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How to Use Transparency Film As Transfer

by:Top-In     2020-08-01
Adding an image or text to a paper or fabric art project adds a unique feel, especially if you use an image of your own photo.
With just one inkjet printer, one clear film and some gel media you can create images from solid to complete
The colors of those who appear hazy and ethereal.
Experiment is the key to success in this image transmission method.
On the rough side, print your image or text onto a transparent film.
The use of inkjet printers is essential.
Use the Mirror print settings because the transferred image will be reversed.
This is especially important for any text you use.
The paper or fabric to which the image is transmitted is placed on the working surface.
Cover the fabric or paper with a thin layer of gel medium using a foam brush.
Brush in one direction and apply the gel evenly.
Place the transparent film, ink side down in the gel.
Smooth the transparency with your fingers to remove any bubbles.
Gently rub the transparency with the back of the spoon to transfer the ink.
Be careful not to move the transparency back and forth in the gel.
Lift the transparent corner from the fabric or paper and check if the ink is transferred.
If not, put down the transparency and rub again with a spoon.
Remove the transparency of the fabric or paper and let the gel dry.
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