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homemade shrink wrap

by:Top-In     2020-07-27
Shrink packaging is the process of wrapping items tightly in plastic so that they do not move, break, fall off or open easily.
Bottled water, a bag of nuts, chips or grains and a variety of other products also shrink the packaging regularly to keep it fresh.
While this is usually only for the purpose of shipping commercial products to businesses or for sale in stores, there is a way for you to shrink your bags and seal anything you want in a comfortable home.
Remove the plastic roll from the box.
Wrap the plastic around the item you want to wrap until you are sure it is effectively covered.
Then tear off the wrap from the roll and grab the end.
Place the loose end on the plastic wrap of your parcel.
Ignite a long stove or grill lighter, burn a flame at the end of the plastic wrap, and melt it into plastic wrapped around the object.
Do this all the time along the edge, so that the end of the cling film will permanently merge with the plastic on the object.
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