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label mania lends dazzle to humble cd\'s

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Rob fixmernov wrote it.
2002 Mark Smith, the owner of a small record shop in Philadelphia, makes and distributes his own dance music on CDs.
Ann DeVilbiss\'s home office in Bath, Ohio produced a custom presentation of her video work on a CD for potential clients.
Bill Isaacson from Dallas
Regional Manager for large manufacturing enterprises, distribution of CD-Full ROM-
Print his company\'s catalog in Microsoft Word format.
Alex Dranovsky, 22, in Manhattanyear-
The old students at the School of Visual Arts spent a lot of time making a compilation CD of trance music to share with friends.
Advertising these four people are typical users of computer CD recorders, everyone will tell you,
A heartfelt appeal of the Brew CD in the business and social sphere is that it is less labeled than it is attached to it.
\"A good label says it\'s a serious professional product,\" he said \".
Smith recently won a label design competition.
In fact, this look is so important that Sir
Isaacson, Southwest Regional Manager of equipment shell manufacturer Armorcast products, said that if the label deviates slightly from the center, he will never consider sending the CD of my catalog to the customer.
\"The CD tag is no longer just a paper ID with an adhesive background, but becomes a cultural artwork, a medium of aesthetic expression, from a simple colored background to a catalogue of songs, photo or document of ambitious graphic design, a digital folk art of the new millennium.
In fact, software developers say that designing or copying CD tags and inserts is the most commonly used desktop publishing method for amateurs.
Small businesses account for most of this amount due to simple economic reasons: professional CD replication services are costly and typically require running hundreds or even 1,000 discs.
But now the most users of CD tags are like Mr.
Dranovsky was designed out of love for music, not for business needs.
Among the members of this group, the label has become a symbol of legitimacy.
\"It\'s all fun,\" he said of the label design of the Assembly CD he shared with his friends.
But he also asserts that a label design says as much as music choices, and perhaps more about the people who edit it.
\"When someone gives me a CD, if it doesn\'t have a tag, I will most likely put it behind and look into it three or four months later,\" he said . \".
\"But it would certainly interest me if they gave me a good label.
It says, \'Hey, I made this and I\'m proud of it and I want to do a little extra to give it a little pizza.
If you give someone a tag with only one graffiti with a magic mark on it, it shows that you don\'t care too much.
\"Recently, ad participants in MSN chat about the exchange of MP3 files said that they are also proud of the label design of the CD they made.
\"It\'s not cool to write on a disc,\" one participant announced . \".
\"If you are serious, you will design your label from scratch and it has to say something to the music.
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The chat room is an anonymous university gathering place with several other participantsage and high-school-
Age users of MP3 files
The exchange service is more divided about the correct label agreement for copying commercial music CD.
Some people insist that the label must have a unique design;
Others prefer to scan the original label, and often scan the jewelry box insert.
People without scanners often get accurate copies of commercial CD labels by visiting websites like CDCovers. cc (www. cdcovers. cc)
It claims to be \"the largest cover file in the world \".
The site offers free download tags and jewelry box plug-ins for nearly 120,000 audio CDs and thousands of labels for DVD, video and game media.
The site user has scanned most of the tags and plugins from the original.
Another website, Mega-Search service (www. mega-search. net)
He said the company\'s database directs users to 450 online sources with a total inventory of over 500,000 CD covers for prepackaged labels. (
Matt Oppenheim, who handles legal matters on behalf of the American record industry association, warned that uploading or downloading these images is illegal because the record company will include the cover design when registering for CD copyright. )For do-it-
Your own choice, and the choice of CD label products is becoming more and more extensive.
All market leaders offer a startup kit with a few label samples;
From simple but limited to powerful but complex design software;
And the applicator, usually the plastic spindle on the spring, used to align the label to the disc.
The choice of labels has developed into a huge range of products, including high gloss
Resolution Photo
High quality stock, solid color, transparent film, metal foil.
Some companies offer confetti and glitter backgrounds that are called \"holographic\" labels because they produce three
Dimensional illusion if you squinted.
\"As a designer, I think it\'s great,\" she said . \"
DeVilbiss, who designs sports graphics for TV commercials.
She distributed the demo she created in Quicktime format on 8-8
CD-mm \"pocket\"ROM\'s.
\"I\'m 42 years old, but I see kids outside doing MP3 CDs and they\'re doing these great labels,\" she said . \".
\"This is great.
\"Label manufacturers encourage this trend by sponsoring a design competition.
\"It was not even a business a few years ago,\" said David Kenno, vice president of sales at the ferros Neato division, who sponsored the competition that Mr. ferros won. Smith. This year, Mr.
Keno expects him and his main rivals-
Eli/trample, Memorex and SureThing--
More than 0. 5 billion CD labels will be sold.
In fact, the secondary label market has emerged.
At least a dozen small developers offer software to design and print CD covers and other labels.
An entrepreneur named 70\'s Dude is now in cut-
The price is at www. labels-cdrs. com.
In addition to aesthetics, there are practical reasons for labeling a CD.
First of all, contrary to what is generally believed to be the most vulnerable to scratches and other damage is the top of the disc, not the bottom, which makes the CD unreadable.
Labels help protect the surface.
In an era when drivers are constantly changing rooms
In the car stereo, a label can make it easier to replace the disc.
\"It\'s harder to read and write than to identify images,\" said Mr. Dranovsky said.
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A version of the article appeared in print in November 7, 2002, and on the national G00007 page, the title was: tag mania dazzled Humble CD.
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