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Labelexpo Europe 2007: product preview.

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On September 26, the European 2007 laboratory was held at the Parc des Expo in Brussels, Belgium-29.
The exhibition will be the latest and best products from nearly 400 industry suppliers.
In the next few pages, we show the selection of equipment and consumables that will be displayed at the show.
The OmetBooth 7l100presseomet will present its printing and conversion equipment. The OmetFlexy-
S is a 330mm wide printing press that will display high printendself-
Use the latest hot label
Fusion technology from hipMitsu.
Its nine flexo print heads each have two servo motors and it will work with the twins of Omet
The cutting unit of the label variable division. The Varyflex-
F1 is a larger 520mm wide line that runs thick plastic (PET)
High speed materials.
F1 will also be equipped with eight righflexo print units and will display its recessed print head using a print sleeve and gear-free drive technology.
A visual inspection system will be installed for the press to achieve zero waste and automatic control without operator input. [
Slightly] IllustrationsLecco Italy39-0341-367513mkt@omet. itwww. omet.
The ItGEWBooth 6h70 UV curing system sgew will showcase its full range of UV curing systems and feature a brand new XC \"extreme curing\" UV box with full
The design ensures a wide UV output spectrum of UV and IR (infrared)
Range to maximize curing power.
When the press is stopped, the electric blinds automatically protect the substrate.
XC boxes are available for GEW\'s existing range of VCPand eCP models and the recently launched e-
Mini 3 system.
Single-phase power supply of 6 KW \"plug-and-play\" 10 (250mm)press widths. [
Slightly] IllustrationsSurrey UK44-(0)-1737-
824500 sales @ gewuv. comwww. gewuv.
The graphic communication Group of the ComKodakBooth 7m400 workflow, proofing and output product skodak will present the workflow, proofing and output products.
The Kodak Prinergy Powerpack workflow system provides specialized packaging pre-press tools.
For key contract proofing, Kodak recognizes that NX digital color imaging systems can accurately simulate all production processes including company and brand colors and metal materials.
The KodakThermoflex medium hybrid platform is also being demonstrated as a device with image offset, flexo and letterpress, and film flexibility.
Beljum, Waterloo 32-2-352-2511www. graphics. kodak.
ComTectonic International albooth 5e35 print check and tablet installation International will present its k2 color print check system, which provides the printer with picture quality, useful features and ease of use
The printer moves an activity marker on the color to be monitored, press a key to select the tolerance he likes, and the system alerts once the color starts to deviate from his preset tolerance.
V5 for platform computing will also be displayed.
The V5 design includes a rise and fall board bed that is dropped before being pulled forward to the camera line
An increase in registration marks.
Once the plates are arranged, the 1 feet switches place a holding Rod gently on the plate to hold the position of the plate.
As the plates sit on the plate bed and are placed in the cashier by the bar, the hands of the printer are free.
Once the board is registered, the printer can use two adjustment wheels located on the side of the board bed to rotate the board bed for perfect registration.
Metterfield UK44-(0)1685-
722225 sales @ tectonicinternational. comwww.
ComRotoflex International booth 5c30 conversion processor rotoflex International will showcase its technology-
Today\'s challenging web materials and drive solutions for complex conversion processes.
Progress in Web transportation, motion control, inspection, pharmaceutical and other fields
Security, digital networking and productivity improvements will be on display. Rotoflex re-
Design It singlepass and multi-pass pharma-
Safety machines that meet compliance requirements.
Vericut 2 digital finishing solution includes half
Rotary cutting, point coating, cold foil, hot foil, stamping, rotating film and stacking. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Canada905 in Mississauga-670-
@ Rotoflex. comwww. rotoflex.
The Com3MBooth 12x60 reflective film 3 m will show its radiant photofilm.
Breakthrough of luminous film in many fields
Reflective film.
These films are ideal for designers, product developers, packaging engineers, decorators and product engineers to provide a wide range of decorative and technical applications.
The converter can be printed, laminated, cut on it, or converted to a shape. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Diegem Belgium00-(32)-(0)2-722-45-50www. 3m.
ComDow CorningBooth 6f40silicon-
Corning will launch a new low-
Platinum emulsion release at the European fair.
The company will also launch Syl-
Series of advantages.
Dow Corning says it can help with assembly and conversion operations, improve release performance, increase speed, and reduce interference.
The company provides more than 7,000 products and services to more than 25,000 customers worldwide.
United States USA989-496-4400www. dowcorning.
Combrodbecbooth 6110 CORE CUTTERSBrodbeck has more than 75 years of experience in the mechanical design and manufacture of cutting paper and plastic cores.
Brodbeck Twin K is a model that separates plastic from paper core.
More will be on display. ID Cutter UNI-
1000, this is the latest solution to cut the kernel without any setup.
Core tool HTE will also be displayed on the display
1200, a manual machine that can cut paper cores up to 20mm in thickness.
Brodbeck said that this sturdy structure guarantees a long run. [
Slightly] IllustrationsMetzingen-
Newhouson, Germany-49-7123-96-86-61 info @ brodbeckinfowww. brodbeck.
InfoGallusBooth 5B50PRINTING PRESSESGallus will exhibit a variety of three machines designed from narrowweb technology to meet a wide range of applications: GallusEM 410 S, RCS 280 for chicken EM 330.
Each media will present changes in work and processes in a live presentation and will present a series of innovative new approaches and concepts designed and developed according to one goal: provide success and security for label printers. [
Slightly] IllustrationsSt.
