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How to Remove Shrink Wrap

by:Top-In     2020-07-29
Plastic has revolutionized the way consumer goods are packaged and protected in the modern world.
Shrink packaging was invented in 1950 and increased use during 1970, when technology was developed to apply it cheaply to retail goods.
Shrink packaging is made of polymer plastic film, heated and in accordance with any product placed above.
Once you have mastered the removal technology of plastic shrink packaging, the task will be easy next time you need to do it.
Seize the contraction-
Wrap the product by hand.
Apply some shrink wrap on the box or plastic container.
Sometimes the shrink package is sealed on the actual product and the shrink package is the only package.
If your product is a soft product that can easily be punctured or contains liquid, be careful when removing shrink packaging.
Press the shrink package with your fingers.
Stick your nails or fingers firmly in the shrink wrap plastic until the plastic breaks and you can insert your fingers under the plastic film.
Use your finger to peel the plastic shrink package off the product.
If the plastic shrink package does not break under pressure from your fingers or nails, proceed with Step 4.
Using scissors, gently poke the ends of the sharpest scissors blade to shrink the package and break the plastic.
Slide the blade of the scissors under the plastic shrink layer
Packaging film, cut shrink packaging.
Cut or tear off the remaining plastic shrink packaging from the package or product.
Discard the shrink package into the trash can.
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