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How To Faux Stained Glass Windows and Doors To Look Like The Real Thing! Instructions and Photos

by:Top-In     2020-07-25
I love the look of stained glass, especially in old Victorian houses.
I live in a house with a history of more than 100 years.
I moved and fixed my house in 1984 and have been busy since then.
I always look around for ways to improve my old house.
The name of my old house is Dolphin House.
This is one of several rooms to be demolished.
I bought the house at the public auction and moved it to where it is now.
I have been very busy since repairing and improving the house.
I invite you to look at the two centers I wrote about moving and fixing my old house.
The link will be found at the bottom of that hub.
My professional stained glass DoorI hired a professional stained glass artist to make a stained glass dolphin for the front door.
I am very satisfied with this.
I started looking around the house for stained glass from other places like windows and doors, but I know I can\'t afford the cost of professionals making these.
Then I found a way to do it myself!
People walk into my house and always comment on my beautiful stained glass.
I didn\'t tell them I did it myself.
I tried this technique on the mirror for the first time.
I was very happy with the mirror and I decided to make my bathroom window.
Next, I drew two full-sized common exterior doors and my kitchen window glass.
Go to the craft shop to buy the supplier. Hopefully I can get you excited about making your own artificial stain glass.
If so, go to a large craft shop like Michael.
You can find books full of ideas for your project.
These books have patterns and instructions for different brands of glass paint.
They will give you a list of the paint and quantity needed for any project you want to do.
If you can\'t find supplies locally to do this project, you can order supplies from Amazon.
You need paint in all colors and paint in the black lead.
I was ready for the artificial stain glass and mirauri decided to start learning the technique on the mirror.
I suggest you start with the mirror as you can work with it flat on top.
After you have confidence in using this artificial stain glass technology, you will be able to do larger projects such as vertical doors and windows.
I cleaned the Mirror well with alcohol.
I drew a pattern on the mirror with a fan design with a black mark.
Using liquid leading paint, I checked the lines I made with marks.
Wait about 8 hours until the liquid leading paint is completely dry.
I fill the lines with liquid glass paint to get a solid white design.
I made artificial stain glass on the kitchen door. I have a plain glass panel on my kitchen door.
Using a design from the book I bought, I made this artificial stain glass.
The result was good and I was encouraged to deal with two full size exterior doors.
When you work outside the window and on the door, place the pattern outside the window and fix it in place with tape.
Use the pattern as a guide to draw the outline of the pattern with the leading liquid (
You will buy this with paint).
Wait about 8 hours and fill in the color of the glass paint.
After the artificial glass paint, my bathroom window wants the light to enter my bathroom without sacrificing privacy.
Instead of hanging the curtains that would stop the light coming in, I made artificial glass paint technology on the windows.
This is a double hanging window, so I made the upper and lower windows.
After I made the artificial stain GlassI, the door of the restaurant thought it was my favorite design to use the artificial stain glass technology.
It looks like a real stained glass.
I have a lot of praise for this artwork.
My daughter\'s door was painted on her faux stain glass and my daughter liked the work I had done so far, so she asked her if she could do the bedroom exterior door with the same technique.
The whole project was designed by herself.
When she finished, she was very proud of how it looked. I was too!
Make artificial stain glass hanging pieces for Windows and other glass objects. You will find instructions for making glass hanging pieces in glass painting books.
This method is good if you want to decorate items such as vases.
They can also be used to decorate windows for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other seasons.
These are made using the liquid Guide profile and the color of the glass paint on a special working surface.
When they are completely dry, you just peel off the \"snug\" and apply it to the glass.
These \"sticks\" fall off easily when you want to take them off.
I\'m glad I found the faux stain glass, one of the items you don\'t have to finish in a day!
You can work hard whenever you are in the mood.
Go away, leave it alone and start a backup when you want.
Always start with the clean windows you are going to draw.
Alcohol seems to work best.
If you\'re tired of this design and want to change, or if you just want to go back to the normal glass, this glass paint can be removed from your window or door.
I don\'t think you\'ll ever go back to regular glass, but if you go back to regular glass, peel off the design on the glass with an edge razor.
When you are done, there is no need to apply any type of sealant to your work.
This is a project that I really like to learn how to do.
After finishing, your work looks like a professional artist making real stained glass, which is well worth it.
I got a lot of praise for my work.
People really appreciate my stained glass and I never told them it was \"artificial\" stained glass!
If you like to read my doors and windows artificial stain glass center, please rate me, please rate me using the stars below.
Thank you very much.
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