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how to - personalized candy bars are easy to assemble

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
Personalized candy bar wrapping paper is the flagship product for any occasion.
Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, grand opening, retirement parties, advertising, holidays, baby showers, invitations, thanks and more are all perfect options!
Custom foil bags make the packaging more diverse, allowing for almost endless sweets and non-sweets
Food gifts wrapped in personalized wrapping paper.
Any standard size (1. 55 oz/ 43 g)
Good time. ®Crispy Chocolate and Nestle
Goodba®Or other products of common size, such as granola bars, m & MS or gift cards, will be placed in a foil bag.
What do you need :-
Your personalized packaging and foil bag-1.
55 oz Hershey\'s bar or similar-
Scissors or paper cuttersnon-
Preparation and assembly of toxic glue or double-sided velvet sheet products-
Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut the wrapping paper in half along a hash line. -
Insert the stick into the foil bag (if needed)
And then seal the foil bag (
Remove the tape and close it). -Using non-
Toxic glue, rub the glue along the inside of the package along both ends. -
Wrap the bar in personalized packaging and sealed.
Your new chocolate bar now has a personal, professional look ready to be eaten or used as a souvenir on a souvenir occasion.
Note: foil bags are required for standard size only (1. 55 oz/43 g)bars/wrappers.
There is no need to remove the chocolate from the original package.
Tip: before placing around the bar, fold the top of the wrapping paper to help keep it in place while packing.
It is not necessary to apply the whole label with glue, which will prevent the easy removal that those who wish to keep the personalized packaging as a souvenir often seek.
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