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How to Use Inkjet Transparency Film

by:Top-In     2020-08-01
Whether you\'re preparing indirect slides for your presentation, creating a hand-written or print assistant for your youth, or making transparent coverage for magazines --
It may come in handy to learn how to make or scrapbook using inkjet clear film.
Most home and office printers can print on transparent film, although settings may have to be configured before printing.
Make sure that any images you print on inkjet transparent film are black and white and the contrast will be high before printing.
Open the document or image to print.
If you are preparing an image for screen printing or indirect projection, make sure the contrast on the image is as high as possible while retaining important details of the image.
Select the file drop-down menu and click print \".
Use the printer drop-down menu to select the appropriate printer to print.
Look for the page settings or options menu options and click it.
Select the standard paper size of 8 1/2 by 11 inch and select inkjet transparent film under paper type \".
Take a stack of transparent paper and fan the page a little to make sure they don\'t stick together.
Align them so they can align with each other.
Remove any paper in the printer and load the inkjet transparent film.
Determine which side of transparency is sticky or rough (
Smooth opposite)
, And face the side print up or down, depending on whether the printer takes out the paper in the tray or reverses the paper first.
The printer should place ink on the rough side.
Align your transparency so the white label can be easily grabbed by your printer.
Select the \"print\" option for a document or image and watch the printer to make sure that only one piece of transparent paper is captured and it goes smoothly to the printer.
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