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Labelexpo Americas 2012 Product Preview.

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2012 American laboratory Expo was held in Donald E.
Stephen\'s Convention Center, Chicago, September 11-13.
On display will be the latest products from hundreds of industry suppliers.
In the next few pages, we show the selection of equipment and consumables that are shown at the show. [
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Martin is the latest version of the mostpopular machine that displays the Booth 811 Splicers and rewinding machines, using the twist and LRD rewinding machine that makes the mortgage-backed securities for display.
The latest version of the MBS docking fusion splicer features an ultrasonic side-cutting sensor and a spiral slot roller for unbundling and splicing many clear film structures.
It also features touch screen control.
The updated LRD rewinding machine can accommodate 800mm diameter rolls in standard models.
Larger diameter models are also available. [
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Rockford, IL, United States 815-654-4800 www. Matino automatic
Com Sun Chemical Booth 5413 ink and paint Sun Chemical features its Solaris system, a complete range of information and coatings designed to meet the printing needs of narrow mesh and packaging printers.
The full range includes self-operated productsadhesiveand in-
Mold labels, packaging, shrink sleeves, tubes and food and drug packaging.
The company will also launch its full range of products for the narrow network, labeling and labeling market, including ink and coatings. pre-
News Service and ink distribution plan.
North Lake, Illinois 708-236, United States of America3798 www. sunchemical.
Com Fives North America stand 1505 Web Guide and splicing table integrated web guide and splicing table design for Fives North America SimPlex combines two key features
Network path of machine and redundant roller.
HDNC-available for web widthsto 28\"
The style guide design locates the operator display in the guide frame.
The Web clip is pneumatic activated.
Use with SimPlex plugand-
Play component and one-
Touch the settings, assemble the device and be ready for installation. [
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Cleveland, OH, America 216-271-6000 www. fivesna.
At this year\'s Chicago America\'s fair, Sparta, the 6413 finishing machine, is celebrating its 50 th anniversary.
The company is participating in the technical workshop through its new L350 laser cutting system.
The partanics x40 laser station can be used for demonstration at the Vivo International Booth (6451)
Use the newly designed UV 40 UV inkjet printer.
The L210 narrow net laser cutting system is displayed at the Spartanics booth, which has the function of bar code reading.
Rolling grass, IL 847, United States-394-5700 www. spartanics.
Com Roto Metrics booth 129 flexible mold rotation measurement introduced a variety of new products to the North American market on Labelexpo this year.
Featured products include: ultra-thin (23 micron)PET filmliners; Pin-
Pop-up solid mold technology, able to cut and remove cavities with a diameter of less than 1. 5 mm;
And that machine.
The completed MU200 rotary die provides the company\'s top portfolio of hardness, cutting edge durability and beresharpened capabilities. [
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Eureka, Missouri 636-587-3600 www. rotometrics.
Booth 1829 servo machine New foil Machine Co. , Ltd. presents its new servo range with speeds up to 18,000 times per hour, digital servo control system and Micro
Processor logic control system.
The Alsoon show is the new SF330 servo drive soft version of the paint unit.
This machine is designed to varnish the mesh of digital printing, and it will display varnish on the register net up to 350mm wide or flood control net.
Dual UV and IRdrying devices are standard features. [
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Oldham 44-Lancashire, England-0-161-627-0550 www. New machine. co.
The uk mcs booth 6447 UV inkjet system MCS shows the Eagle UV inkjet system--
Print bar codes, numbers, and variable graphics in 8.
5 \"officially installed on the BOPP at a speed of 300 fpm on a typical label rewinding machine.
The resolution is 600 dpi and the print width is 4.
25 \"to 17\", the company has designed to integrate the eagle into the existing flexo printing machine and re-engraving machine.
Gaithersburg, Maryland, 301-990-6500 www. mcspro.
Better choice for the requirements of Com FLEXcon booth 1311 continuous film, FLEXcon has launchednew, Green Choice durable main label application.
THINflex is the company\'s top-coated downward measurement polypropylene and polyethylene film, and the TRACrite 92 polyester release is more granular, providing a sustainable choice for packaging decoration.
The company says isTHERMLfilm NEXgen for durable labels has a more versatile printable finish coat, greener adhesive options and the first post in the industry
Consumer waste release pads. [
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United States, Spencer 508-85-8200 www. flexcon.
Electric equipment booth 131 stroboscope Electric Equipment Co. , Ltd. , Inc.
