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large scale triboelectric nanogenerator and self-powered pressure sensor array using low cost roll-to-roll uv embossing

by:Top-In     2020-02-05
Friction Power Generator (TENGs)
Thanks to the ease of manufacture, high efficiency, and wider selection of materials, it has become a more efficient mechanical energy collection solution than conventional mechanisms such as piezoelectric and induction motors.
Traditional manufacturing techniques for achieving TENGs include plasma etching, soft etching, and nano-particle deposition for higher performance.
However, the lack of truly scalable manufacturing processes remains a key challenge and bottleneck in bringing Tencent to the path of commercial production.
In this paper, we show the manufacture of large-scale friction electric nano-generators (LS-TENG)using roll-to-
A polyethylene polyester sheet with a pattern embossed with UV rays. These LS-
TENGs can be used to obtain the energy of human movement and vehicle movement from embedded devices on floors and roads respectively. LS-
The power density generated by Teng is 62. 5u2009mW m−2. Using roll-to-
We also show an array of large-scale friction electric pressure sensors with a pressure detection sensitivity of 1. 33u2009V kPa−1.
Large array of pressure sensors in
Electric motion tracking, posture monitoring and electronic skin applications.
This work demonstrates the scalable manufacturing of TENGs and self-self
This will lead to extremely low costs and bring them closer to commercial production.
Large area flexible mold of rollerto-
Roller UV stamping is made of thin photosensitive polyurethane sheets by designing micro-patterns, photographing and developing photosensitive polyurethane sheets in chemical solutions.
The flower press roller is 50 cm long in the axial direction and 16 cm in diameter.
Then, attach 1mm thick pattern polyurethane sheet to the flower press roller using double-
Double sided tape.
In order to obtain the joint roller mold as narrow as possible, the circumference length of the polyurethane flexible mold needs to be cut precisely, taking into account the double
Side tape and thickness of the mold itself. Pet movie pre
Coated with a primer layer consisting of functional alpha-
Polymer and crossover containing olefin
Join agent to improve the adhesion of coating UV sensitive resin layer during rollingto-
Roll UV stamping process.
PET film with thickness of μ m is the first slot mold
Coated with UV curing resin.
UV curing resin is a solventfree acrylate-
Base paint with a viscosity of about 100 at 25 °c
Thereafter, the film is emblazoned using the impression roller manufactured in the previous step.
The UV lamp uses the UV lamp to shine directly under the flower press roller.
It is used to solidify the UV curing resin after the resin flows and fully fill the cavity on the mold.
After the coating, stamping and separation process is completed, the micro-pattern on the mold is transferred to the PET film.
Therefore, the patterned PET film with micro-pattern is obtained by Rollingto-
UV embossing.
For voltage properties, LS-
Teng is connected to a DSOX3034A using a 100 Ohm MΩ oscilloscope probe and connected to it.
Pre-measure current properties using low noise SR570 currentamplifier.
In order to measure the power generation characteristic under different acceleration, the commercial accelerometer ADXL325 was assembled on the back of the chair.
For sensor array measurements, a load resistance of 10 m Ω is connected between the aluminum electrode of the 7 × 3 array and the public ground.
Measure the output of these load resistors using various channels of USB-
6363 data collection (DAQ)
National Instrument committee.
Output of USB-21 channels
Use Lab View to get 6363 and observe a single output per pixel (see ).
For calibration of sensor arrays, commercial fss500 nsb sensors from Honeywell International
Fixed below the sensor array pixels.
The sensor uses a 5 v DC bias (DC)power supply (see ).
Then, when the sensor pixel is stimulated by external force, the output of the pixel and force sensor is measured in real time.
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