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how to choose a shrink-wrap supplier

by:Top-In     2020-07-26
When looking for a qualified source for shrink packaging, the type of material being used or being considered must be defined first.
This is because there are two kinds of shrink films in industry and retail.
Show shrink film.
The industrial shrink film is essentially a replacement for corrugated cartons for a single package that unifies a given quantity, such as 24 cans of soda.
The industrial packaging is almost always made of polyethylene film of heavier specifications.
In order to unify the product, the main advantage of using polyethylene shrink film is cost.
It\'s cheaper to shrink using polyethylene per box-
Packaging is better than using corrugated boxes.
Higher cost-
For uniform packaging of the same quantity, it is valid to stock only one polyethylene film tray, not one truck box.
In addition, when using transparent polyethylene packaging, it is easy to view separate packaging in this case.
Polyethylene shrink film can be obtained directly from the manufacturer or industrial packaging distributor.
Because the polyethylene film is not high-
Technology products are relatively cheap, with dozens of manufacturers in the United States alone and hundreds of manufacturers worldwide.
Therefore, a very wide range of supplier options are provided for consumers.
However, suppliers should not be selected according to the minimum cost per pound.
Instead, one should look for a manufacturer that can provide the thinnest film with the best shrinkage and strength properties.
This will provide the most competitive cost per box of packaging.
Also, you should look for the best source of a service to provide the fastest steering
In time and aftersale support. Retail-
On the other hand, it is shown that the shrink film is completely different from the industrial film discussed above.
They are used for individual packaging or uniform product packaging.
While used in some industrial applications, such as shrink-wrap car brakes, in order to ship to a mechanical store, they are primarily used to display products on retail store shelves, as the name implies.
Unlike industrial shrink film applications, excellent optical performance is very important, and machine performance on high-speed packaging lines is also very important.
In addition, unlike industrial applications using heavy-thickness films, the film is a sign of retail display of shrink films.
Game, food, health and beauty packaging is part of a product that uses retail display shrink film to shrink packaging separately.
Only retail display shrink film is provided by packaging distributors.
Some are large, national, chain, and some are large.
Others are large, independent local distributors, and some are small, family-owned local distributors.
First of all, it is important to choose a dealer with knowledge.
How, or access know-
How, need to support movie users.
This is because it is essential to select the right film for the user, because there are different grades for various manufacturers.
Unlike industrial films, retail display shrink films are highly technical.
The correct choice depends on the product to be packaged, the machine used for packaging and shrinkage, and the final packaging required.
Second, the distributor of choice is a competitive, high quality shrink film brand.
Although international brands are high quality product lines
Well-known brands can also be high quality products, but the cost is much highereffective.
Third, choose a dealer with sufficient inventory on hand --
Popular film size and gauge.
Or the person the manufacturer can turn to soonaround stock-
Size of the order and can be quickly converted and shippedmade order.
Fourth, select a dispenser that can quickly provide the required sample roll with the exact size, specification and grade required for testing
Run and have a representative at the test site on the scheduled test date.
By choosing the distributor that offers the best performance film at the maximum cost --
Effective consumption, then shrinking
Packaging users will maximize packaging efficiency and minimize packaging costs.
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