Show its check-Line LS-LEDfixed-
Linear stroboscope holder with life led without replacement.
These stroboscope are designed to provide uniform light distribution and handle difficult production environments. Three models (LS-5-LED, LS-9-LED and LS-18-LED)
It can be used individually or in combination to accommodate almost any network width.
A complete lineheld and fixed-
Installed xenon and LED flash are also provided. [
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Cedar, New York, United States 515-295-4300 www. checkline. com Hewlett-
HP Indig 3223 Digital Press shows the best new products in the industry
Sales digital label and packaging system for HP Indigo ws6600 digital printing machine: high
A volume narrow reel machine for the production of labels, sleeves, labels, flexible packaging, tubes and folding cartons with complete flexibility.
Using the new enhanced productivity model, printing produces the vast majority of label work at a speed of 130 linear feetper per minute, providing what the company calls the industry\'s state-of-the-art digital intersectionflexo.
Palo Alto, California 650-857-1501 www. hp.
Com advanced vision technology AVT booth 711 detection system is an automatic detection system that provides comprehensive quality assurance and processcontrol to solve pressing, rewinding machine, includingPrintVision/Helios II 100%, additionaltools and modules, A complete workflow solution and a removal ink control for narrow web offsets.
SpectraLab is a new add-on
Module of the HeliosII family-
Line spectrum measurement according to isostandard.
It offers absolute color measurements that match the color standard of the brand owner.
Halon Hood, Israel 972-9-761-4444 www. avt-inc.
817 self-service Booth
Bonding material ARclad S. A.
It is a self-developed and manufactured Colombian company.
Adhesive materials and labels for graphic art.
At this year\'s label fair, it shows two major products, one for the safety film of the label, need to tamper with the evidence immediately on any surface, the other is the new self
Adhesive materials for wine labels, as well as other materials provided by the company. [
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Antioquilla Medellin, Colombia 574-448-0530 www. arclad.
Omet 3123 new media Omet will launch its XFlex X6 all-in-one-pass, multi-
On this year\'s Labelexpo, the processing width is 530mm/20 \".
XFlex X6 is full
Base plate printing machine designed for flexibility, waste reduction, minimize settings-
Speed up working hours and quick replacement with light fiberglass or aluminum sleeve.
The content added to the media includes advanced Registry controls (Vision 2)and waste-stripping.
39-LACO, Italy0341-367513 www. omet.
It GSE dispensing booth 551 ink logistics system GSE dispensing shows its automated ink logistics system and management software package (th)
The theme of ink thin LabelexpoAmericas.
For flexo printing, dents and screen label printing, the gse\' scolorsat race dispenser will be enhanced.
The development of Colorsat Match will include a newair bubble mixer included in the ink container, which maintains consistent viscosity throughout the container and ensures stable ink flow.
Charlotte, NC, United States 704-509-2651 www. gsedispensing. com PCM Image-
Tek booth 6511 PCM image of Finshing system-
Tek is launching a new MP850 digital label completion system.
MP850 is an in-line or off-
Production line that can be laminated and rotary die-cut digital pre-cut independent label finish system
Print the label using the existing 7 \"flexo rotary tool or flexible mold on the magnetic cylinder.
It can print and cut up to 8 labels.
25 \"x 9\" with a speed prompt of 10 IPs \"(50\'/15. 2m).
Features include the atouch screen, rotary slitting and edge trimming, and secondary label occupation for label slitting. [
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Springfield, VT, United States 678-445-7505 www. image-tk.
Dover flexo Electronics Co. , Ltd. Dover flexo Electronics booth 5400 sensor
Shows the North West narrow tension sensor, which is cantilever, tension-
Sensing rollers for narrow web applications.
New Size Zero northwest sensor for A2.
25 \"diameter is ideal for lighter labeling and labeling applications that do not require muscle Number 1 (
Diameter roll)orsize two (3.
5 \"diameter roll)NW Transducers. [
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Rochester, NH, United States 603 332-6150 www. dfe.
Com Melzer Maschinenbau Booth 1441 RFID conversion equipment Melzer is a single and multiple suppliers
Tracking RFID conversion devices. The latest SL-
600 convertible up to 60,000 products/hour designed for small industrial production
Size labels like alcohol brand protection, fraud protection, vehicle identification, and other high-quality large-scale applications.
The company says its online choice of obtaining a patent is \"a must --
Efficient production.
\"Schwelm 0049, Germany-2336-9292-80 www. melzergmbh.
