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The many kinds of balloons Before we can dig further into the procedures of balloon printing, it is first crucial to familiarize ourselves with the two different kinds of balloons that are available. These two kinds are as follows; latex balloons and foil balloons. The greatest way to illustrate the former is those balloons that we get tempted to explode with a pin! Whereby foil balloons are likely to be more pricey and usually individuals acquire one of these as a special balloon, whereas latex balloons have a tendency to be purchased in bulk. The reason why foil balloons are likely to cost more is because they will last for several days, while you won't get more than a day's use out of a latex balloon. Methods of balloon printing There are two different methods of balloon printing; screen printing and offset printing. Nonetheless, the former method tends to be much more popular. So let's reveal the process involved with screen printing first. This process is given its name because a screen is literally placed on top of the balloon. The ink is then forced through the screen. This method is highly effective for the reason that you are left with a thick layer of ink. This indicates that when the balloon is inflated you need not worry about the ink cracking or fading. The reason why offset printing is not as extensively used is for the reason that this dense level of ink is not always attained. This is since a cut out design is placed on the balloon and then the ink is rolled over it. So, the layer of ink is loads thinner and therefore there is the possibility that the image will be slightly faded once the balloon is blown up. Nonetheless, it is not all doom and gloom when it comes to offset printing because this is the more cost effective method. So, if you are seeking to make some savings then the offset method of printing is a welcomed answer. Balloon printing possibilities Now onto the exciting point; how balloon printing can be of use to you. As stated in the introduction, the potential at your disposal are vast. Furthermore, printed balloons are fantastic for an array of different occasions as well. When it comes to the many design selections you can use words, phrases, personal photographs, and generic images. All you need to do is have a look on the web to see the wealth of options at your disposal. Businesses themselves should have their own gallery too and so you will be able to gather inspiration. Aside from this, a lot of individuals are likely to associate balloons with birthday parties and celebrations. Nevertheless, they are appropriate for a wealth of other events too. For example, they offer a brilliant opportunity in the form of business branding. If you are launching a new commodity or opening a new store, then printed balloons can supply the perfect finishing touch. So there you have it; an insight into the different sorts of balloons on hand today and how balloon printing takes place. You can go for either screen printing or offset printing. The former gives better quality whilst the latter is cheaper. So, it is up to you to determine what is more imperative to you. And, don't forget to contemplate the wealth of opportunities that are on hand with printed balloons - they are not just suitable for birthday celebrations, they offer so much more than that!
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