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Laminations can come in many forms with a myriad

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It is important for the right film to be used on the right printing machine with the best printing techniques employed to produce the best of effects on the final products. Effects such as foiling and embossing are great for wedding invitations and highly official events. Applications There is no lack of applications with the right film and technique on printing. Formal business documents require a high level of professionalism exuded through its appearance and presentation to reflect the high premium standing of the brand and company image Important certificates and achievement awards should be well printed and laminated using the most appropriate laminating film that would protect their significance. The same goes for retail catalogues and fine dining outlet menus which are subject to frequent handling. Manufacturing and processing industries require high quality films in sealing their products tightly to protect their freshness and functionality during transportation and shipping for a better display or sales. Print films Many of the mentioned applications require high quality print films to achieve the desired end result. Digital print films are getting popular with the advanced technology of today that offers better features and advantages. Digital print films use a higher quality of ink than standard films to give a better outcome on the products applied. High quality digital printing allows the product to enjoy a longer lifespan with less cost incurred as there is less wastage and damage. Digital films come in a wide range with a stronger adhesive than that on standard films for a better quality and clearer presentation. The digital supermelt, ultra bond and sure bond digital films are available in the market with their respective unique features. The Digital Supermelt print film is the first type of digital print film option which is widely used in a variety of applications as it is easily accessible and competitively priced. The Ultrabond is known as the 'daddy' of digital films as it is a strong adhesive film that can be used on any item for a steadfast adhesion capability. The Surebond print film is available in digital form with a wide range of sizes to suit the various applications in the market.
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