the other wave.
Since the wavelength of the laser is the same, the laser is an ideal tool for making holographic photos.
Learn more by following the chart:1)
A mirror called a beam splitter that divides a laser beam into two beams. (2)
The first beam, called the object beam, points to the object to be taken in holographic photography--
In this case, Apple. (3)
A laser beam shines on a divergent lens that spreads the light out to capture the entire object. (4)
The light is reflected from the Apple and then onto the film that records them.
Because of the shape of the apple, some of the electricity gets to the movie faster than others.
The wave of the object beam is now out of phase. (5)
The second beam, called the reference beam, is directly irradiated on the film. -
All its sound waves reach the film at the same time, in phase. (6)
When the wave of the reference beam meets the wave of the object beam on the film, they collide with each other to produce an interference pattern. (7)
The film records the interference patterns generated by the collision of waves reflected from the surrounding Apple and the reference beam.
The holographic depth is produced because the film records all waves sent from different directions of the apple, not just from the headPositive view.
Holographic interference patterns simulate small mirrors facing different angles.
When the lighting light is reflected from the recorded interference pattern, you will see three-
Is the dimensional image of the hologram. [
Slightly] Illustrations
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