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How to Repair Solar Panel Broken Glass

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
This time I will show you how to repair the broken glass of solar panels. How Idid it -
You can view it by watching a DIY video, or you can follow the instructions below.
For this project you need: Material: Laminated film solar panel tool: extruded hot gunI always wanted to play with the solar panel but after looking at the new panel price --
I am driving this project for the future.
Until I get a very attractive offer
Buy glass broken solar panels for good panel price.
This Suntech 255 W panel is very nice and has no problems other than broken glass.
In addition, its specifications are very good.
So I took the deal.
When the good panel price started at 120 euros, it cost me 50 euros for a panel.
When tempered glass is damaged-
The panel is still working fine and can be used as is.
But broken glass can cause two problems. First -
Solar cells are no longer protected by moisture. And second -
From time to time some loose pieces of glass fall off.
I see how people cover this surface with polyurethane, but it doesn\'t stick well and it starts to fall off after a while.
There is an option to cover the panel with a new glass
But it will be very heavy for expensive panels.
I found a better solution.
Wrap all panel surfaces with transparent laminated film.
It only cost me 9 euros for the film.
Packaging the car with this type of film for new body color without painting or for additional paint protection is very popular.
This is the first time I \'ve made such a big movie, so I made a mess and didn\'t have a few folds.
Because the movie is transparent.
This won\'t affect the performance of the panel, so it\'s just beautiful.
Film is formed and pasted on all edges using scraper and hot gun. And that’s it.
Seal the surface of the panel again.
No risk-
Any piece of broken glass will start to fall off.
I hope this is helpful :)
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