Com DuPont Packaging Graphics booth 5403 workflow enhancement DuPont Packaging Graphics presents its new Cyrel digiflow workflow enhancement on Labelexpo this year.
The company says the new system is designed to quickly expand the capabilities of digital Serrell and digital Serrell to deliver superior print quality and productivity.
DuPont also presents new digital board technologies: Cyrel DSP, Cyrel fast dfp, and Cyrel DFR, which are at the same time as maintaining high resolution, low-point gain, and excellent excursions
Wilmington, Germany, United States 300-345-9999 www. cyrel.
Com/na sling booth 5803 mixed print in Labelexpo, chicken is working with toshowcase in Heidelberg, Germany
Optimize label manufacturing in a mixed production environment.
The presentation focuses on the Gallus print shop concept, which uses the healing tissue ECS 340, Gallus ecs c, and heidelberg Linoprint L to show how digital and traditional printing methods complement each other.
Prinect and GERM workflow products from Tram Heidelberg are being used to integrate different approaches. [
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Philadelphia, PA, United States 215-677-9600 www. gallususa.
Com Erhardt Lemel booth 329 detection system Erhardt Weimar is equipped with now ELCAM, night vision camera-
Detection system based on label missing.
The new ELCAM label missing detection system is a special solution for the narrow web label industry.
The productivity will increase significantly due to the very fast working setup time.
The system includes an intelligent vision camera ELCAM combined with an LED light source, a small controller for handling stop signals in the production process (if required), and a touch screen panel with an intuitive graphical user interface. [
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Duncan, SC, United States 864-486-3000 www. erhardt-leimer.
Epson, USA
Booth 5713 digital printing machine Epson shows its SurePress industrial inkjet digital printing machine with white inkquality,short-
Even on metal transparent substrates, label printing can be run more easily and efficiently.
Color matching and reproduction of spot colors for higher saturation and authenticityto-
Life tone: it is easy to prove in the media.
No color adjustment is required during the work or drift of the registration mark.
The substrate is less wasteful and has low power consumption, requires an operator and can be maintained automatically. [
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Long Beach, California, 562-981-3840 www. epson.
Huzhou Xinye label Materials Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Booth 5738 label fabric of Huzhou Sini label Materials Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
A series of label products that meet the special functional needs of customers are displayed, including: tire flame retardant, stone washing, clothing dye, sublimation, non-fluorescence(
No brightener)Safety, ecology
Friendly recycling.
The company has passed the Grade I certification of Tex ko Tex, and the products can meet the requirements of international standards. [
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In Lake 86-Zhejiang province, China-572-335-3288 www. sinylabel.
Com Stork print America Booth 529 UK inkjet printer Stork print is showing its expertise in the different aspects of digital and rotating screen printing for labels and packaging.
Due to its success in Europe and its first sale in North America, the highlight of the show is the UV inkjet label printer DSI, which has several live demos every day.
Other products include the rotating screen of storkprints and the brand new concave sleeve plan. [
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Charlotte, NC, US 704 921 5300 www. spgprints.
Com Schober USA Booth 719 Schober USA parent company Schober Technologies GmbH is showing its presence-
Mold conversion technology.
Its rotary slitting machine, model-
IML/MX will be displayed. The RSM-
The IML/MX is designed for small and medium operation with a working width of 260, 330 and 410mm.
The MX model features heavy duty rotary cutting stations, automatic network guides, registration for continuous monitoring, product flow for vacuum control, static neutralizer, and M and S stack delivery. [
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Fairfield, OH, USA 513-489-7393 www. schoberusa.
Com Nuova Gidue booth 5722 digital flexo version system Nuova Gidue is a manufacturer of printing and conversion machines in the label and packaging industry and is presenting digital flexo version 3.
It is the latest generation of digital flexo technology.
Digital Flexo 3.
0 display Gidue HD camera (Print Tutor)
, It reads the print image on each print unit and automatically adjusts the print pressure, register, and density.
The company also showed M5 430mm, eight-
Color UVflexo press with three cutting units.
Tavanuze, Italy 39-02-966-8181 www. gidue. com [
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Hueck Folien Booth 3614 coating products Hueck Folien is presenting new coating products to meet the needs of the pressure sensitive industry and to provide pressure sensitive layers such as PET, PP and PE films
The company is showing its label facestockmaterial\'s newHIPERPRIME high performance printable primer.
The basic functions of this primer are: Chemical resistance (
Including acetone, toluene, PX, MEK and broken liquid)
, Anti-extreme mechanical and UV
Flexible printing.
