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Lucky Group Second Film Factory is located in Nanyang City

by:Top-In     2020-07-01
The Second Film Factory put into operation in 1977, after 30 years of development, companies already have total assets of 1.2 billion, more than 3,000 employees, including professional and technical personnel 900 people. Company currently has six plate production line (including CTP production line), production capacity of 43 million square meters; has a print film production line, production capacity of 15 million square meters; two polyester film production line, production capacity of 5,000 tons. The main products are: Printed Series Plate (CTP version - thermal type, violet laser-based, UV-type; PS version - Positive type Negative type, light print type), printing series of film (video documentary, laser Phototypesetting films, photographic copy of film, etc.), polyester film, violet CTP platesetter, polyester film, coating materials, flexible resin version, digital printing to accept materials, chemicals, and other ancillary products, all products are labeled 'Huaguang' brand??. The Second Film Factory has strong R & D strength and perfect quality assurance system, including the Doctor has a master's degree, including more than 200 full-time R & D team to enable enterprises to always stand in the national forefront of printing technology, photosensitive materials, the maximum, maximum the scope to meet and serve the printing industry. Grand launch with independent property rights and printed the highest level of CTP plate series of plates so that the 'Huaguang' brand printing plate series of development has entered a new phase, the consolidation of the domestic printed materials, brand image status. 'Huaguang' brand printing plate and printing of film has become a domestic sales of the largest and most technologically advanced and most famous products. April 30, 2007, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the second film factory inspections, general secretary of the two adhesive technology innovation and fully affirmed the work of two rubber development and 'Huaguang' brand placed his ardent expectations and to make 'hope Lucky and fast development of two adhesive to the brand in the international market Huaguang unveiled and shouted out,' an important directives. 2 plastic, general secretary of personally inspected, not only for the second plastic is a great encouragement, but also to promote sound and rapid development of two plastic important opportunity. At present, the second film factory is bearing in mind the general secretary of the trust, and carefully create 'Hua Guang' brand, sound and rapid development of two plastic with a new look into a higher level, a new development platform, once again usher in History on the high-speed development period. CNC Machined Parts Sheet Metal Fabrication machining parts
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