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Japanese scientists create Hollywood\'s \'Avatar\' robot

by:Top-In     2020-01-22
Japanese scientists have developed a robot that allows humans to direct their actions while also enabling them to see, hear and feel the same things as android.
Telesar v robots may be seen as the first step towards real
The life echo of the Hollywood movie Avatar, in which American soldiers are able to remotely control an extra genetically engineered body
The land race they want to conquer.
Researcher Sho Kamuro told AFP in describing the feeling of using a robot: \"When I put on the device to move the body, I saw my hand become the hand of the robot.
\"When I moved my head, I got a different point of view than before.
This strange experience makes you wonder if you really become a robot.
Telesar v robot-Remote Agent humanoid robot-
Operated by a human controller, in order to guide the action of the android machine, he is wearing special equipment including helmets, gloves and vests. Bail-
Japan\'s economy shrank by more than expected as it shrank.
Blind driving vending machines provide free WiFiYayoi Kusama gloves made of thin polyester, lined with semiconductors and micro motors when Damien hirstraying water temperature raises concerns about the Fukushima nuclear power plant, it is actually moving to distinguish between smooth or bumpy and hot and cold feeling.
At the same time, the image of the robot\'s \"eye\" visual line is taken on the camera and taken in three-
The size form on the small video screen in front of the user.
Professor Su Sumu Taqi said that this device can be deployed most effectively in the case of sending humans too dangerous, and he focused on engineering and virtual reality at the graduate school of media design at Keio University.
One scenario is the use of robots at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which was badly damaged by last year\'s earthquake and tsunami.
\"I think that further research and development can bring it into areas that are too dangerous for humans to do work that requires human skills,\" Professor Tachi said . \", \"It\'s important to make robots that can work in a radioactive environment, and that\'s our goal.
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