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The traditional practice is to make a drum head with the skin of an animal.
But in recent years, there have been many innovations in the materials used to make them.
Now, musicians travel more around the globe than ever before, exposing their sensitive instruments to various climates.
Two years ago, according to this idea, Bangalore-
Based on Dr. Singer and scientistK.
Varadarangan, engaged in synthetic fiberglass housing mridanga, is now out with synthetic tabla.
This is the second synthetic percussion instrument in Karunya musical.
\"This will enable artists to consider the new version of this era --
Very durable old percussion instrument.
As a vegan, scientist and musician, my goal is to show a novelty that does not use animal skin.
They are sustainable and do not abuse animals . \"Varadarangan.
The use of this deformation or rescheduling of age
According to the doctor, old materials are part of evolutionVaradarangan. The SRI Tabla (
Indian synthetic rhythmas named by Dr.
Varada was made of drums.
The head of the polyester film and the shell of the synthetic rubber loaded with fiberglass.
\"The top or Chati is the main vibrating film made of double-layer polyester film, which is a good protective layer.
The center black \"syahi\" is a vibrating film of chemical bonding.
It is not like the adhesive used in traditional instruments made of rice and iron oxide powder.
My new version consists of synthetic rubber that is naturally combined with polyester film. The Dayan (right)
Produce a perfect harmonic tone, while Bayan (left)
\"To produce a low bass, both form a tabla, which uses a replaceable drum head and is very durable without maintenance,\" explains Varadarangan . \".
In terms of playing instruments, both traditional and synthetic tabla are similar.
Due to its slightly different structure, you will hear subtle changes in the quality of the sound, as well as the overall resonance, according to the percussion instrument Ravindra Yavagal, this is comparable to the initial resonance and other percussion players who have had the opportunity to play during the launch.
\"The simple reason for maintenance is that it is equipped with a nut and bolt system for tuning. It uses fibre-
Glass case instead of sound Wood
Better food.
\"It weighs only five kilograms, and its spacing does not change due to temperature differences, which makes its travel friendly,\" said Varadarangan . \".
The \"sri tabla\" of this synthesis is a mathematical model with stable sound and beautiful synthetic strips for alignment.
\"Although the acoustic principle is the same as the traditional principle, changes have taken place in materials and processes.
\"The key aspect of my research is to put the rubber material adhesive and polyester film in the chemical process without using the adhesive,\" he explained . \".
\"With this material, there is almost no maintenance cost,\" said Varadarangan . \".
\"Tabla works the same way as my synthetic mridanga, which took nearly seven years to do extensive research and trial and error modules. ”Dr.
Varadarangan, with a PhD in \"microwave antenna\" from IIT Chennai, has a core academic interest in cracking the physics behind sound and naada.
More specifically, in understanding the scientific energy and power behind the \"substance\" in music.
Varadarangan\'s study produced the exact tone of the Carnatic percussion instrument, which made him import the drum head with synthetic polyester film from China, which has special rubber bonding,
\"More than 70 years ago, Mr. C. V.
Raman published his findings on mridanga, which approximately explains the harmonic tone of naada producing an integer ratio to the basic principle.
Like Sir CVR established on synthetic mridanga without wood and animal skins, copying these \"harmonic tones\" is a dream I have been pursuing for years.
Now I have added tabla based on similar principles, \"added Dr. Varadarangan.
Asphalt stability and durability tests include 35-
Lakh beats on Tabla and data points affected by temperature and humidity;
Varadarangan explained that it was also related to informal performances at home.
Both Mridanga and tabla are priced at £ 11 k.
The singer\'s earlier book on the science of music, Juan Viña Sampada, was used as a textbook at the University of Mysore gangubaihangel, and he recently publishedKannada)
And \"shrug \"(English)
Is a real student guide.
He can contact kvrangan @ karunyamusicals. com.
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