It has a standard version with light Ze and matte on transparent, white and silver polyester.
Bomgartenberg, Austria 49-961-8786-272 www. hueck-folien.
Kang Kanzaki professional paper Booth 2009 wristband film Kanzaki professional paper company is launching a new product for the health problems of medical professionals who need lasting patient identification.
Kanzaki KPD33100 is a direct thermal membrane for the identification of hospitalized patients, and water is required by hospital and clinical staff
Resistant wristbands that can withstand frequent contact with alcohol-
Detergent and detergent.
The Kpd33100 formula improves the environmental resistance of the wide spectrum cleaner commonly used in hospitals.
Springfield, MA, United States 413-732-5223 www. kanzakiusa.
Com Jalema Booth 5002 filing system Jalema is a durage manufacturer and a provider of medical, graphic arts and global general office environment filing system solutions and is launching a new Flexi
Documents at this year\'s Labor fair.
It is mainly designed for narrow plates (
11 \"x 30\" capacity)
An inner sleeve is provided to facilitate the filing and removal of valuable materials.
Signature single-point suspension system of HasJalema (hook and bar)
As well as dust/lamp flap for protecting the board from dust and UV damage. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Elkengo, Maryland 800-352-5362 www. jalema.
5317 processor Highland UK Ltd.
Its range of processors, as well as materials on letterpress printing, washing and solvent flexo processing equipment, as well as auxiliary equipment such as exposure units, dryers and lamp heads, are presented.
On the stand is the Manta 660 FD unit, which was developed to handle extreme washing conditions.
The company has also shown for the first time the Manta filtration unit, which is designed to deal with wastewater from the production of washed flexible plates. [
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Haifax, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom 44-0-1422-231901 www. heights.
Booth 6115, Allen data label system, digital label system Allen data label system
Its iTech hshsdigital label system is being launched, which is a 1,000-
3,000 linear feet (305-
915 linear meter)
Substrate for various size label converters.
It combines the new iTechCentra HS Digital label printer with the iTech center HS Digital label printer launched in 2011. The high-
Speed Tech Center HS DigitalLabel finishing volumelo-
Die-roller system laminate
Reduce cutting, step waste, and cut custom labels in one production process. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Delhi, NH, United States 603-2016-6344 www. itechlabel.
ESCO\'s booth 5202 ESCO pre-processing products and services show a range of products and services, offertag and label printer \"effects to make your smile,\" the company\'s promotional theme was launched in drumba.
In addition to a range of products launched in Drucker, the company also announced business availability supported at esko\'s workflow, improved ink models, soft proofing products and new PantoneLIVE, only one workflow is needed to drive automated production software for all stations.
937-USA, OH, Miamisburg454-1721 www. esko.
ACHEM is a global manufacturer of its own brands. ACHEM booth 3126 coated film
Over-lamination will be provided for label and graphic markets as well as adhesive coating films for packaging, industrial and professional applications.
The company\'s certifications include ISO and UL.
Conversion facilities in Los Angeles, Chicago and Charlotte.
The company offers a range of polypropylene and polyester from
Winding products including transparent, matte and heat transfer printable film.
Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Cerritos, California, United States 562-802-0998 www. achem-usa.
Com PolymagTek Booth 1500 Web Cleaning Polymag Tek presents equipment designed to clean web and paper products as well as process rollers.
The equipment is capable of cleaning a variety of materials, including film, foil, carton, newsprint, recycled paper, etc.
The company\'s engineers work with customers to develop and manufacture custom systems to solve their specific contamination problems.
Alternative contact cleaning roll sand tape is available.
Tape shipped within 48 hours.
Rochester, New York 585-235-8390 www. polymagtek.
Testing Machines
Booth 1650 concave Prototype Testing Machine Co. , Ltd.
As part of the TMI corporate group, TMI announced the launch of several new instruments.
Including the brand new 30-77 high-
Speed concave proofreading and recently launched 68-
76 pocket angle measuring instruments PGX for multi-angle measurement and 68-
86 digital printing quality inspection device.
Also on display is 49-
The 76-digit millimetre. 10-
18 digital ink friction tester and 80-
91 laboratory release and Adhesion Tester.
New Castle, Germany 302-613-5600 www. Test the machine.
The 5700 Flexo Ink Braden suttin ink booth is highlighted by EcoSmart energy saving waterbasedFlex-
For corrugated, label and label: envelope and flexible film market, open the ink line with
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