Galen, Switzerland-71-242-86-86info@gallus. chwww. gallus.
Manufacture of OEM and OEM compatible thermalprintheads using film and film technology.
The company provides compatible hot print heads for zebra, Datamax, Sato, Intermec, Monarch, IER, Bizerba, etc.
The OEM print head line offers thick film from 75 dpi to 300 dpi, with speeds ranging from 2 IPS to 12 IPS and lengths ranging from 24mm to 168mm.
Gurton has been producing thermal printers since 1972.
South plainfield nj USA908-791-
46. 22. dflanagan @ gultoncomwww. gulton.
ComLabelmateBooth 12T33LABEL sportlabelmate, known for its long history as label dispenser, cash register, open wind and split slit, has announced PM-300 Reel-to-
ReelLabel transmission mechanism with ink spray head.
When equipped with the ink spray head selected by the user, PM-
300 provides all the necessary controls for printing or overprinting labels at speeds up to 2.
700mm/sec ata portion of the cost of heat transfer printer in an eco-friendly manner. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Belgium32 Brussels-(2)-375-69-
60 Brussels @ labelmatecomwww. labelmate.
ComNordsonBooth 5a50 paint products nordson is an adhesive application technology manufacturer that will provide solutions for customers in the paint industry380mm).
Nordsen will also showcase versalabue melters designed for precise, demanding Hot Melt Adhesive applications.
The TrueCoat slot applicator and its redesigned body and nozzle provide superior thermal performance and application accuracy. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Fort d\'orun 04131-894-158www. nordson. comwww. nordson.
In 1991, Alpha Lasertek launched an-
Specialized in high-safety holographic technology.
This is an ISO9001: 2000 company certified by DNV Japan and is the largest holographic photo exporter in India.
The company\'s products include high safety holographic labels, scratches-
Holographic film, scratches
Holographic thermal label, holographic thermal label
Hot stamping foil, holographic shrink sleeve and holographic sleeve.
New delhi India 91-
98 10281770 output @ holographic. inwww. hologram.
Martin will install its equipment at several stalls in theshow.
Labelmen, Taiwan printing manufacturer (Booth 7M70)
Will show asix-
Color UV boss with Martin STS docking slicer and STRturret rewind.
At mark Andy Booth (5C10), a high-
Speed Martin LRDrewind will provide continuous automatic roll change on Comcoall
Servo flexible Press.
Martin Automatic\'s booth will present a live demonstration of the MBSF Automatic docking slicer, which is used for labeling and film materials, in line with the LRD Automatic transfer rewind.
Rockford ilusa815-654-
4800 info @ martinautomatic. comwww. Matino automatic
ComTools & ProductionBooth 5e15 punchers and SLITTERSTools & Production will present a range of products including long life stamping equipment for flexible machines, drop-off machines
Cutting and slitting machine in narrow net and various rotary punch and die ring and drop-
In the stamping unit of the mold station.
Tools and production personnel will discuss at any time specific requirements for applications from a single rotary punch unit or solutions for custom design to complete conversion systems, deployment/rewind systems, and online/offline machinery. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Temple City USA626 CA-286-
0213 info @ tool making. comwww.
Production tools.
ComHalm Industries International booth 11s75 ink dosing machine halm Industries International will show a color, precise ink dosing machine that provides the perfect dose for each formula.
The machine contains 14 basic colors of the standard, and the space can accommodate additional colors.
The ink tank is not in contact with the air, which means that each recipe and standard color is fresh.
For duplicate orders, ensure that there will be exactly the same ink in the ink tray.
All PMS colors are pre-
Programming, you can also add 65,000 separate recipes. For large-
External drums can be installed according to the requirements of the consumer.
A new feature is that an external UV ink bucket can also be installed now. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Wallmond, Netherlands713019303www. halm.
ComDomino Printing Science booth 7k95 inkjet printing solution domino Printing Science will present its latest variable datainkjet printing solution, including its highspeed, high-qualityK-
Series, using on-demand down printing technology.
The Domino \'sk200 offers a full-page online digital inkjet personalized print to complement existing offset or flexo production lines.
In addition, Domino\'s-
Series of continuous inkjet printers and windows-based editor GT, its online inkjet data management controller. Cambridge UK44-
@ Domino-1954782551queryuk. comwww. domino-printing.
ComAP MaschinenBooth 6f65 ink system sap Maschinen is an ink piping system and segmented bladesen supplier for letters and offset printing machines to upgrade a multi-function ink system to the new APIC (
Computer ink flow control)at any time.
The new pneumatic ink mixer will also be on display in three different versions.
It is suitable for the most common printing Tower, just connect to the air supply of the machine. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Bellwick Switzerland0041-71-747-12-
60 info @ apmaschinen. chwww. apmaschinen.
ChTailored solution booth 7n70 software customization solution will debut in label Traxx version 5. 1.
The new version enables users to track packaging waste in accordance with EU regulations, recording packaging materials used by each customer.
Enhanced customer relationship management tools enable users to import exhibition contacts directly into label Traxx.
The revised inventory product module generates more accurate cost calculations based on the purchase price or production cost, and processes the purchase items for the finished goods in stock and resale.
Milwaukee WI USA414-774-
9997 info @ labeltraxx. comwww. labeltraxx.
ComApex Group booth 7n mesh roller and SLEEVESApex Group develop, manufacture and supply mesh roller and sleeves for service and maintenance.
Apex will showcase its innovative products and developments, including lightweight mesh hole structures, homogeneous ceramic layers (
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